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Helloz, people, and welcome to mah smexxeh profile!

My Information:

Names: Katie, Lulu, Lu, LtU, LuxaTheUnderlander, Hera, Overlord, Queen Lulu, Snowstar...hold it, there's more. Kathryn, Athrynkay, Atiekay(last two were in Pig Latin)...I think I got them all. But there's probably more. Bet you can guess which two are my names in real life.

Favorite Books: Underland Chronicles, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Warriors, Harry Potter, Inkheart Trilogy, Septimus Heap series, Twilight...

Appearance: Dark blonde straight hair, blue eyes, 5'6 (yesh, I'm tall)

What I would look like if I were a Warrior cat: whitish silver pelt, amber eyes.

What I would look like if I were an Underland bat: hmm, tough one...there's two possibilities. White fur with golden speckles or orange fur with black stripes.

My Underland favorites:

Race: bats(fliers)

Character: Luxa

Fliers: Ares, Aurora, and Nike

Gnawers: Ripred and Twitchtip

Humans: Luxa, Gregor, Mareth, Howard

Nibblers: Heronian, Cartesian

Prophecy: Prophecy of Time

Book: Marks of Secret and Code of Claw

My Warriors favorites:

Character: Squirrelflight, although she makes me mad sometimes, I still luffle her.

Place: Moonpool is nice...but so is the old ThunderClan camp.

Clan: ThunderClan (seriously, I liked that Clan before actually noticing that it was the focal point of the whole series)

Medicine Cat: Yellowfang, her attitude is awesome.

Clan Leader: Bluestar

Books: Let's see...tough one...I like anything from the New Prophecy, those were my favorites. (probably cuz Squrrelflight was the protagonist a lot of the time)

Characters that annoy me: dare he steal mah Squirrely from Brambleclaw...but it all worked out., he never really took to me.



Fire/Sand or Fire/Spotted (I would've been happy either way)


Gray/Silver (grr...way better than him with Millie)

Here's a couple great Underland sites you should definitely check out! - this is the Underland Chronicles forum, where you can post fanfiction, play some games, and talk about the series!

- this is a great fansite that has all the information about the Underland Chronicles!

And the unofficial Hunger Games forum that I am a mod on:

Quotes Galore!

What's cooler than a dog on a bike? A dog on a motorcycle, duh!~me

Well, if that's what's bothering you, you'll be Prince Gregor from now on.~Ripred

Good friends don't steal eachother's donuts!~me

Oooh, Aladdin!~my friend Steph

Oh, I think friend would be an exaggeration, Vikus! She insulted me at my own party, and walked in on Gregor and I while we, eating.~Luxa, in my fanfic.

"Yay, I'm a Scent-Seer, a Scent-Seer, a Scent-Seer! What's a Scent-Seer?~Twitchtip, in my fanfic.

You, die? You're to mean to die.~Ripred

My KFC chicken looks like roadkill!~me

No, it looks like Trail Mix!~my friend's sister, Hannah, in response to my last quote.

I'll add more as soon as I think of them.

-Sigh- Yeah, I know, I've been RAMBLING hopelessly. I do that a lot. Get used to it. I am Lulu. What I say GOES!...Okay, you are permitted to ignore my random dictator outburst. As I was saying before I got hopelessly off topic, here is what you guys are definitely looking for. -cue suspenseful music- FANFICTION!

NOTE: I am releasing the titles and descriptions for some planned fics I have that have NEVER, repeat never, been mentioned before. Read so you will be prepared for what is to come.



Full length:

Gregor and the Prophecy of Light: A month has passed since Gregor returned from the Underland, seemingly for good. Despite the fact that his family had chosen not to move to Virginia, he still didn't expect to ever have the chance to see his friends and his love again...until he recieved a message from Luxa calling for help. The Underlanders had discovered a secret door in a tunnel below the palace, and in the room behind it lay numerous secrets, including a note written years ago, a long lost bat, and a brand new prophecy. What is in store for Gregor now? -Book one in The New Prophecies trilogy-

Gregor and the Bone of Bane: The Prophecy of Light has been fulfilled, and Gregor is back in the Overland. For four months he has been hiding the words that Hera had told him right before she left him at his home; Luxa's birthday is coming. After much persuasion, Gregor convinces his mom to let him go, and with him Gregor takes a mysteriously accurate painting of Aurora made by a NYC artist named Renaldo whocouldn't possibly know about the Underland...could he? After a depressing death, a new Prophecy is discovered, perhaps the most cryptic yet. With the Prophecy of Bone in full force, Gregor and his friends set off on yet another quest, only to be thrown off course by a power hungry flier and a girl who alone knows a life-changing secret. -Book two in The New Prophecies trilogy-


The Ambush: Solovet wants more than anything to win the War of Time, and she knows she needs the spinners' help to do so. But when she and her guards, Marcus and Horatio, set off to persuade them to join the cause, they had not idea what they were in for at the Eleventh hour. Is Solovet's heart really as hard and cold as she makes it seem? What are her final thoughts in those last seconds she spends hovering between life and death? -Description of solovet's final hours-

If I Lay Here: Seperation is proving to be too much to bear for Gregor and Luxa. Can they survive without each other, or will it all just become too much to bear? One thing's for certain, though: Sometimes you just have to break down and cry. -Songfic to Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol-


Gregor and the Run of the River: After a year in the Overland following the battle over the bone and the death of Thor, Gregor is just counting the seconds before he must return to the Underland. When he is called, though, it is not what he expected. Luxa has gone missing, supposedly carried off down the river. Along with Kendra, the Underlander who moved to the Overland to escape those who ill-wished her, and Renaldo, the painter and former savior of the Underland, Gregor descends once again down to the war-torn world he had come to love. When they set off to find Luxa, though, they discover more than the missing queen. Along with a pompous nibbler and a mysterious serpent queen who is, ironically, not a serpent, a certain evil silver bat makes a reapperance. The question is, though, will she be the cause of the destruction to come with the Prophecy of Water? -Book three in The New Prophecies trilogy-

Looking Back: Twitchtip has had a hard life, that's for certain. But indeed, exactly how hard was it? What happened during her puphood, and what exactly caused the isolation that had been forced upon her all those years? How did she feel during the quest to kill the Bane, and what happened after she was seperated from her friends in the Labyrinth on that fateful day? This story follows Twitchtip through her life, from her early puphood to the pit of despair in which she died. -Twitchtip POV story-

The Gnawers' Girl: She was a rat. Well, not physically. But to Jett, she might as well be. She had a name like a gnawer. She knew how to speak like a gnawer. And she had lived with them. She had lived with vicious, bloodthirsty gnawers for the first thirteen years of her life. And now, because even the gnawers didn't want her, she was coming to live with him. "Gnawers' girl." That's what everyone called her. And now he had to put up with her.

He was normal. He had not lived with vicious animals. If she had known anything else about Regalian life, she would have thought him lucky. But in Scar's eyes, he was like a different species. But now she had to go live with him, in his world. It didn't matter that she looked like him, that in reality, she was a human like him. Because how was she going to cope with human life if she had been raised by gnawers? How could she possible put up with him?

How could two people as different as Jett and Scar possibly become as close as brother and sister?


The Path to Destruction: Living a half-life was not easy for Gregor. At 19 years old, he was attending college at NYU, but his proffessors predicted a less-than-successful future for him due to his lack of passing marks and failure at his chosen major-teaching chemistry, just like his father. But Gregor was past caring about his future and education. He spent all his waking hours envisioning his lost love; Luxa. She had been betrothed to an esteemed Fount ambassador after the death of her grandfather, and Gregor was dying to know if they had gone through with the marriage. Finally, when he couldn't take it anymore, he dropped once again to the Underland, only to find that they were in the midst of another war...with those they were supposed to be at peace with. Reunited with his bond; Hera, she takes him to Luxa, who has some shocking news indeed. Regalia is slowly crumbling; can Gregor save it one last time? -Bridge book between The New Prophecies and The Next Saviors-

United: The Halflander twins of Gregor and Luxa had been seperated just after their birth, right before their parents had been killed. Lena had lived her eleven years with Howard, Lynne and their daughter, Mora, in their Tankard abode. She knew nothing of her parentage besides the fact that Howard was her mother's cousin. Austin, however, was living alone in the Overland with his aunt Lizzie in a very small apartment looking out over Central park, knowing, like Lena, nothing of their parentage. Austin accidentally discovers the stone that hid the entrance to the Underland, and falls to the world he knew nothing about, only to nearly drown in the Waterway. One of the serpent friends of howard and Lynne take him to his long lost sister, and the story is revealed. Along with Mora, the twins sneak off to Regalia on the back of a serpent, and discover how much damage the once great city really was in. Will their birthplace ever be the same again? The fate of the entire Underland rests in the hands of two eleven year olds destined for greatness...and a certain cynical rat who comes along for the ride. -Book one in The Next Saviors-

Tyrant: Regalia has been taken over by Blade, a mad, power-hungry human who Lena and Austin had found months before just barely clinging to life in the Dead Lands. And with his loyal bond, Persephone, at his side, nothing could possibly go wrong...or so he thought. The desperate Regalians had been so desperate for an able ruler that they willingly let Blade take over, and would not listen to any reason forced upon them by the twin Halflanders. They were oblivious to the wrongdoing he was planning right behind their backs, blindly following him. With the help of Mora, Ripred, and Hera and Aurora, the former bonds of their deceased parents, Lena and Austin set out to discover the evidence that will prove Blade's treachery to the rest of the Underland. -Book two in The Next Saviors-

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