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the names allie. i have an ongoing obsession with Alice in Wonderland, and Tim Burton is my obvious soul-mate. i like stupid things, like fairy tales. i like watching bad japanese anime WITH SUBTITLES. i like to dance in high heels, and listen to the beatles. i'm the random chick who proudly wears her Vans with Flamingos on them. i'm a hopeless romantic, and love random happy endings. i proudly listen to the who. and read basically every girly magazine ever. i drink diet coke, and have literally been drinking it since i was eight years old. my favourite bands include Jimmy Eat World//The Beatles//The Red Hot Chille Peppers//Cute is What we aim for//S.O.A.D//F.F.T.L//Audioslave//hellogoodbye//The Who//The Audition//Cobra Starship/Fallout boy//P!ATD//Justin Timberlake//Blink 182//Bullet for my Valentine//All American Rejects//The Clash//Three Days Grace//Jefferson Airplane//The Killers//BTO//Rush//Alexisonfire//The Doors//Rise Against//Franz Ferdinand//Nirvana//rage against the machine//death cab fore cutie// and like so many more it would take 13646367473738384 years to list. so beat that.

i like myspace. i tend to get mad over stupid things, and if you piss me off, chances are you wont keep my trust. i choose hugs over drugs, and redbull over hugs. i like energy drinks, and mostly anything to keep me busy. i hate it when two best friends get mad at each other, and attempt to ruin each others lives. i hate drama, which my life happens to be full of. i hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as i enjoyed coming up with things to make me sound more exciting : ) i change my pen name alot, so, i may be hard to find. and if you call me emo, or even think about it, i'll have to slaughter you : ) (just kidding spazz.)

tune in to my life. just read my stories.

oh, and here's my myspace. feel free to read it, add me, and i'll call you a rapist. rofl. kidding. : )


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