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Helloo, i would be to-love-is-to-lie. Who might yoouuu be?

Well, i dunno either, and since you seem quite confused, i shall introduce myself, i love writing. LUURVVEE it. and art, all forms are WONDERFUL. Music is my life too, i think music is essential for living. Anime is awesome, naturally, (i was raised on sailor moon:D ) and i write fictions for Naruto, which are usually comedy's, because the best thing ever is making people laughhhh.

More about me you say? well, i am flattered...

I am a moral Vegetarian, ANIMAL RIGHTS ALL THE WAY! Don't have a fixed religeon and am mostly confused about how the earth originated so don't even try figuring it out, am totally head over heels for one particular guy, love making people smile, and beleive nude-running should be made an international sport.

Still don't know who you are yet? i doubt hearing about me will help you figure it out... but it is a timekiller while you think.

Life should be lived to the fullest, as we arnt completly sure if we have another one, it's not worth risking this one. It is a precious thing to live, and all who kill and destroy are abusing that privilige, living is a gift, don't take it for granted. Taking other's lives is taking our own for granted, as if we find our life precious we should find all life precious, and equal, no matter how different, from bugs to lions, to horses to humans, we are all the same.

Yes, i am quite strongly opinioned on life. Still no thoughts on who you are? Well, back to killing time, ah, if only that were possible... what a life we would have... well, actually, it woudnt be much of a life, would it? it would be more of an eternity...

Don't be afraid to cry, for if we did not cry, we would not smile, and would not know the improtance of a smile. Do not be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, no matter how foolish, for if we did not we would not know the significance of the healing hand that stiches the wounds. Do not be afraid to be yourself, for if you do not practise being original at least 78 times a day you seem to forget who you really can be. Do not shy away from change, for change is the matter that reminds us to cherish the moment.
Bad things remind us of the good things, next time you cry, remember it will feel twice as good when you laugh.

No, no, i insist, that is quite enough about me! and about you? do you know who you are yet? i do hope so, if you do, or don't for that matter, mail me, or reveiw a story, or anything. Hope to talk to you agains. luurve me. whoever that might be today...

p.s. i reccomend my friend inner.fatty she ROCKS!!!! she writes hilarious stories.

okies, xxoo to-love-is-to-lie

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QuickSand reviews
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