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Author has written 3 stories for Land Before Time, Doctor Who, and War of the Worlds.

Projects in progress:

Land Before Time: Voyage Through time (Returning/re-editing)

War of the Worlds: Battlegroup Charlemagne (On Hold)

Stories of a Snake: Adder's tales (dead - considering resurrection)

Voyage Through Time: Character Profiles

As a sign of my focus this story, I have now added a list of characters. Note: This may change over time.

Soviet Characters (fictional)

Captain 1st class Vasili Rankov: The Captain of the Rokossovsky. Rankov is ambitious, but nervous and somewhat insecure. Nethertheless, he is respected by most of the crew and officers, despite his occasional rages (particulary against the political offcier and the Spetznaz), and is presented as abreath of fresh air to Soviet ideologues such as Mishin. A strong-minded officer, and a favourite of his former superior, Admiral Nevsky.

Admiral Vitaly Nevsky: The highly experienced, afflable and highly respected commander of the Northern fleet, Nevsky has a clear set of morals and principles that form his code of honour, which he defends passionately, along with the navy he loves. Unfortunately this often brings him into conflict with Communist ideologues and the Soviet establishment, particulary the KGB. He is the mentor of Rankov, who always tries to remember his teachings.

Captain 2nd class Valentin Volkov: A stern Cossack, Volkov is a model officer - attentive, loyal and by the book.

Captain 3rd class Anatoly Vivienko: A jolly executive officer, Vivienko's quick fire wit and comedy timing keep spirits high aboard the sub. Always in the mood for cracking jokes, no matter what or who they are directed at. Watch him closely.

Captain 3rd class Dr. Alexei Alexsandrov: The oldest crewmember, and the doctor aboard the Sub. Afflable and likeable, and a good singer, he is one of Rankov's favourite officers.

Captain Lieutenant Vladimir Mishin: A hardline, pompous and somewhat idiotic Communist ideologue, Mishin serves as the Rokossovsky's political officer. It's his job to ensure the crew is loyal and ready to fight for the USSR. This involves endless propaganda monologues, annoying almost everybody present, especially the Captain, whome he regulary clashes with. Despite his outward idiocy, Mishin should be watched closely.

Petty Officer Leonid Ryuzkov: The quiet cook of the Rokossovsky.

Lieutenant Konstantin Serov: The brutal and tough commander of the Spetznaz team, Serov is feared by his men. He is also somewhat narcissistic, wearing large numbers of medals on his uniform, even in combat. A veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Serov is war personified - fearsome, brutal and dark. However, he knows exactly what to do in any situation and does it without panic or hassle.

Warrant Officer Yuri Petrolakov: Serov's more human deputy, a brave and loyal soldier, and a sound second-in-command.

Counter-Admiral Nikolai Medvedev: Nevsky's loyal, hardworking and dedicated aide-de-camp.

Admiral Boris Gormov: Nevsky's deputy.

Admiral Mikhail Sasilyev: Commander of Northern fleet submarine operations.

KGB General Viktor Grislev: An arrogant KGB general, part of a plot to undermine Admrial Nevsky. Acting under orders of his superior, Fyodor Glushko, he warns Nevsky that the KGB is pursuing action against the admiral as a possible traitor.

Ensign Mikhail Yashin: Spetznaz trooper. Reckless, agressive and trigger happy, he is third in command to Serov. He attempts to shoot down Moma Flyer, but is foiled by Rankov and Vivienko's intervention. The troop troublemaker, he regularly gets on the wrong foot with superior officers.

Trooper Sergei Golikov: Spetznaz trooper. Equally agressive and trigger-happy.

Soviet Characters (historical)

Marshal Dmitriy Ustinov: (1908-1984) Ustinov worked as an engineer before being appointed by Stalin in 1941 at the age of 33 to oversea the Soviet arnaments industry during the war with Germany. After the war he remained in government and joined the Politburo in 1965 after Khruschev was ousted. From there he gained much power in the defence industry, developing the Soviet nuclear bomber and missile forces. In 1976 he was given the title of minster of defence and Marshal of the Soviet Union (despite no previous military service). Ustinov was one of those who authorised the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. He held his positon for eight years before he died of pnuemonia in November 1984, a year after the events in the story. He and Admiral Gorshkov order the Rokossovsky to sea to search for the lost TK-95.

Admiral Sergey Gorshkov: (1908-1988) Having originally joined the Soviet Navy at the age of 17, Gorshkov rose rapidly through the ranks, and by the end of the Second world war, he was commander of a destroyer squadron in the Black Sea. In 1956 he was made commander in chief of the navy by Khrushchev, and initiated a rapid expansion of the navy, increasing the number of ships and submarines. By the late 1970s, the Soviet Navy had become a global force, with bases in Vietnam and Africa and vast numbers of vessels and aircraft. Gorshkov died a legend in the Soviet military. He is one of two historical Soviet leaders who authorise the Rokossovsky's mission.

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