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About Me!

Name Jet

Age 16


Fave. ThingsManga,Anime,Friends and Fanfiction.

Not-So-Fave. ThingsSo many things so little writing space.

NoteIt's been forever(2years) since I've been here. And Damn was I and annoying random 13 year old. But I have new plans for this and it begins with a vocaloid FanFic and the re-write of Fairy Tales Suck. I was going to continue How to love Again but I don't feel much like doing it now so it will be on hiatus.

Story PlansSo I want to start writing 3 short stories and one shots a month. This is of course only during the summer. During the school year I Shall only Publish 1 a month or so. Umm I will have a major story, most likely fairy tales suck, that will be my main focus for the summer you can expect about 1 chapter every 2 weeks it just depends. so yea.

LOG (basically, whats going on. May not be updated every day.)

June 20 3rd edit- After reading How to love again and Fairy Tales suck I am going to continue the former, so yea peace.

June 21 Hey I am again changing my plans and I am going to continue both of my stories. For these next two weeks I will update both and then as time progresses I shall alternate between them both. So be happy.


September 8 So my dear chickens It's been ages huh? I know what I said way back when but the truth is I've just been forgetful. Now you maybe wondering what my plans are. Well I'll tell you. I have a new Naruto story idea, a Teen Titans season 6 mulling around in my mind, an outline of the next chapter in HTLA and a complete outline of FTS. Yes you heard right FTS is completely planned out I just need to write it. You guys are probably weary of me by now but I promise you I will have a FTS chappy out as soon as I find my outline. Please be patient with me. Now Teen Titans season 6 is a HUGE project. I'll be introducing a slew of new characters and plots. Each story entry will basically be an episode so don't expect one hugenormas story. Rather expect to have several short (5 chap. 1000 per chap) stories. With that said I WILL NOT start this until I have given what I have promised and FTS is completed. So TT6 will be starting Decemberish mmk? Ok and now for my baby, my new Naruto story. Sakura!: Revival of the Cherry Blossom. It's a time travel fic that -ugh- I don't feel like typing it so I just cut it from my document. I was originally going to post this under a new account-A Cool Wind- but I have decided not to as I would've had to have waited 2 days before I could publish the story. I want you guys to know that this is my main story and it will -no- it IS my first priority. But I know I promised certain things so those things will get done, I promise. So please please please be patient with me.

September 29 Hi peoples. So I know I promised things and I didn't deliver(as usual) Hem hem but I'd like you to know that my plans have changed once again. It's not a major over-haul just one detail will change. I have decided to post Sakura! Revival of the Cherry Blossom on my other FF account. Why you ask. Well I just want it to be there. I'm going to work on chapter one tonight so hopefully I'll have something there. I will look for my outlines for HTLA and FTS so that way I can get something to you guys. Ugh I just have a lot to do but I promise that I will try for you guys mmk? Mmk. So I'm just gonna hop on over to my other account and get started.


How to Love Again Under rewrite, update will be soon.

Fairy Tales Suck Under rewrite, update soon.

Teen Titans Season 6 COMING SOON!(DECEMBER)

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