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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, Pokémon, and RuneScape.

Hi, I'm Ace Trainer Alicia, and I'm a twenty-three-year-old fantasy enthusiast. I've loved books all my life, and I love games, cartoons, and to a lesser extent comics too.

I'm not terribly active in the FFnet community anymore, and have taken down most of my old stories for many reasons. To make a long story short--I lost interest in them, I think most of my old work sucks, and I hate Naruto. But I'm still writing fanfic, mostly Runescape stuff now, and it's mostly hosted on my Deviantart, where I'm known as Alicia-x-Itachi and also draw things.

I also spork bad fanfics over at Das-Sporking on Livejournal, where I go by Azralibrarian. While I will NEVER link anyone back to sporkings of their stories, be forewarned--I'm always looking for bad-enough-to-be-sporkable fics as well as good ones! And if I leave a review, I will point out what's wrong with your story if I see it, so be prepared to hear feedback that isn't necessarily positive!


About my stories

All of my RS fics share a continuity unless otherwise stated. No, they are not all one story, but a collection of small stories that happen to take place in the same timeline, just as in-game quests are individual stories that are part of a larger whole. I didn't write them in order even with the original postings on DA, so here's a chronological timeline of the ones that share continuity:

It Started with a Dress
Heart to Heart
(Lum)bridge Over Troubled Water
Waiting for the Lord's Return
A Visit Home
Divine Concerns
Fraternal Instincts
Culture Shock
Vital Discussion
Secret Union

OK, it's venting time. Since I'm not likely to upload much here, I might as well say a few things that a lot of people on the site do not seem to understand. Be forewarned, I'll be blunt and to the point.

-This is a site for WRITERS. It's a site for fans of shows, books, games, movies etc. as well, but it's also for WRITERS. This means that before you upload, you should UNDERSTAND THE BASICS OF WRITING. This means that you should spellcheck your work, make sure you have a decent grasp of the grammar and mechanics of the language you are writing in, and PROOFREAD FREQUENTLY. There is nothing more annoying than seeing illiterate, poorly spelled drivel on a site meant for writers. That might be passable on a fansite forum, but not here. By Guthix, it even says to spellcheck your work in the site TOS. And for Primus' sake, STOP WITH THE CHATSPEAK. It's incredibly stupid even on AIM or MSN, I'm sick of it, and if I see you typing in chatspeak, I AM GOING TO THINK YOU ARE AN IDIOT WHO CAN'T SPELL OR WRITE.

-However, do remember that fanfic doesn't have the same standards as actual published work, and of course inexperienced young thirteen-year-olds aren't going to have very good writing. The first thing I ever uploaded to the site was written when I was twelve, and while it was correctly spelled with few mechanical errors, it featured a boring Mary Sue who pretty much did nothing but stand in the background like a zombie. Even with three years more of practice, the Naruto crap I turned out when I was fifteen sucked too. I'm not saying that young and immature people should be excused for bad writing and bad behavior just because they're young and immature--I'm just saying that you should be realistic about their writing skill, help them improve even if they don't want to, and not take their Mary Sues and other silliness too seriously. They will grow up eventually.

-Please, please, please stop with all the copy-pasta chain letters and memes on your profile pages. I used to do it, yes, but I realized it was stupid and only cluttered up my page. Seeing them is really annoying--what you have on your front page should be things of importance. Things like your favorite books, your favorite kinds of fanfic, your favorite things to read about--not some boring useless copy-pasted statistics or chain letters or whatnot.

-Critique and flaming are two different things. The former is an important tool for any writer, even a professional. Every story, writing style, plot, character arc, character, will be flawed. No story is ever perfect. Therefore it is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and hear it from the readers. Therefore, if you are putting your work out for everyone to see, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO STATE THEIR OPINIONS, as well as what they like and dislike. Freedom of speech goes both ways--you can upload whatever you want no matter how disgusting, poorly written, or stupid, but the readers have just as much a right to point out what's wrong or what they didn't like. ACTING LIKE A CRYBABY OVER CRITICISM IS COMPLETELY STUPID AND UNCALLED FOR. YOU WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS A WRITER IF YOU WHINE ABOUT ANYTHING THAT'S NOT BLIND PRAISE. Flaming is simply insulting a person or their work for the sake of insulting it. Don't just say a story sucks, say WHY it sucks and how the writer can make it NOT suck. "This sucks" tells the writer ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Also, ad hominem attacks make you look like an idiot. No one should be raped or commit suicide because they can't write. Slag, in the Middle Ages, nobody except monks could even read. Does that mean all the illiterate peasants and nobles were subhuman scum who should've hanged themselves? Moreover, flame wars and fanbrat drama detract from the purpose of the site, which is to read stories, and only serve to denigrate the community.

-YOUR PORN DOES NOT BELONG ON FFNET. Lemon-fics and porn are not necessarily the same thing. If a sex scene serves to advance the plot of a story, or flesh out a character, or isn't necessary for the story but makes the plot more interesting, it's not the same thing as porn. There are such things as tasteful sex scenes. Porn is meant to deliberately titillate the reader or serve as fodder for jacking off. If you're writing a lemon into a story that is not meant to be porn, go for it, but it takes skill to do well. Remember that plot comes first, and you are not meant to be providing the readers fap fodder, nor are you meant to be making your personal fap fodder public. If it's porn, especially porn with no plot, IT GOES ON ADULTFANFICTION.NET. Not here. Also, most people REALLY do not want to know every single intimate detail of all your fetishes and kinks. Your private life belongs in the privacy of your home and not out in public for the world to see.

-YAOI. IS. PORN. The word "Yaoi" comes from Japanese words meaning "No point, no plot, no meaning." It was a term created to refer specifically to cartoon porn of two men with no plot. The word for simply pairing up two male characters (or two female characters) is slash. I'll admit, slang and jargon tend to be corrupted over time, but I will use the word in its original meaning. Every time I say Yaoi, I specifically mean "cartoon porn of two men with no plot." Therefore, slash can be well-written, tasteful even, but Yaoi is porn with no plot. Therefore IT GOES ON AFF.NET. (It also doesn't belong on Deviantart, because there are plenty of porn sites all around the Net and DA doesn't need any, but that's another story.)

-Speaking of porn--if you're gonna upload wet-dream fantasy fics to FFnet, GIVE THEM A FRACKING PLOT AND MAKE THE DAMNED THING MAKE SENSE. If you don't want to bother with making it make sense or giving it a plot, upload it to Livejournal, Quizilla, Blogspot, or some other site that allows you to blog about whatever the hell you want. I like my stories with plot and characterization, thank you very much. Also, if you put your wet-dream fantasies out on the Net for the world to see, you're in no place to whine when someone gives their two cents on it.

-I am not obligated to like the same shippings as you do. You are not obligated to like my shippings. I am not obligated to like your favorite shows, characters, books etc, any more than I'm obligated to eat your favorite food, and neither are you obligated to like mine. I don't go pissing on people just for not liking the same shit I do. For example... so I don't like slash. Well, I DON'T READ SLASH-FIC. And I don't leave worthless reviews telling the people who write them how much I don't like slash and the story sucks because it's a slash pair. If by some unlikely chance I were to review your slash-fic, or shipping-that-conflicts-with-one-of-my-pairs fic, saying that it sucked, it would be because the story sucked. It would have nothing to do with the main pairing. My review would detail the reasons the writing was poor, for example, if there was purple prose, if every character was out of character, if in Chapter 33 a major plot point or character arc from earlier was retconned solely to push a new implausible plot point, etc--part of critique involves not letting personal bias interfere with seeing things as they are. In conclusion, QUIT WHINING JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY DARES NOT TO LIKE EXACTLY WHAT YOU LIKE!

-OCxCanon is no different from any other shipping. The ONLY difference between OCxCanon and other shippings is that one character was created by a different person from the other. It's in a similar vein to crossover pairs in that sense. Therefore, it should be treated like any other shipping. Plenty of fanfic turns male characters into dependent blubbering whiners in order for them to be with a CANON female character, or another male character, or a crossover shipping. In fact, pretty much every trope of Mary Sue stories is present in all types of fanfic at some point. So stop with the pointless bawwing about fancharacters. It's pointless, useless, and adds a massive bias to your literary criticism.

-Slash should also be treated like any other shipping.

-M-preg is disgusting and pointless. Men were not designed to be pregnant either physically or emotionally, and do not have uteruses and ovaries implanted in their rectal cavities. What is the point of having a male character get pregnant, when your slash couple can fraggin' adopt a kid? If you wanna write about pregnancy that badly, THERE'S NO POINT IN WRITING SLASH.

-If you are going to ignore characterization, no matter what your reason for it is, THERE IS NO POINT IN WRITING FANFICTION. No fan wants to read about the characters they know and love being those characters in name only. If you want to make up your own personalities or depict characters however you want, MAKE UP YOUR OWN SETTING AND CHARACTERS AND WRITE ORIGINAL FICTION. There's always for exactly that. OOC isn't so bad if it comes from a character being difficult to write correctly or to understand, or if the author has only a rudimentary knowledge of the characters--but there is a difference between things like that and simply ignoring characterization. There is also a difference between that and character development over time.

-AU settings can be pretty creative at times--but for Primus' sake, STOP WITH THE DAMNED HIGH SCHOOL FICS. It's trite, boring, stupid, overused, and I honestly don't get why everyone wants to write stories about high school. If you went by the stereotypical high school stories, you'd think it was a place where everybody partied all the time, got dates, cars, and trophies by acting like petulant whiny brats, and battled titanically between cliques, and where you could graduate easily by having sex. Guess what--in real high school, you're expected to go to classes, do paperwork, actually study, watch your grades, and spend your last year looking at college applications and deciding on whether you'll work with your head or your hands. If that were it it would be merely boring; however, the other students there are douchebags, useful classes like music and art get cut in times of financial crisis in order to fund sex ed and new football uniforms, and if you get ignored like I was, you tend to be lucky that you didn't have to endure four years in the seventh circle of hell. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WRITE ABOUT THAT, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A CANON WHERE FAR MORE INTERESTING THINGS HAPPEN? Oh, and "realistic" fiction books about high school suck too. If I have to see one more "I wanna have a boyfriend!" or "I wanna be popular!" or "My friendship is strained because I want my bestie's boyfriend!" plotline, I will scream and set something on fire.

-Characters are not your author mouthpiece. A character's friends are her friends, regardless of what you personally think of her. Also, it's a story, not a soapbox--being preachy about anything, be it a serious real-world issue or your Very Important Opinions(TM) about the canon, is obnoxious, annoying, and detracts from the story.

-Your Mary Sue is not a Sue because she is female, pretty, strong, weak, or has a love interest. She is a Mary Sue because she upstages the canon characters, doesn't fit into the canon, is instantly loved by everyone, and can do absolutely no wrong. And your Sue isn't necessarily going to be a fancharacter either--plenty of people turn canon characters into their Sues and Stus. In fact I have yet to see a single person who goes "Bawww CanonxOC is always Mary Sue bawww!" who doesn't turn canon characters into Possession Sues for the sake of their badly written pairings. And I honestly have much more respect for those who take the time to make a Sue from scratch than those who turn canon characters into them.

-The same goes for Gary Stus.

-Make your shippings make sense, for the love of Zaros. "They look cute/hot/sexy together" is the stupidest reason behind supporting any couple ever. Imagine using that as your rationale for marrying/dating someone in real life... oh wait. Anyway, lack of common sense in real life aside, this is about your story making sense. You are not writing porn or a Harlequin Romance. Take characterization and the storyline into account and think about how compatible characters are. An important thing to remember about romance, both in fiction and real life, is that there needs to be a balance between differences and similarities. How well does each character's personality play off the other? What would they enjoy doing together? What would they fight over? How do their backgrounds affect them? The only reason I can think of to pair up two incompatible characters is if your story is about a dysfunctional relationship or a rushed romance.

-Hating ANY character for "getting in the way" of your favorite couple is REALLY FREAKING STUPID. Especially if the character you hate has no canonical interest in whatever character you think he/she is "stealing."

-I don't mind if you feel attracted to a character. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself. However, you don't own the character in question, and neither does your OC. If you're going to pair your character up with your favorite canon, don't bash other people's OCs just because they're paired with that same character. Instead, show them support for your mutual interest.

This brings me to common OOC pet peeves of mine.

-No male character will become a dependent blubbering whiny pansy for no reason whenever a woman walks into his life. Some will, but definitely not EVERY SINGLE fictional man will melt into a puddle of goo/get hit by Cupid's arrow/get a huge erection/all of the above just because *insert female chara here* walks by dressed her best and looking more beautiful than Helen of Troy. Believe it or not, many men, both real and fictional, aren't so shallow as to care solely about beauty and actually need to warm up to a woman or get to know her BEFORE they start to want in her pants.

-No female character is a slut or a whore just because you say she is, because she has a crush/boyfriend/lover/husband, is part of a stupid love triangle cliche, or is shipped with numerous characters BY THE FANS. Both are pejorative terms for prostitutes, though the character need not be getting paid for her promiscuity to actually merit being called a whore. Save the term for characters who are actually promiscuous. Or better still, don't use it at all because I'm freaking sick of it being spammed!

-Lead male characters are not your author avatar. They are not meant to be robbed of their characterization so that some horndog can use their names as puppets to live his wet dream. Also, female characters are not your mindless robotic sex objects devoid of personality, and should not be written as such.

-Female characters are not your author avatar either. Your favorite female character will not randomly start chewing out or killing your least favorite female character just because YOU don't like her. Your favorite female character will also not jump into bed with your favorite male character just because you like him. You'd better have a damn good reason for the two to be falling in love/dating/marrying, and actually flesh it out and make it make sense.

-Slashers, stop emasculating male characters. Real gay men do not generally consist of pairs of a knight in shining armor and a damsel with a dick, and most fictional men outside of yaoi manga are not women with testicles either. That whole deal is just a stupid stereotype meant to appeal to straight fangirls and doesn't bear the SLIGHTEST resemblance to ANYTHING in real life. Gay men behave like MEN. Also, the two male characters you want to slash will not generally have a relationship based solely on sex. Real homosexuals do NOT work that way.

OK, venting time over. Here's hoping some people actually realize all this.

Dear writers who post in the RuneScape section,

Your quest rehashes are not amusing, funny, or cute. They're boring. If I wanted to reread a quest, I would watch a Let's Play (a good one, not a shitty one by a scrub who speed skips all the dialogue and complains about not having his comp cape because story is for losers) or read the transcripts on the RuneScape Wiki.

Seriously, the game's lore and story is rich enough that you can do something interesting with it. It won't kill you to actually be creative!

No love, Ace Trainer Alicia

P.S. Stories about your real-life experiences playing the game, with zero mention of the lore and characters, are not even fanfiction at all.

So you finally got to the bottom... I swear, this page is too long. Go ahead, feel free to read my stuff--and feedback is always appreciated.

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(Lum)bridge Over Troubled Water
With the battle between two gods threatening to ruin her hometown, she feels powerless to do anything without being forcibly conscripted into either army. Perhaps a pair of listening ears might help, and perhaps they might belong to her god's emissary... Oneshot, Soran & World Guardian-centric, no pairing (yet).
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The weight of her husband's death still hanging heavily over her, the adventurer who would be World Guardian seeks advice from her father-in-law King Vargas. Post-Ritual of the Mahjarrat, post-Blood Runs Deep. Oneshot, mostly light fluff
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One small decision can change your life... even something as simple as purchasing a new outfit can end up leading to embracing the ways of a long-forgotten god. Oneshot; takes place mostly during Desert Treasure.
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TMNS reviews
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ONESHOT On his Trainer's wedding day, Miju the Samurott reflects on his relationship to her and strives to do his best in his duties as the best Pokemon. FERRISWHEELSHIPPING.
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Now, where were we? reviews
In which Silver and Kotone's wedding night is repeatedly interrupted by pointless annoying phone calls. My first crack at writing a lemon... and yes, despite the interruptions, I do get to the lemon.
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I Don't Feel Like Myself Today, Sensei reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,443 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 6 - Published: 4/12/2009 - Hinata H.
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