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Author has written 10 stories for Reba, Suite Life series, and Mary Poppins.

Name: Disney

Age: 18

Hair color: Brown with blonde highlights

Skin: Ivory

Fav movies: Any!

Fav Actress: Julie Andrews

Fav Actor: Dick Van Dyke

Fav Comedian: George Lopez

About me: Uh, 18 year old from Gulf Breeze, Florida, wonderful place, gotta come visit us. lol I currently reside in NYC, maybe three miles from Ashley Brown. lol Yay!

Occupation: Chimney Sweep in Mary Poppins

Fav couples

Bert/Mary- Mary Poppins (both movie and play versions)

Emile/Nellie- South Pacific (Reba and Brian Stokes Mitchell play version)

Bill/Lili- (Darling Lili)

Eliza/Henry- (My Fair Lady Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison version)

Georg/Maria- (Sound of music)

George/Angie (George Lopez tv show)

Rob/Laura (The Dick Van Dyke Show

Bill/Jo (Twister)

Theo/Michelle (Book called Mercy)

Ashley Brown/Gavin Lee (Mary and Bert on Broadway, they need to get married!!)

Clarrise/Josef and Mia/ Nick (Princess Diaries 1 and 2)

Lots more, hard to remember!

Fav quotes!

"I've retired so many times now it's getting to be a habit."- Dick Van Dyke

"I never wanted to be an actor and to this day I don't. I can't get a handle on it. An actor wants to become someone else. I am a song-and-dance man and I enjoy being myself, which is all I can do."- Dick Van Dyke

"I've made peace with insecurity... because there is no security of any kind."- Dick Van Dyke

"Oh my god, I think I came here to LOL."- George Lopez

(upon answering whether Mary Poppins and Bert ever got it together): "I hope so. She wouldn't admit it, but I do hope so."- Julie Andrews

"As my mother said, I never sprang out of bed with a glad shout! My voice needed oiling and then it took off."- Julie Andrews

(1982) "Does Mary Poppins have an orgasm? Does she go to the bathroom? I assure you, she does."- Julie Andrews

"I'm so happy, I'm Mary freaking Poppins!" Ashton being silly.

Professor Henry Higgins: Eliza, you are to stay here for the next six months learning to speak beautifully, like a lady in a florist's shop. At the end of six months you will be taken to an embassy ball in a carriage, beautifully dressed. If the king finds out you are not a lady, you will be taken to the Tower of London, where your head will be cut off as a warning to other presumptuous flower girls! If you are not found out, you shall be given a present of... uh... seven and six to start life with in a lady's shop. If you refuse this offer, you will be the most ungrateful, wicked girl, and the angels will weep for you.

Professor Henry Higgins: Damn, damn, damn, DAMN!

Eliza Doolittle: I ain't done nothin' wrong by speaking to the gentleman. I've a right to sell flowers if I keep off the kerb. I'm a respectable girl: so help me, I never spoke to him 'cept so far as to buy a flower off me

Eliza Doolittle: I ain't dirty! I washed my face and hands before I come, I did.

Professor Henry Higgins: She's an owl, sickened by a few days of my sunshine.

Colonel Hugh Pickering: Have you NO morals, man?
Alfred P. Doolittle: Nah. Nah, can't afford 'em, guv'nor. Neither could you, if you was as poor as me.

Professor Henry Higgins: You see, the great secret, Eliza, is not a question of good manners or bad manners, or any particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls. The question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you've ever heard me treat anyone else better.
Eliza Doolittle: I don't care how you treat me. I don't mind your swearing at me. I shouldn't mind a black eye; I've had one before this. But I won't be passed over!
Professor Henry Higgins: Well then, get out of my way, for I won't stop for you. You talk about me as though I were a motorbus.
Eliza Doolittle: So you are a motorbus! All bounce and go, and no consideration for anybody. But I can get along without you. Don't you think I can't!
Professor Henry Higgins: I know you can. I told you you could.
Professor Henry Higgins: quietly You've never wondered, I suppose, whether... whether I could get along without you.

Rex Harrison after seeing The Sound Of Music: This was the only time I ever rooted for the Nazis.

(Rex's son, Noel Harrison, recalling sitting watching a storm with his father and Rex exclaiming this when a bolt of lightning obliterated a tree in their yard): Well hit, God!

Audrey Hepburn: If I were to write a biography, it would start like this, "I was born May 4th, 1929... I died 6 weeks later."

Exhilaration is that feeling you get just after a great idea hits you, and just before you realize what's wrong with it.

Dr. Dolittle: (consulting a medical book) This fellow obviously knows what he's talking about.
Matthew: Who wrote the book, Doctor?
Dr. Dolittle: (suddenly realizing) Er... oh, I did.

Dr. Dolittle: Hello... Me Doctor Dolittle. Here little boy, late for school, here very cold. They all go home "Puddleby," yes?
Willie Shakespeare: (in perfect English) What a funny accent

George: From now on, we're home schooling you. Whatever we don't know, you don't know. When did the Korean War start? I don't know, and neither do you!

George: Why've you had a grudge against your brother for 15 years?
Benny: We Lopezes are a proud people...
George: You have a birthday lunch at Denny's every month. We're not that proud!

Angie: You think your only contribution to this family is a paycheck?
George: That's my job in this family, Angie. When I was a kid my mom always complained about how there wasn't a man around to help her with the bills. Look, a man isn't a man unless he's a provider. I'm a hunter! I'm a provider!
Angie: A hunter? You can't even give the dog eye-drops!
George: If he looked away I could.

Mia Thermopolis: I thought you said you never slide?
Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Oh I don't, but I have done a lot of flying in my day

Joe: I would kneel if it weren't for my knee replacement.

In the "mattress surfing scene", Clarisse tells Mia that she's "done a lot of flying" in her day, a cheeky reference to Julie Andrews's famous Disney role in Mary Poppins (1964).

Maxwell Smart: Chief, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
The Chief: I don't know, were you thinking "holy shit, holy shit, a swordfish almost went through my head!"?

Maxwell Smart: There are 300 hundred Control Agents outside this building.
Siegfried: No there's not.
Maxwell Smart: Would you believe 20 SWAT members?
Siegfried: No.
Maxwell Smart: How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun.

Siegfried: How do I know you're not from CONTROL?
Maxwell Smart: If I were from CONTROL, you'd already be dead.
Siegfried: If you were from CONTROL, YOU'D already be dead.
Maxwell Smart: Neither of us is dead, so I'm obviously not from CONTROL.
(long pause)
Shtarker: That actually makes sense.

RJ: Something you said yesterday really touched me right here. I starts with an F.
Verne: Family?
RJ: Yeah. You know, there was a time when I had all that. My own place, surrounded by loved ones, universal remote. But all that went away with... the weed hacker incident.

Hammy the Squirrel: Scary clown!

RJ: (after making him look like a rabid squirrel) Now show me that vicious look in your eye, boy. Come on!
Hammy the Squirrel: Oh, oh, I can burp my ABC's
Hammy the Squirrel: A, B, C...
RJ: HAMMY! I just really need you to focus right now, okay?
Hammy the Squirrel: Okay.

Hammy the Squirrel: Oh! Morning!
Verne: Morning, Hammy.
Hammy the Squirrel: I gotta go wee-wee!
Verne: Oh... Not on the lake we drink from!

Verne:( to RJ) You see what you've done here? If they listen to half the stuff you're telling them, they'll be dead within a week! You are only interested in taking advantage of them because they are too stupid and naive to know any better!
Hammy the Squirrel:( growing solemn) I'm not stupid.
Verne:( noting the family's reaction) Okay, I didn't mean, uh... I meant... ignorant! To the... ways over... over, over there.
(they begin walking away)
Verne: C'mon you guys, you know I didn't mean it like that. Don't... don't do this. Stella... Ozzie?
(stops Hammy)
Verne: Hammy? You know I didn't... Hammy?
Hammy the Squirrel: (pushes him away) I'm not stupid...

Ozzie: You should have died! You should've just laid down and died!
Heather: Dad!

RJ: SSShhhhh!
Verne: Oh, no! I'm not falling for any more of your smooth talk!

RJ: Ok, what we're goin' for is a vicious, man-eating, rabid squirrel. Can you handle that?
Hammy the Squirrel: Umm, excuse me!
(Raises hand)
RJ: Yes, Hammy?
Hammy the Squirrel: Rabbits aren't vicious. They're all cute and cuddly, so...
RJ: Rabid, not rabbit.
Hammy the Squirrel: Oh! Huh?

Hammy the Squirrel: Wanna help me find my nuts?
RJ: Very tempting, Hammy, very tempting...

Hammy the Squirrel: I am a crazy, rabid squirrel! I want my cookies!

Stella: Don't even ask about the cork!

Tiger: Stella? Stella? Where are you going? Stella? STEEEELLLLLLAAAAAAA!

Verne: You're the devil.

Hammy the Squirrel: I filled the log! I found my nuts!

Hammy the Squirrel: (ooking at the bigh bush)Lets call it Steve!
Verne: Steve?
Hammy the Squirrel: Steve's a pretty name!

Laura Petrie: You wanna end up another Dwight Heatherton, go ahead!
Rob Petrie: Who's that?
Laura Petrie: Dwight Heatheron happens to be an excellent writer who is unknown because he gets no publicity.
Rob Petrie: Then how do you know him?
Laura Petrie: Oh Rob, he's famous.

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Rob!
Rob Petrie: Buddy!
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Sally!
Sally Rogers: Mel!

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Rob, I can't tell you how much.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: You can't tell us how much four and four are.
Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Yech!

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: I need a place to hide.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Quick, grow some hair.

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Rob, I did not come here to get insulted.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Oh? Where do you usually go to get insulted? I'll go anywhere!

Laura just admitted that she told a TV audience Alan Brady is bald
Rob Petrie: Well did you know it was a secret?
Laura Petrie: Yes.
Rob Petrie: Oh sure, what's the fun of telling something if it's not a secret?

repeated line
Laura Petrie: Oh, Rob!

Rob Petrie:(tag scene from The Last Chapter)Are you ready for a little bit of good news?
Laura Petrie: Yeah, I think so.
Rob Petrie: I heard from the publisher today.
Laura Petrie: Yeah?
Rob Petrie: He hates it, boy!
Rob Petrie: He said it reminded him of about fifty other books.
Laura Petrie: He's kidding!
Sally Rogers: No, no, that's what they said.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: That's right. One editor said it stunk!
Laura Petrie: Well, why is everyone so happy?
Rob Petrie: Because Alan read it and he loved it.
Alan Brady: What do I know from style?
Rob Petrie: Honey, Alan wants to produce it as a television series.
Laura Petrie: in amazement Your book's going to be a television series?
Alan Brady: It's true, of course I won't do it until after my series is defunct, which may never be.
Rob Petrie: Alan is going to play me.
Sally Rogers: And the three of us are going to write it and Leonard Bershad is going to produce it.
loud commotion
Rob Petrie: Wait, ho-hold it a second. Honey, what do you think?
Laura Petrie: Oh gosh, I don't know what to say - Alan is really going to play you?
Alan Brady: And Rob won't have to shave his head - I'll wear a toupee.

Laura Petrie: Rob, if I thought that you sent this boat here to trap me...
Rob Petrie: No, honey, I ordered this long before we did the sketch. This is what gave me the idea. Honest.
Laura Petrie: Rob, I tried not to open it, I really did, but I - I guess I'm just a pathological snoopy-nose!
Rob Petrie: Oh, honey, everybody's a snoopy-nose. We all like to know what's inside things.
Laura Petrie: I guess so.
Rob Petrie: Why, I know so. You know something? I'm very, very curious about something right now.
Laura Petrie: What?
Rob Petrie: Well, I'm wondering how long we're going to keep on with this polite talking before we get down to serious kissing!
Laura Petrie: smiles About three seconds.
Rob Petrie: Three?
looks at his watch
Rob Petrie: One, two...
Laura Petrie: I forgive you!
they kiss deeply

Rob Petrie: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. And so do I.

Laura Petrie: Let me put it this way: I have a happy, semiwell-adjusted husband who comes home and greets me with a smile and a kiss - and I'd rather have that than all the money in the world.
Rob Petrie: Yeah?
Laura Petrie: Yeah. So how about a smile?
Rob flashes a toothy smile
Laura Petrie: And a kiss?
they kiss
Laura Petrie: That's what I want.
Rob Petrie: Hey - I didn't realize I was such a great smiler and kisser!
sits down on the bar stool by the kitchen counter
Laura Petrie: leans her head on her elbows, looks at Rob at eye level and purrs like a cat R-r-r-rr-rrr - rrrrr-rr-r

Sally Rogers: What's the matter Rob?
Rob Petrie: Oh, he got on the elevator and I busted my leg on a lady.

Rob Petrie: Laura, there is no reason for your behavior!
Laura Petrie: There is every reason for my behavior - I'm angry!
Rob Petrie: Angry, yes, because I wouldn't behave like a puppet! Because I felt a responsibility to my employer!
Laura Petrie: For heaven's sake, Rob, that's not why I'm angry. I realize you have to do what you think is right. I wouldn't respect you if you let yourself get pushed around by anyone, including me.
Rob Petrie: Well, what are you angry with me for?
Laura Petrie: I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with me for being angry with you.
Rob Petrie: Well, is there anything I can do to patch up this little quarrel you're having among yourself so I can get out of the doghouse?
Laura Petrie: Did you ever think of trying a kiss?
Rob leans over to kiss her on the neck
Laura Petrie: Not on the neck.
Rob kisses her lightly on the cheek
Laura Petrie: That's better.
Rob kisses her lightly on the lips
Laura Petrie: Almost.
Laura Petrie: they embrace and kiss deeply Oh, yes.
they resume their kiss

Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: upon Mel entering Well, look who's here! Genie with the light brown scalp!
observing Mel's box of props
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: NOW I know what a producer does! He delivers the garbage.

Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: This guy laughs at everything! Bet he'll laugh if I say "shoehorn"... SHOEHORN!
Maxwell Cooley: heh huhh heh huhh!
silly laughter

Alan Brady: re note about letting go of the staff Didn't you see I crumpled it up?
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: inspects paper Yeah that's his crumple!

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: clutching his temples Look, I've got a great deal of work to do!
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: So go ahead, tear your hair out!

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Rob, as the producer of this show, once more I must insist that you instruct your staff to show me a little respect.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: We're showing you as little respect as possible.

Richard Rosebud 'Ritchie: notices Rob and Laura kissing while watching home movies of their wedding Boy, you two sure kiss a lot! Show me that again, Daddy.
Rob Petrie: OK.
they start kissing again
Richard Rosebud 'Ritchie: No, not that - that!
points to the movie screen

Rob Petrie: Morning, honey.
puckers his lips expecting a kiss, but instead gets an earful
Laura Petrie: in rapid-fire fashion What do you mean by that? It may be a good morning for you, but it wasn't for me! You didn't have to clean up the mess that this one made when he decided to finger paint all over the bathroom mirror with the toothpaste. And you don't have to be concerned at all about the fact that the cleaning woman isn't coming today and you have five people coming over for lunch. Sure, go ahead, good morning! Why not?
Rob Petrie: recoiling Honey, give me another chance. I'll go out and come in again.
starts for the door to the living room
Rob Petrie: I won't say good morning - I'll just wave as I go by.

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Believe me, Rob, as the producer, I'm sorry.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: We believe you, Curly. You're a sorry producer.

Laura Petrie: Well, do you remember that it was you who was responsible for Ritchie's ending up with a middle name, Rosebud?
Rob Petrie: No, all I can remember is that our parents were pretty unreasonable.
Laura Petrie: They certainly were. But you still didn't have to do what you did.
Rob Petrie: Honey, you forget something - your parents threatened to boycott the baby! I did the only thing I could possibly do to make them all happy.
Laura Petrie: Well, let's see if you can make Ritchie happy with Rosebud for a middle name.
Rob Petrie: Don't worry, I will.
Laura Petrie: Well, if you do, I'll...
Rob Petrie: You'll what?
Laura Petrie: I'll kiss you so hard your teeth will rattle!
Rob Petrie: Good enough! And listen, do a couple of things for me, will you?
Laura Petrie: What's that?
Rob Petrie: Well, when I get home tonight, put out Ritchie's blackboard right about over there.
Laura Petrie: Mm-hmm.
Rob Petrie: And, uh, you'd better get me a dental appointment because there's going to be a lot of loose teeth around here tonight.
smiles and kisses her
Rob Petrie: Bye.

Rob Petrie: How's your white satin evening gown?
Laura Petrie: Fine. How's your red flannel bathrobe?

Melvin (Mel) Cooley: It was the sketch. I knew Alan wouldn't like it. And when it comes to comedy, I have an unerring instinct.
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: That's right, you got the instinct of a herring.

Rob Petrie: referring to Ritchie How'd he get so cute?
Laura Petrie: Your mother says you were just like him when you were a little boy.
Rob Petrie: Why, I'm surprised she said that.
Laura Petrie: Why?
Rob Petrie: I think I'm cuter. Gimme a kiss.
Laura Petrie: Never kiss egomaniacs.
Rob Petrie: How about hungry husbands?
Laura Petrie: Them I feed.
puts a grape in his mouth

repeated line
Alan Brady: Shut up, Mel!
Melvin (Mel) Cooley: Yes, sir.

Mrs. Kendall: she and her son are leaving after having forced the Petries to listen to her son singing an opera for two and a half hours Oh, and I do hope Mrs. Petrie's headache goes away.
Rob Petrie: ushering her out Oh, I think it's leaving. Don't worry.

Kenneth Kendall: By Wolfgang A-mad-ee-us Mozz-sart.
Mrs. Kendall: Mo-zart.
Kenneth Kendall: mimicks Mo-zart.

repeated line
Sally Rogers: It's just like my Aunt Agnes used to say...

Rob Petrie: Sally, Buddy, Rob and Laura are staying in a haunted cabin, all four are in the same bed because they are scared of the ghost It's been over two hours and nothing strange or unusual has happened.
Sally Rogers: Oh, really? What do you call four grown people sleeping in the same bed with their clothes on?

Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: after Rob and Laura exchange a romantic goodnight, complete with kiss Good night, Sal.
Sally Rogers: Goodnight, pal.
they shake hands

Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: (ally emerges from another room wearing a facemask)Sal! We've been working together all these years, I never knew you looked like that!
Sally Rogers: Looked like what?
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Like my wife!

Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Oh, believe me, doodly doo.

Rob Petrie: At least I'll prove one thing tonight: Television writers marry the prettiest girls.

Phil Franklin: Just a reasonable facsimile; I didn't help anybody. I got you myself, for myself!

(Mel has told Rob and Sally, after Buddy had been transferred to a different TV studio, that they can use another third writer for their team besides Buddy)
Rob Petrie: Doggone, if only Buddy hadn't been so nasty.
Sally Rogers: Oh, he couldn't have been nastier if he made a living at it.
Rob Petrie: (thinking) Make a living at it?
(He brightens up)
Rob Petrie: Sally, that's it! Let's hire somebody nastier than Buddy.
Sally Rogers: I thought Jack the Ripper was dead.

repeated line
Sally Rogers: Good thinking.

Melvin (Mel) Cooley:(to Rob about Buddy) Will you please tell this person that I was not hired for this job to be the butt of his jokes?
Maurice (Buddy) Sorrell: Hey, whose jokes were you hired to be the butt of?

repeated line
Melvin (Mel) Cooley: (after Buddy ridicules him) Yecch!

Rob Petrie: (opens closet door) Ritchie, what are you doing in there?
Richard Rosebud 'Ritchie: Eating chocolate pudding.
Rob Petrie: (to Laura) Why would you let the boy eat chocolate pudding in the broom closet?
Laura Petrie: Because you let a dog eat spaghetti in the garage!

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