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Hello i am shadow wolf i know that is a weird name so let me explain it is a mix between to of my favorite zoids the koign wolf and the Shadow Fox

ok now that i have said that let my tell you a little about my self I am Jason son of Raven i live on planet zi and i pilot the Shadow fox i can beat you in a zoid battle

I live in the wind colony and no not the same one as van and that is all i can tell you if i told you more i would have to kill you dont ask why

News-- I just got done with a story called Shadow in the Shadows check it out and please people review me

my favorit sayings

the fool thinks himself wise but the wise man knows himself to be a fool : Shakespear

Lord what fools these mortals be: Shakespear

this man is wise enough to play the fool: also Shakespear

when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs it is the one that yelps that got hit: lamor

think about the one above

if it is a battle of the wits you want i will have you know i dont fight unarmed men: lamor

if you wish to see the future you must first look to the past: me

a wise man talks because he has something to say a fool talks because he wants to say something: Benjamin Franklin

The problem in life is that we grow old old to fast and wise to late: Benjamin Franklin

your greatest asset you have is your knowledge dont let it go to waste: me

I have never failed i have just found 10,000 ways that dont work: Thomas Edison

fun and interresting facts about zoids

it is belived that ambient killed ravens parents not shadow

ever notice that shadow does not have a zoidean "poor shadow"

it is belived that between the GC and NC there was a 400 year gap

zeke likes butterflies

ambient likes killing people

raven never wanted to be evil infact he kills zoids so that people cant use them for evil

it is belived that the back draft is meant to represent shadow and liger zero represents zeek therefor it is possible that vega is a desendent of raven and rees and bit cloud is a decendent of van and fiona so see berserk fury/genobreaker and liger zero/blade liger it is further thought that shadow is in the fury and zeke is in the liger zero even further into it it is then possible that brad is a desendent of irvine and moonbay "makes you think dont it."

there used to be three moons in planet Zi's sky

zoids only airs in japan now and it is still very popular over there

the face you see in CC and GC when fiona is in the cave and she sees that picture of a zoid head that is the face of the berserk fury unarmored

The following facts have been provided by Shadowrebirth37

Shadow is the most powerful Organoid, for he is able to remain fused to the
Geno Breaker's Core for 180 seconds, 3x the limit of the other Organoids.

Shadow did not kill Raven's parents, Ambient did. The Organoid that killed
Raven's parents had green eyes, a horn under its chin, a gold throat, and a
spiked tail, all characteristics of Ambient, not Shadow. Shadow hadn't even
been released from his statis pod yet. Also, Hiltz is visible in the
background when Ambient attacks Raven.

The canon the Back Draft Team uses to shoot down the ZBC satellites is
actually the Death Stinger's tail.

Specula is the only female Organoid. All the other Organoids are male

Raven almost became Van's brother. If Dan Flyheight hadn't sacrificed
himself to destroy the Imperial soldiers, Raven very well could have been a
good guy.

Although debated, Shadow is male.

The Geno Breaker only lost once, agianst the Death Stinger.

In the victory photo of the Blitz Team, in the background, Moonbay's
Gustav, complete with the silver patch armor and Dr. D's experimental
boosters, is visible.

Konig Wolf, in German, means 'King Wolf'.

In Japan, Zeke's name was Sieg.

The names of all of the Liger Zero's armors are German.

The Berserk Fury was known as the 'Berserk Fuher' in Japan, which means
'Unguided ruler'.

Shadow is the most patient and caring Organoid, for he kept Raven alive
for 4 years in the desert and cared for his wounds after the Geno Saurer

well that is it for now if you have facts like these please give them to me so i can post them and please tell me if i am wrong on any of these facts knowledge is power

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