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Okay, hey, my name is Kanpai7440, and no, I'm not going to tell you my real name, cuz you may try to hurt me.

I love Maximum Ride, Twilight, and Manga. I'm not nice, (bummer there isn't it), so don't expect anything, but if you compliment me I will (maybe) be nice. If you cuss me out I cuss you out. Sometimes my stories will probably have a lot of fictional porn. Yes, I'm still a virgin, but I watch it on my computer (get over it, you probably do too).

Features: Brown Eyes, Black hair with Blonde tips at the very end of the front of my head. I admit I am a little pudgy, but who the hell cares. I'm African American (YOSH and you thought only white people went on this thing!) I'm a Gemini, which means twins, but I'm not one.

Dislikes: Mum yelling, Dad, being too cold, hard metal rock (hurts my ears!), soymilk, and the fact that no matter how many cups of water I drink I still have acne! (AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!)

Likes: Snogging, puppies, shoes, Asian boys, japanese rap (the best!), british comedies, flicking off bad drivers, comic books, my smile, and my ability to scream so loud that glass shatters (kidding)

I love the songs


"Girlfriend" Avril Lavigne

"Christmas Shoes"

"Complicated" Avril Lavigne

"Jesus take the wheel" Carrie underwood

"Tokyo Drift" Teriyaki boyz

Favorite Sayings:

"Boooo! You whore!"

"damn right you love me"

"i'm so cool ice cubes are jealous"

"stfu! for the last time, you're not bringing sexy back!"

"the only reason i would kick you out of bed, would be to fuck you on the floor"


I just got hair extensions, and let me tell you, they are painful!! this lady was doing it and at the same time she was yelling at her little son IN MY EAR in some tottaly different language. NOT EXACTLY A BOTTLE OF ACTION PACKED FUN.

I now officially love this TV show called THE OFFICE, its really awesome, but ppl never laugh when the funny parts come on which makes it all the more funny.

ok, this may like ttly come as a shock to you,but i think i'm in LOVE!!

I don't know for sure, its this guy at my cousin's skool and he is soooooo cute! we called him and he has the sexiest voice!i don't even know him, but we went to skool 2gether in the first grade. Which i seriously don't remember. And for some reason this isnt regualar, just thinking about him makes my whole body feels as if its being lightly punched a dozen of times. i go to bed thinking bout him everynight: man i am sprung

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