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Hi,people! I am Eige-chan. Okay~ So, I've been here since year 2007, but somewhere in the middle of year 2008 I quit this website, for a reason that I don't seem to remember. And I'm back now! Please continue supporting me and my stories! Now let me tell you guys about ME. Yes, all about ME. ONLY ME. Sorry, I get too excited XD

Name: I shall be known as Eige-chan here in fanfiction! There's really no use of knowing my real name. -wink-

Age: I don't drink, I don't drive, I don't work. I'm not married and I don't have children. I live off my parent's money, and I attend a private, Catholic school. Go on, take a guess. XD

Gender: Is it really that hard to tell? I mean, how many guys can you find that will name himself as Eige-CHAN? OvO

Favorite's': The colors black, purple, and green. CHRISTMAS, the holiday. Macaroni & Cheese and HOT SPICY CURRRRRRRRRRY!! -ahem- My computer, my television, my iPod, and all the other electronics I own. My growing collection of Manga and... ANIME, of course. J-pop. This insane, but beautiful world and everyone (who's not obnoxious) that lives in it. XD

Random Facts-->Concerning ANIME:


Mujin Wakusei Survive (Uninhabited Planet Survive) is the BEST anime (aside from Spirited Away) ever. Sadly, not much people watch it. It's a real heart warming show, and educational too. I still don't get why there's so little amount of people watching it. So YOU THERE! Yes, YOU who's reading my profile! Go try watching it, it's definitely worth your time and I bet that you'll fall in love with it. All 52 episodes are avaliable on veoh.com and youtube.com~!

Gakuen Alice is the best MANGA that I've read so far. I have also watched the anime... but the manga is seriously much better. Yep, I love it, and Natsume x Mikan rocks. XD

The first contact that I had with ANIME when I was five years old, when my parents took me to the movie theaters to watch Spirited Away. I might have been a little young there to understand the fantastic-ness of it. But when I turned seven, I started to be obsessed with anime until now, and I doubt that I will ever get tired of it. No matter how old I turn in the future, I know that anime and manga will definitely be a large part of my life. So... to end this, ANIME IS THE BEST THING CREATED!!

Concerning my LIFESTYLE:

I usually stay at home (when there's no school), except if there's emergencies like a FIRE or FLOOD, that'll probably be the only reason for me to run out. XD

I am CATHOLIC, that's just recently been baptized~ I believe in GOD ALMIGHTY, the TRINITY, the BIBLE, and the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. And I respect all the other religions out there.

I play three instruments... the VIOLIN (for 2 years)... the PIANO (for ? years; I forgot XD Around 3~4 years, maybe?)... and the HARP (for 9 years).

I know three languages... English, Chinese, and Shanghinese. I would LOVE to learn Japanese (so I can watch all those RAW episodes out there).

I'm NOT RICH, so sadly, I cannot aford all the manga and anime DVDs I want... -weeps for an hour-

Unfortunely, NONE of my close friends are familiar with the existence of anime, manga, and this website. They will never come close to anything that's similar to those three objects unless they're forced to, or if I threaten them. And, they all love teen magazines, makeup, and football (don't ask -v-).

Stories Created In Fanfiction.net :

- Gakuen Alice; A Brand New Change- Discontinued and Deleted

It's a normal day with normal things, but all will change once our favortie brunette ask a certain firecaster a question, which leads to compelete changes for everyone!

Haha... umm... this story was published a year ago, and... I ABANDONED IT!! -sob- I'M SO SORRY!!
I've decided to... give up on it XD I will no longer update it, so just pretend it doesn't exist.
Okay~ Now you don't even need to pretend that it doesn't exist, since I deleted it... XD

- Spirited Away; Colors of Fate- In Progress

(Formerly 'Spirited Back')

Chihiro had forgotten everything that happened, now at her new school, she mets a true friend that will lead her to the past, present, and future. That someone, who doesn't realize it herself, turns out to be Haku's... (Summary 1)

Chihiro mets a true friend. Kohaku enters the human world. Everything was fine until fate strikes, sending the trio to a life-threatening adventure. Lost memories, unravled pasts, forgotten connections, ancient laws. That's way too much to deal with... (Summary 2; Now using)

Okay.. so, this is my second fanfic so far. I know, it's probably a bit boring in the begining, but...
It's going to get... better. KEEP READING FELLAS!!
And, I think... it's going to get pretty long. No. It's going to get very long. (We're talking 25+/30+ chapters or so.)

Original Characters' Profile~!:

'Colors of Fate'- Kawazoe Kazusa- Female

Name Explanation: Kanji--> 川添 和佐. First letter of family name means 'river'. First letter of name means 'peace'. For the other letters, there is no literal meaning.

Age: 10 or 11 (or 12, develops later in the story)

Date of Birth: October 16

Blood Type: AB (lol... I used to have 'O' put here, but later found out that AB would be more fitting XD)

Chinese Zodiac / Horoscope: Snake / Libra

Position: Elementary / Middle School student, Miko (people who work in Japanese temples), Haku's ... (will be updated when the story is at that point, cuz if I said it now, it would be a spoiler :D)

Appearance: Black-Green, hip-length hair with straight bangs, emerald green eyes, petite

Personality: A talented, deep-thinking, wise, and charming girl. Cheerful, yet mysterious. Acts above her age. Sees things in the world differently.

Strengths: Skilled in archery and ancient arts (ie: foreseeing, fortune telling, etc.)

'Colors of Fate'- Rikuto - Male

Name Explanation: Kanji--> 陸斗. First letter of name means 'land' or 'earth'. Family name not mentioned.

Age: Real age is unknown. Appearance, is somewhere near... mid / late twenties?

Date of Birth: Unknown

Blood Type: B

Chinese Zodiac / Horoscope: Unknown / Unknown

Position: A person with a high place and power...? Also...(will be updated when the story is at that point, cuz if I said it now, it would be a spoiler :D)

Appearance: (will be updated when the story is at that point, cuz if I said it now, it would be a spoiler :D)

Personality: I would say evil, but... -tch- That's not the correct word. He's not just a typical bad guy. He has dept and he thinks. So... I guess he's a smart bad guy? :D

Strengths: (will be updated when the story is at that point, cuz if I said it now, it would be a spoiler :D)

'Colors of Fate'- Hwon - Male

Name Explanation: Hiragana--> フをん

Age: Exact age is unknown. But definitely well over his thirties.

Blood Type: O

Position: Boatman for passenger boats in the spirit world.

Appearance: Frog-faced, with a frog-like body (but stands on two feet like humans). Like... those workers in Yubaba's bathhouse, but slightly different.

Personality: Carefree and slightly humorous. Friendly to the people that he likes. And unlike most people in the spirit world, he is not selfish and greedless. Overall, a nice person.


-sigh- Actually there are several characters that have been mentioned in the story, but I just can't put their profile up since their name isn't revealed, or that they're still sort of 'secretish'.

Hmm... this used to be the place where I stick all those copy and paste things that takes up WAYYYYY too much space. So yea, I decided to remove them. And to make my point about all those things, here I'll have a short summary...

RACISIM IS BAD, people are people. No matter what color their skin is it doesn't make a difference.

STEROTYPES ARE MEANINGLESS, classifying people by what they do, what their appearance is, and how they act is stupid. 'Don't judge a book by it's cover.'

CHILD ABUSE AND ABORTION IS HORRIBLE, life is precious. If you weren't prepared to take care of another human being then you shouldn't do IT without protection.

HOMOPHOBIA IS JUST STUPID, if you're a normal woman who is uncomforable around lesbians, then why aren't you uncomfortable around normal men? After all, they all like women.

And.. that's about it. -w-

Real Life Friends Here: dreamweaver64 - Aww... we were in the same class until last year started. Well, she's an amazingly nice person, makes great joke, and is very creative as well.

Okay then! Thank you for reading my useless profile! And since you've already finished reading it, which probably makes you a bored person with too many time on your hands, might as well check out one of my stories down there? (And review it? XD)

Again, THANKS! and CHAO~!

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