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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, Warriors, Digimon, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and American Dragon: Jake Long.

Readers, Please Read:

Due to all the craziness going on here on, my updating of chapters to my stories will be slow or nonexistent. I'm in the process of creating an account on Archive of Our Own, so if these troubles continue to happen I will begin the process of switching my Warriors fanfiction series (which are the only stories I really care about that I've uploaded here) to Archive of Our Own.

I just tried to upload the next chapter of Warriors A New Age 3: Tragedies of War. Don't get mad at me if messes it up and doesn't show it. That's not my fault. Please be patient with me during this time. I'm just as frustrated as the rest of you over the problems. Let's cross our fingers and hope everything is completely fixed soon.

Username: digital devotion

Significance of Username: The reason I chose "digital devotion" is because I have a fanfiction series about Digimon (an old anime show I love) that is titled A Digital Devotion.

My avatar, drawn and colored by me, is of Jessica and her Digimon, Lance (a Lopmon) and Twyla (a Terriermon). All three are characters from Digidestened and Me.

Big News: I've finished editing my Warriors fanfiction series!

It's going to be a while before I replace the chapters though! Sorry!

Other News: From now on, Allegiances pages will match with the Allegiances at the beginning of a story, not the end.

I've decided to do it this way so that there are no spoilers for new readers.

I will most likely be editing out the warrior name previews of kits and apprentices, as well.

That means there will no longer be names in (parentheses) after the names of kits and apprentices.


I've renumbered the books in my Warriors series!

Warriors Descended will be 1 through 3, Warriors A New Age will be 1 through 3

I realized it might be confusing to people since the two halves have different main titles!

Also, Warriors A New Age 6: End of Adventure has been retitled Warriors A New Age 3: Tragedies of War!

Check out the newest Warriors story I'm planning! Just scroll down and look at Warriors Sly's Story: A Soul of Darkness!

Current Projects

Digimon: Digital Monsters

Digidestened and Me

(A Digimon fanfiction)

Stage of Writing: mainly planning stage/some writing

Summary: In 1957, an ambitious young scientist created the first human/Digimon hybrids. The creatures, named Yinmon and Yangmon,

turned against their creator and escaped the confines of their laboratory home. Together, the hybrid creatures quickly took over the Digital World.

In attempts to stop them, a group of six teenagers paired up with six Rookie Digimon to become the first group of Digidestened.

Before being subdued, Yinmon and Yangmon closed all of the portals to the Real World, trapping the six Digidestened in the Digital World.

Centuries later, Yinmon and Yangmon return, and it is now up to a new group of six humans and their Digimon to stop them...

Other Facts: The second group of Digidestened is made up of characters based on myself and my friends. All of the first names

remain the same but last names have been changed. I'm attempting to get the personalites of the characters as close as possible

to their real-life counterparts, so I'm having my friends help me. Also, the Digimon have been given humanized names.

I did this in order to help differentiate between two Digimon of the same species. Their names typically begin with the same letter that their

Rookie names begin with. (For example, two different Agumon could be named Ace and Adam.)

Genre(s): Drama/Adventure

Rating: T or M (for gore and swearing)

Warriors A New Age 3

Tragedies of War

(A Warriors fanfiction)

Stage of Writing: beginning

Summary: A few seasons have passed since Ghostwind and Ashflower returned to ThunderClan. Life has gone back to

normal. However, the prophecy has still not been fully fulfilled! A war that Ghostwind has fretted about ever since he was

an apprentice has finally arrived, and it is led by a surprising character from his father's past! TigerClan and LionClan have returned!

Who is the mysterious character, and how will the prophecy end?

Genre(s): Adventure/Drama

Rating: T

Warriors Coldfur's Search

A Quest for Acceptance

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: Coldfur, forbidden son of a ThunderClan tom and a RiverClan she-cat, feels he is not treated well in

ThunderClan. Despite the fact he is still half-ThunderClan, his Clanmates hardly speak to him. He finds himself a friend

in Sootpelt, another tom in ThunderClan who doesn't get much respect because his father betrayed their Clan to

join DarkClan during the war. When Coldfur decides he wants to leave ThunderClan to find acceptance, Sootpelt

decides to go with him. Together, the two toms leave the lake and venture forth into the world!

Will Coldfur find someplace where he will finally be accepted?

Genre(s): Adventure/Drama

Rating: T

Warriors Ghostlight's Story

A Legend in the Making

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: The story of Ghostlight from his birth until his death.

Genre(s): Adventure/Drama

Rating: M (for gore)

Warriors Sly's Story

A Soul of Darkness

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: Sly, like all other cats, was once a young and impressionable kit. With an abusive father and a

weak-minded mother, the only cat he had to turn to was his younger sister. But when she died young, Sly no

longer had anything to live for. His heart began to harden. After killing someone he loved and becoming leader of

DarkClan for it, Sly is visited by members of SpiritClan. They tell him of a prophecy told on the night of his birth, and

how he will be one of the greatest cats in DarkClan's long, evil history! Will Sly fulfill the prophecy, or die trying?

Nothing, not even kin, can stop this dark soul!

Genre(s): Adventure/Drama

Rating: M (for gore)

Warriors Stories of StarClan

A War Between the Heavens

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: The war between StarClan and SpiritClan that occurs during the war between their descendants on earth.

Genre: Action/Drama

Rating: M (for gore)

Warriors Cedarspirit's Destiny

The First Keeper

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: The story of Cedarspirit after he leaves ThunderClan and becomes Nimbus, the First Keeper.

Genre: Adventure

Rating: T

Warriors Short Special 1

MoonClan's New Home

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: A short story about the members of RogueClan finding a new place to live, where they become the new MoonClan.

Genre: Adventure

Rating: T

Warriors Short Special 2

Tigerstar's New Army

Stage of Writing: planning stage

Summary: (N/A until further notice)

Genre: Adventure/Drama

Rating: M (for gore)

General About Me

Currently Live: United States

Description: 5 feet 4 3/4 inches in height; average weight and build; brown hair with natural blonde highlights; blue-gray eyes; glasses

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Often Seen: on laptop, reading a book, writing stories on paper

Hobbies: writing, drawing, reading, surfing the internet, hanging with my friends, daydreaming, sleeping, eating, watching TV, photography

Future Plans: I am attending a local city college to get my General Education certificate. I plan to major in Animal Science.

My Favorites

Books: Harry Potter, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Percy Jackson and the Olypians, Gregor the Overlander, Warriors, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Twilight and the rest of the books in Stephenie Meyer's series, and Animorphs

Music Genres and Bands: I listen to country mostly. I love Shania Twain, Jessica Andrews, Kellie Pickler, Josh Gracin, Brian McComas, and Heartland. Other good bands that I like: Simple Plan, ATeens, and Good Charlotte. I also like Celtic music.

TV Shows: House, Bones, Heroes, The Fairly Odd Parents, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force; Avatar: The Last Airbender, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Movies: Digimon: The Movie, Ella Enchanted, X-Men 1 and 2, The Animal, Holes, Spirit Stallion of the Cimaron, Shrek 2, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sky High, The Perfect Man, Eagle Eye, Halloweentown, and Halloween Town 2!


deviantart page:

Artwork includes: Warriors and Digimon fanart

Warriors Descended webpage:

On the site you can:

- read my blog on updates of my series and my website

- see illustrations of characters and chapters from the story

- become a member and discuss the story with fellow readers in the discussion boards

- find some fun, cat-related things to do online

- sign the guestbook

Some Q & A

(I saw this on someone else's profile and I thought it was a good idea.)

Q: How long have you been writing stories?

A: I've been writing stories since I could put sentences together down on paper. (Which would be, what...second or third grade?) Before I could write, I would tell stories to whoever would listen to me. I love to look at how far I've come in my writing since then.

Q: What is a typical day for you?

A: If I'm not at college, I'm probably at home on my laptop or watching tv, or hanging out with my friends.

Q: When do you write the most and what time of day do you think your writing comes out best?

A: I write the most on weekends, either that or whenever I feel like writing. I get what I call a "writing itch" that feels just as annoying as a physical itch that doesn't go away until you scratch it. The only way to get rid of the "writing itch" is to write. (Obviously, haha.) The time of day my writing comes out best is probably whatever time of day I'm writing where I'm not tired. I'd have to say that is usually in the early afternoon, when I have the most energy and my brain is at its best.

Q: Where do you get the ideas for your fanfictions?

A: For my Warriors fanfiction series, many of my ideas came to me when I was reading the actual series. Other ideas just pop into my head randomly when I'm rereading my plots page. (Yes, I have plot pages for every single Warrior fanfiction I plan on writing!) The plot pages usually don't have the events in chronological order because at the start of the story, I don't know how the events are going to play out. I just like to have the ideas available to use whenever I feel they should happen. The most often time I get ideas is when I'm actually writing the stories. I just write whatever comes into my head and that's what gets put. When I write that way, ideas pop into my head as I'm writing and I rush to put them into my plot pages. It's the same for pretty much whatever fanfiction I write.

Q: What are your career plans?

A: I am majoring in Animal Science so that I can become a sheep breeder. My best friend and I are going to start a sheep breeding business together. She will be the one who works with the sheep for the most part. I will be working with the clients and taking care of budgets, contracts, etc. We have it pretty much set in our minds what we're going to be doing. Of course, I am still planning on having something of mine published, but that will happen when it happens.

If anyone has ideas for more questions for me to answer,

you may message me if you want to!

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