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I am a 4' 11'' , brown-eyed, 19-year-old smartass girl. I tend to be pretty friendly and light hearted and will try and make friends with anyone who's interested. I swear a whole lot, and not just when I'm angry but I don't even really notice I'm doing it until people point it out.

Let's see, I love anything that has to do with dragons...and I love anime although I'm no longer a little hyper fangirl.

Yes, I am a yaoi-loving-loser. Deal with it.

I love playing video games. I own a PS2, a personal computer, a DS, and a GCN. Right now I'm working on getting EVERYTHING in Tales of the Abyss, and beating the two new .hack//G.U. games. So if you can't get ahold of me, chances are I'm probably geeking out and playing them.

I tend to be a very outspoken and opinionated person. I share my views on things freely whether or not I'm asked to. And I can be a little on the loud side without meaning to be.

My friends are my LIFE and without them I would be nothing. There's really nothing I wouldn't do for them.

I LOVE MUSIC. My most recent obsessions include The Senate, The Paperboys, and The Lashes. With the exception of bad rap and hip-hop and horrible pop songs, I will listen to almost anything. I can say with pride that I have gotten the chance to see Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel live. Among many other bands, most of them at Bumbershoot. My taste in music really varies depending on my mood. In the early morning I listen to loud obnoxious music to keep myself awake. And in the evenings I prefer more mellow music such as The Senate or Clapton to help me unwind and relax.

I'm an editor at heart. I can't STAND it when I read mistakes in my writing or other people's writing. It drives me insane.

And yeah that's pretty much it.


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After the tragic death of Weyrleader D'las, Sutaketa Weyr awaits the hatching of golden Arestath's clutch. Meanwhile, a simple girl, Kalin, is searched and brought to the Weyr. Then it all begins... Teen for language and more mature themes. On Hiatus.
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Complete! Arryn finds adventure, romance and the occasional peril as she learns the ways of the weyr and what it's like for those who don't Impress gold, and for those who break rules never meant to be broken.
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Dragons are the creatures that attract us to Pern, but what is the world like through those many faceted eyes? Take a look at Pern from a dragon's point of view.
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Content: K rising to T in chapters 6, 11 & 13. This story fills in a gap between Dragonsdawn and the short stories in Chronicles, exploring how the first riders may have dealt with the very first mating flights.
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The dragonmen of Pern will soon be unimportant and forgotten, but the newest dragonriders will not accept it. The world is a big place and if North and South don't want them, there are plenty of other places, until a new danger threatens all of Pern.
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Dragonstime: Across Time and Two Worlds by Thais of the Star reviews
Tristan and Silverrider Jess are thrown back to Earth with six other Weyrlings. Begining the ultimate story of the lost on a homeward bound journey the eight forge bonds of fellowship that reach across millenium. Dragonstime series, 2.
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