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Hello Readers!

I am WordOfTheDay. I live in Japan. I like writing Naruto FanFics. I like writing short choppy nondescript sentences.

Current Stories

Naruto: A story loosely (LOOSELY) based off of the TV show Chuck. I've got the entire story planned out and outlined, just need to find the time to keep writing. Will not (NEVER) abandon.

Venia: A story that I had a lot of inspiration for... about a year ago. It seems I've lost the will to write this story, but who knows, I might find some inspiration somewhere. I don't think I will though, the plot had a lot of holes, and it needs massive reediting for it to work. Maybe someone will pick it up from me?


Patrol: Naruto defeated Akatsuki by himself and became immensely powerful and famous. He is accepted by much of the ninja population as they recognize his strength and his desire to protect his country. In spite of his many accomplishments, the people at the top have it in for him and he is sent to dangerous outpost duty at the border of Leaf and Sound with no hope of promotion due to 'emotional instability'. The War with sound has come to a temporary ceasefire as both sides (Konoha/Suna vs. Oto/Iwa/Kumo) rest and lick their wounds. A new Jounin Chui (using the order system below) is sent to Naruto's command. Despite his leadership ability, he is assigned to be a Jounin Taii of F (Fox) Company of Third Brigade, First Division, First Corps.

When his new Jounin Chui arrives, he is surprised to meet the next heir to the Hyuuga Clan, Hyuuga Hanabi. She expresses extreme adherence to order and a pompous attitude to boot. He is requested to watch over her on her first patrol to make sure she is able to break into her new position, but on that patrol, things go downhill as Sound decides to break the ceasefire and attack.

I've put a lot of thought into an idea of mine and here's the fruit of my labor.

I based the military of Konoha off of the United States Army structure and what I got was this:

The fighting force (without ANBU/Hunter) itself consists of 60,000 ninja's (Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin). This would be, in times of war, split into three corps. The First Corps, Second Corps, and the Third Corps. Each corps has 20,000 ninja.

The Army

First Corps, Second Corps, Third Corps

20,000 soldiers each

Commanded by Hokage

1st Corps

I Division, II Division, and III Division

7,000 soldiers, 7,000 soldiers, and 6,000 soldiers

Commanded by Rikugun Chujo (equivalent to Lieutenant General)

I Division

I Brigade and II Brigade

3,500 soldiers and 3,500 soldiers

Commanded by Rikugun Shosho (equivalent to Major General)

I Brigade

25 Companies (140 soldiers each)

Commanded by Rikugun Taisa (equivalent to Colonel)

A Company

7 Platoons (20 soldiers each)

Commanded by Rikugun Taii (equivalent to Captain)

First Platoon

14 Squads (10 soldiers each)

Commanded by Rikugun Chui (equivalent to First Lieutenant)

First Squad

10 Soldiers

Commanded by Gunso (equivalent to Sergeant)

These are just the first of each of each different type of soldiers. I skipped the battalion level because... I wanted to. If you noticed, I used the names of the positions from the Japanese Army (WW2). Evidently the Japanese Self Defense Force doesn't advertise it's personnel rankings. The grunts themselves have names too.

Private Second Class- Nitohei

Private First Class- Ittohei

Superior Private (Second in command of a squad to the Sergeant)- Jotohei

In my mind, I would make Genin (literally Low Level Ninja) equivalent to the positions of Nitohei to Jotohei. The Chuunin (Middle Level Ninja) equivalent to Gunso to Rikugun Chui. The Jounin would be every position after that. In order to define the position position of each Jounin, I would put the title after it. (e.g. Jounin Rikugun Taii) or just drop Jounin altogether and use their ranking.

In the manga/anime, the process of becoming a Jounin was never specified but it was hinted that it is an invitation only type promotion. I think that it would be much like Officer Training School in the US Military. If you show leadership capability, then you can be invited to have intensive leadership training and physical fitness training. After a year or so, you can graduate as a Jounin. The Officer Training School could be much like West Point. There are field promotions but those are rare. I'm planning on making a story using this structure and it's going to be a cool one.

For those of you who are curious, I dislike yaoi (it's unnatural) and I dislike lemons. Lemons are quickly becoming a staple of many Fanfics and it isn't a good thing to my eyes. I prefer, as one of my favorite authors put it, the boot scene. The couple walks into a room (or wherever it will go down) and the man takes off (or the woman can do it for him) his boot and later, he puts it back on! A quick and easy solution to a rather disturbing phenomenon. I prefer not to introduce sex into my stories as I find it... tasteless.

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