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Author has written 19 stories for Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, Everlost, Doctor Who, Yuri!!! on Ice, and Assassination Classroom/暗殺教室.

I'm your average female who likes to read, write, and play around with fun concepts and wacky ideas. I'm obsessive, crazy, and don't even understand what I'm talking about half the time (but I expect you to). I spend about 50% of my time in school/doing homework, 20% of my time in a pool, 10% of my time on the internet, 25% of my time sleeping, and -5% writing. It works, trust me.

My alter egos: kiaronna, on AO3.

Age: I am now a college kid! ...And that sounds like a oxymoron. But it's so true! Do I sound mature to you?

Favorite things: Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Fringe, DOCTOR WHOOOOO YES, Yuri on Ice, and any Disney movies that I randomly get interested in. I sound like a little kid, right? Right. Psst, it's currently Mulan.

Activities: I swim and play a couple of other noncompetitive sports. I stay fairly athletic for the amount that I trip over my own feet. Remember those incredibly klutzy people in movies and books that we all laugh at and assume would never exist? I am one of those people. Recently at school I tripped over my right foot three times in the four minutes I was walking down one hallway. Summer flip flops are a weapon when they cover my feet. I also now sing!! I'm a soprano and terribly annoying to the rest of my family. My brother literally wishes I had an off switch. I was also involved in robotics- which isn't that surprising to most people, I'm sure, considering how sort-of geeky I am. But I SWEAR I have friends and a life. I swear it. Now, on to my stories that partially occupy my life and thoughts!

I am a proud cat addict and you cannot make me go to rehab. I must have my kitty fix... As you can tell, I'm kinda high as I'm writing this. My cat is attempting to walk on my computer at this very moment. Here is a special message from them: owirjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjfvh

Genres of Stories: Funny, Adventure, Parody, and MAYBE romance (Who the heck am I kidding? You can't NOT like romance and be on this site). Since I have never been involved in any relationships, I know NOTHING about it. Please don't give me a hard time if I write some. Apparently I also write depressing tragedy and horror? I think I have an alter ego...

Pairings: Well, I'm not one for love. I've never actually been in love. But I do like several pairings...


EliwoodxNinian (Stories written: Two! ...Kind of)

LynxKent (FINALLY, I've hinted at this in my stories)

LynxHector- It's so funny when they fight and Eliwood grumbles.

NinoxJaffar- Jaffar is a cold, heartless assassin (or so it's said), and Nino's a warm, childlike, happy little mage. What's not to love?

TacticianxAnyone- Not that I want anybody to like me (EWW!), but it needs a little OC-ness once in a while.

SerraxMatthew- Because their supports are hilarious. I admit I don't actually LIKE the pairing and I probably won't actually write anything on it, I just think it's for laughs. Matthew's so sarcastic and Serra's so dense...


AnnxCliff- Because Cliff deserves it, and Ann's a lot like me, so I like her.

KarenxRick- Because I dislike the JackxKaren pairing. It's too over-used (and maybe I'm jealous that boys seem to like the gorgeous wine-drinkers).


Brendan/May, Red/Yellow, Gold/Crystal, Blue/Green, Ruby/Sapphire

Doctor Who:

Amy/11, Rory/Amy. Is it wrong to be desperately in love with both of these pairings? PLEASE clone Amy or something! I love River Song, and I love the Doctor, but put them together and for some reason I just can't feel it...


MulanxShang. All of the way, people. The man is smoking.

RapunzelxEugene- Seriously. What other movie has the MAN dying in the heroine's arms while she fights her own demons?

AnnaxKristoff- If you don't like this pairing then you probably hate puppies too. I'm kidding. But I'm also not giving you a puppy.

Here's where I'm gonna talk about my stories so far!! Bold means currently unfinished, and therefore probably what you're interested in. An underline means it's DANG close to coming soon to a fandom near you (editing, ahem)!

1. Destined: Ruby- See Emerald...

2. Serra's Ways- I get lotsa reviews, YAY!! I'm definitely going with this one, but I never plan my humor stories, because they're better without it. I'll plan the main center thing, but otherwise, it's random.

Working on: Chapter 20- Errr... Yeah... I haven't updated this in forever. I am extremely sorry. I just can't seem to find the enthusiasm to write for it. ARGH.

3. Goddess: Jill finds out that the Harvest Goddess is dying... And who's going to take her place?

4. Destined: Emerald- Bwa ha, people, I wrote this when I was a young muffin. Now I am a cookie cake and I cannot return.

5. Exterior- It's up! It's up! The spin-off of Goddess!! YAAAAYYY!! Anyway, this is about Karen and Rick, and all that. Anyway, Karen and Rick are falling apart, she thinks that she doesn't even want to be friends anymore. Well, that all changes when Rick gets bit by a "dog".

6. Big Girls Don't Cry- My first one-shot... And man does it suck.

7. Cookies and Crazies- I actually like this one-shot... Hmmm... Yep. Finally, a humor fic for Harvest Moon!!

8. End Mostly, Popuri begs Kai to take her with him; and when her wish is granted, she finds out that Kai's life is very different than the adventuring purple-bandanna-wearing boy she had imagined and fallen in love with. Thank god that thing is out of my head. IT IS DONE, people! It only took like 3 years, pfft.

9. Together- I'm actually really happy with this piece. Everlost is a great book, so go check it out NOW. Mwa ha ha. Anyways, yes, I love MikeyxAllie.

10. A Second Betrayal- Well, I'm really happy with this piece. I think I finally got the idea that writing is not something to just be DONE, it is something to be planned, cajoled, and manipulated into working. That, or it's really late at night and I should be doing my homework this very instant. Eliwood is just about my most hated and beloved character right now. He's SO darn... can't even describe it. And he's not supposed to be that deep!

11. The Worth of Death- Yet another Fire Emblem one-shot? Oh, my, I must be turning into a poet. Hector's a dear to write, and it seems like I got him down okay.

12. As I Lay Me Down To Sleep- This is so many Ninian and Eliwood thoughts all run over and then rolled into one...

13. She Will Be- Sonia muses on being human. Sort of.

14. I Found You In Words- Amy and the Doctor, Amy and the Doctor, fa la la. This series of oneshots makes me happy, because the television version will never, ever let this happen. Rory and Amy get canon love, so... Here's my little rebellion.

Working On: Chapter 16. Haha. Not really.

15. Flashes- A oneshot for every playable character in FE7! And, probably, one for the villains too. Why do I hurt myself like this?

Working On: This is... probably dead.

16. Third Time's The Charm- My first crack fic, I guess? It's not even all out, either! Well, whatever. I wrote this little ditty and left it sitting there for a while, till I realized that, yes, it was actually complete and could be posted.

17. Drunk on You- Yuri on Ice soulmate AU oneshots, and me being a creative little junkie.

Working on: Chapter 3. Actually though.

18. Much To Learn- I watched Assassination classroom, rubbed my greedy little hands together, and paired all the kids off. Manami and Karma are my favorites.

Story ideas-

One shots, one shots, one shots. I'm a hit-and-run writer who gets hit by inspiration every once in a while. Then I run with it, write a quick piece, and am done before the inspiration high is over. Officially my favorite thing to do... as is not evident from my sad total of sixteen stories on the entire site after... I dunno... Like 5 years.

Goddess is another with a huge planned out series. I have fun with this series, but I'm always concerned about it and I hope I can wrangle this thing back into shape. Seeing as how it was begun when I was a struggling writer (and it's being continued now, when I'm still a struggling writer), my writing and ideas weren't always the best. End took, like, 5 years. Seriously. 5 BLOODY YEARS. Before I post up Elli's story, I need to be sure it won't be my second train wreck of time. I've been meaning to be an author that writes out half of their story before they even post it, but I have very little self control. Also, I wrote out the first three chapters of Elli's story, and then my computer broke and lost my work. I don't think I can communicate to you how much I despise rewriting things- and as dramatic and ridiculous as this sounds, it might kill the series.

You can see my favorite authors below. "Favorite authors" are not merely my favorite authors. They are my sources of inspiration and the karate-choppers of my writer's block. I hope you'll choose to engross yourself in them too! ...I don't really have favorite stories, because I'm a loser.

You can ask me to write something and I'll be flattered, but I don't write about... ADULT stuff (wink wink), and I used to say I don't write about yaoi or yuri, but that has clearly changed, because people change, and Yuri on Ice is beautiful.

Please, no flames. Oh, and I don't own Pokemon, Harvest Moon, or Fire Emblem. Or any Disney movies. Or Legend of Zelda.

Funky saying of the day:

The Doctor: Be careful!

River: Careful. Tried that once. Ever so dull.

The Doctor: Shout if you get in trouble.

River: (Climbing into a tunnel.) Don’t worry. I’m quite the screamer. Now there’s a spoiler for you!

Canton: So, what’s going on here?

The Doctor: Er... Nothing. She’s just a friend.

Rory: I think he’s talking about the possible alien incursion.

My favorite thing about Yuri on Ice has to be all of the misinterpretations. Not the typical trite "OMG I thought he was cheating on me but actually he was thinking about me" but things like:

Viktor: "Yuuri's so motivated. It must be because we're in another country."

Yuuri: "I'm successfully seducing Viktor, China, suck it."

Viktor: "I'm going to say the one thing I know will devastate you and I'm saying it right before your free skate."

Yuuri: "Seriously?" *cries*


Viktor: "He's smiling. Why is he smiling?"

Yuuri: "Stupid Viktor. He legit has no idea what he's doing. I am hate-skating my feelings right now."

Yuuri: "You came to be my coach because you saw me skate and believed in me! Despite what happened last year."

Viktor: "Last year I fell in love with you as you changed my life view, and then you danced half naked on a pole. But also you can skate."

Where I Belong by Night Rain Illusion reviews
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"We'll just pretend to be soulmates until you retire," Viktor offers, "That's what you need from me right now. It wouldn't be hard." Yuuri doesn't know if that's true, but they try anyway. (A collection of soulmate AUs. 6: where the government is in charge of handling soulmates and things get deliciously... filled with paperwork)
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Harvest Moon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 7 - Words: 35,335 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 5/19/2013 - Published: 7/24/2008 - Popuri, Kai - Complete
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