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Author has written 7 stories for Diana Wynne Jones, Harry Potter, and Ugly Betty.

This is where I post all the fluff.

I thank oh_darling for sharing her wonderful icons!

So, I'm from a big country that's considered pretty cold...oh, you saw the flag...

My fics have some form of ship usually, and I like cannon...most of the time...but my fanfiction tends to come out of me feeling a curiosity for explanations of how it came to that end. So, things like What's Left Behind (and the fanfics that accompany it) happen. I still have the story end up cannon by the conclusion, it's just that I elasticize the story/time line to create little fanfics that give me peace as to how these characters get there.

The Other Jenkins, on the other hand, was pure fun. I don't usually like creating OC's in fanfic, but I just liked the idea that Howl, the dangerously devilish older brother, would be threatened by his young, innocent, and wholesome brother. With this one, I also elasticize the story/time line to suit my fanfictified world...It's also my longest suffering fic and I apologize for the absolute length of time it has taken me to do Other Jenkins. It is part of the reason all of my Neville/Luna fics are separated into oneshots...they can all be read together quite easily, but do not have to be read together if not your cup 'o tea.

A guide to my fics...

1. AFTER: read this if you're a Getty girl and didn't get what you wanted in the finale.

2. THE OTHER JENKINS: You want something light for the shipper in you that would have liked to see more Sophie/Howl banter before they're all lovey-dovey.

3. CHARLIE AND THE DRAGON DEBACLE: you like Charlie Weasley and his family dynamic. It's romance-y too.

4. NATURALISTS NOT SO NORMAL: You like cannon, a little humour, a little romance, Luna Lovegood, stories about post-DH, are open to a Rolf Scamander interpretation.

5. NEVILLE'S NO NATURALIST: You feel a little on edge about Neville and Luna not ending up together and want an excuse for why they didn't. Still light, but not quite as light as NNSN in tone.

6. WHAT'S LEFT BEHIND: This one's not happy, as it's the moment of missed opportunity for Neville/Luna, and an illustration of what the secondary trio endured by holding down the fort at Hogwarts during DH.

7. NOT NOW: not a whisp of romance in the main plot; it's sad and ominous of the 90's wizarding-world woes through the eyes (NOT first-person) of young Remus Lupin with his best friends.

So, fandoms I'm interested in (reading and fanfic-ing about) are...

Enchanted, Inc. books or the Katie Chandler series: how often do the blondes ever get to be the normal girl?

Doctor Who: loved 10, and am loving 11 fez or no fez...maybe I should write a romance about the fez...

Firefly: don't know about fanfic-ing that one...I'd have to do an epic to try to solve who the heck Book is. Nah. I'll just keep to the body-message theory for now...

Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me: all great Bryan Fuller-world series cut way too short.

Alice: the 2009 syfy (I wish they'd kept SciFi--I feel like such an idiot typing the new one...) production. To be honest, I think Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and the awesome 60's inspired design are the things that make me come back. Alice's shoes in particular--hello half-a-month's rent!

Harry Potter: lots of stuff there. I love to explore Neville and Luna's characters--my favourites in the series who just happen to have a strong shipper following (considering they aren't cannon), and Rolf's gotta have something to him for Luna to marry him--be it eccentricity or a cool accent. Ginny's so strong too--a really understated character I didn't appreciate until the sixth and seventh...which was completely Rowling's intention and I love her for that!

Jane Austen Novels: except Emma. It's not Austen's fault I could never like Emma to the point I can't read it. Austen's works will probably never get a fanfic by me--too precious!

Ugly Betty: The colour! The soapy storylines! The absolute fun and breakneck speed of the show is fantastic and I'd love to try to duplicate it some time in a continuation of the series. Preferably with Gio (romantic or otherwise)--him over egg salad any day.

Howl's Moving Castle: It has everything I love and even nostalgia thrown in for its time (ha) in 1980's Wales. As one of my favourite books of all time, I feel quite loyal to the book...and not much else. I love hayao miyazaki and DWJ's material, but nothing to me is considered when I fanfic this fandom other than HMC itself. Not Castle in the Sky. Not House of Many Ways. Weird and kinda (if not completely) dumb? Yes. But my little-girl self that read this book a little over a decade ago has no sense of that, and I will follow that little brat wherever she takes me when I fanfic HMC. Other than that ludicrous storyline involving an alternate universe...never again. I swear its completely gone from all computers and journals.

FRINGE: This show may possibly take Firefly's spot as my favourite scifi show. The third season took it to a whole new level of amazing with a look into both sides of the mirror, so to speak, but I'll probably never do a fic for this unless I find myself in some desperate need of time with one of the less-explored characters like Astrid, or maybe that Taxi driver from the season premiere...

LOST: Love it, but probably not going there.

Libba Bray's novels: and I don't just mean the Gemma Doyle trilogy (if only someone would ever read this and realize that the soundtrack should be the Tea Party's music!), but books like Going Bovine too. I'd probably do a oneshot on Bovine before Doyle--just more to fool around with.

Princess Bride: No fanfic of mine is touching that masterpiece.

I'll add to this list as I think of them...

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