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Hey There!

My name is Paula, but people call me PC. You can call me by my name here, i don't really mind. So this is my FFNet Account!

What's in A Name?

Well, I'll dissect the name Silver Blue Starshine.

One day, out of complete boredom (and so I could do something worthwhile...), i decided to make a account. And I had problems with the name. So...

Silver: One of the colors i like... Silver could mean sleek, glamorous and rich (WTH? no seriously i had to research that.)

Blue: One of my most favorite colors... means: Strong, important peaceful, intelligent

Starshine: Just a random word to match.

All about me

I'm a college Freshman in one of the universities here in Manila. I'm a BS Psychology student.

I like subjects like History or anything that involves current events, histories etc... I'm into debate you see. :) And since I'm already in college, time to write will be scarce. But I promise to write whenever i can!

So if you're waiting for one of my fics, or an update... (Especially for High School Life) Please forgive me if i don't update a lot even if it's the season for breaks... i have a lot of requirements due in school like my thesis, and i really have to put that on my priority list first. And now that I'm in college, I have to keep the grades up. :D But promise, i will update. It's going to be a while before i could write. As for now, I'm still adjusting in college, so any story updates will be awhile. :)

My Fave Reality shows

yes, i still watch TV. :)) but heck, here are my fave reality shows.

Amazing race, amazing Race Asia, American idol, Iron Chef America... what else. fear Factor. Oh whatever. i have a lot but due to my amazing memory, i forgot the rest. Oh well...

My Anime Loves

I basically like (and love) the following.
Fullmetal Alchemist, Law Of Ueki, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Detective School Q, Kyou Kara Maou, BLOOD, Jigoku Shoujo, Detective Conan.

But as of now, I only watch out for FMA (especially the new episodes of Brotherhood). I have no time for any other anime HAHA. =))

Pairings I love:

(Just so you know) Royai Roy Mustang X Riza Hawkeye (My lovely OTP), EdWin Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell and there's a list, but i am too lazy to write them down. As usual, I am more of FMA pairings

Books I love

I basically love books like The Princess Diaries, Harry Potter and Chinese Cinderella... and Nancy Drew...Plus i read manga too! Plus the Thief Lord and Les Miz... :D and other long as i find them interesting...But, i love manga too. :D

Anything Else?

Well... that's practically it for now... I can't think of anything else to add. Now, if you want to suggest anything for my fanfics (Like for example, you want to see a certain scene or character in any of my in-the-works fics) go ahead. i don't mind at all. Also fanfic requests are welcome, as long as there is no pressure to write. ;)

So basically... That's me in a nutshell :D But Feel free to visit my Live journal if you feel you want to learn more about me!

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