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Name: NelloIsMello (I am not going to tell you my real name, if that is what you are thinking)

Age: Keep Guessing!:-)

Hobbies: Reading really good classics; writing stories; knitting stuff for random people I know; watching the most cheesiest and random movies; doing homework (I'm not kidding... just ask my BFFs.); doing school (Not kidding there either); going up to my grandparents for Christmas and other times that aren't holidays. Oh... and Pepto Bismol ROCKS!!

Things I hate: My dad yelling; burning food; my stomach; getting stuck in the car for two and a half hours with my dad and my sister.


Chelsea: Are you ungrateful because I care about your spleen?


Mom: Well, who was President of the United States before George Washington?

Me: Stand still so I can hit you with the snowball Holds up HUGE snowball Chelsea runs away screaming


Elena: I'm not dirty! I take a shower ever other day!

Chelsea: And then she tells me to stand still so she can hit me with a snowball...


Chelsea: -laughs histarically-

Me: -pats me on back- It's OK, Chelsea.

Chelsea: -stops hyperventilating- STOP PUNCHING ME!

Me: Running away...

Me: (referring to the Beatles Help! Movie) See, they look like Nazis.

New Years Sleepover, fun times!

Me: Do you know the reason why I'm trying to bend this paperclip in half?

Chelsea: Erm... no. Do I want to??

I LOVE MY BFF's!!! 3 3 3

Favorite Books: many books. To name a few: To Kill A Mockingbird; Mystery At Blackbeard's Cove; Don Quixote (Well, actually I didn't really like it, but it was really funny and the guy in there was a real idiot. I don't recommend it to people under the grade of eight. Just read it for fun. NOT school); A Christmas Carol; The Secret Garden; Heidi (LOVED that book); The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Did you know that he fakes his own death in that book??)

Favorite TV Shows: Survivor (yes it's a reality show, Chelsea, but it AIN'T fake); The Amazing Race; America's Got Talent (That show is flippin' HILARIOUS!); 7th Heaven(Sadly, it's gone now); Pictures Of Hollis Woods (It's not a TV show, but it was a movie type thing that was shown on the Hallmark Hall of Fame on TV. I highly recommend reading the book).


The Beginning: Darkness is rising through the wizarding world. In the midst of it all, Lily and her friends help eachother through. With only three things helping them: hope, love, and friendship. Set during Lily's seventh year.

The Grandmother: Ever wonder why Renee left Forks? It wasn't just the rain and the small town life. It was because of her mom, aka Bella's grandmother. Bella's grandmother comes to visit Charlie and Bella for the summer

Here is a picture of Bella's Grandmother:

my other stories: Check 'em out please.

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