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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Batman, Hakuōki/薄桜鬼, Happy Tree Friends, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.

I have decided to revamp how I write my stories, it's taking too long for updates because I get distracted thinking about other stories. So I will concentrate on one story at a time, and update weekly. I will divide my stories into arcs and once an arc is complete I will post the first chapter of that arc. I am also going to go back and edit and change some things in the stories I have already written, and place the plots into nice neat little arcs so I don't leave readers hanging for years. I will first work on Freedom Fighters since the first arc is done and I'm feeling inspired for the second arc. Then either What Lies Beneath or Blurred Lines.

--Upcoming Stories--

The Organist- Up in the rafters of the cathedral music drifts down, terrible and beautiful. Every Sunday the organ is played by mysterious hands. Sakura, a nun for the Church, is both devout and faithful. She is told never to go up there, there is a demon whom plagues the church, who would destroy her if she disobeyed. But how can something so evil play such music? She has to know. Dark Naruto twist on the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 12-16-12

Down the Rabbit Hole- Sakura falls down a large hole while taking a stroll, it takes her to a world far beyond what she can understand and imagine. Is she going crazy or is there more to this place than hellish tea parties and confusing riddles that end in death? Dark Naruto version of Alice in Wonderland. The plot is being written and thought of, may take awhile I want the characters to fit their personalities in accordance to Alice characters. Title is going to change, I'm just thinking of one at the moment. 4/5/08

Doll House - Everyday Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura pass the old, supposedly haunted mansion, no one has been in there for years...at least that is until Naruto challenges Sasuke to dare and drags poor Sakura into it all. She has a horrible feeling about the whole ordeal, but her friend's competitive streaks get the best of them and they spend the night fighting for their lives. For they have entered, the House of Puppets. Also in the process of plot development, I have an ending in mind and a beginning, so I'm thinking of a middle. Posted 4/3/08

The Crying Dead-Revamping for Arc one and two..

Full Circle- Revamping to make arc one.

What Lies Beneath- Revamping to make arc one.

Stitches- With him gone, there was only one thing left to do...Bring him back. My first first-person POV story. This will be a Frankenstein Naruto. Naruto will have a dark personality, and it will be a Naruto X Sakura.

Blurred Lines- After the tragic death of her parents Sakura goes to live with her wealthy uncle. On her first day of school she runs into a teacher, quite literally. Little does she know it is only the beginning of a dangerous obsession that will cross the boundary of teacher and student, and leave her fighting for her life.

Through the Woods- Sakura has lived in Snowfall for as long as she can remember, an isolated peaceful village on the side of a mountain. However the harmony is broken when a string of murders leaves the villagers afraid for their lives. Everybody around Sakura continues to die at an alarming rate, villagers begin to suspect she is the cause of their troubles. Inspired by the upcoming movie Red Riding Hood, with a Naruto twist.

A Life for a Life- When Nanami's father goes to Cannibal Hill for a white cherry blossom that never dies, he is captured by the demon living within the walls. The demon plans to eat him, but when a young girl shows up demanding her father's release he decides instead to keep the girl. Kamisama HajimemashitaTomoeXNanamiBeauty and the Beast retelling.

Blitzkrieg- I was just a little Jewish girl who had run out of luck and time. Looking into those blitzkrieg eyes I knew the end was near. A story about a girl who has lost everything in one of the most tragic events in history.

Freedom Fighters- Petra is royalty, she lives in Mitras the interior castle with her King Father, and their hundreds of servants. She lives in safety and luxury, yet she wants more, she wants to help save her people, not from within the walls, but outside of them. She dreams of joining the Survey Corps and fighting for freedom, and she will make those dreams come true no matter what the cost. PetraXLevi. This story follows the AOT timeline with some major differences.

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