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NMR68 or "Naked Mole Rat 68"

UPDATE 16SEP12: Well I am really back this time folks! I appreciate the great reviews while stepped out for a few, um..years there. Pesky Taliban, never let you have time for hobbies. Nothing I hate worse than a rude terroist! That's right I am posting now from the exciting tourist destination that is Afghanistan. Finally got a internet connection that would support it and figured I'd qoute Shego from the 1st book, "Sure, why the hell not?".

Anyways the sequal to Blade & the Bloom is already well under way. However I decided to take my notes and research to write a little bridge piece that should bring folks back up to speed with out having to re-read the whole original piece again. However if you have the time it may help. Hell I wrote the thing and had forgotten alot of the fun little personality quirks until I re-read it. Anways enjoy the Roscoe Files while I clean up the first chapter of the sequal and get it posted soon.

NOTE 18JUL10: The rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated. For those of you that have taken the time to review B/B, both pleased and flamers- thank you. I have been monitoring sporadically and still try to send a message for every review. The progression of the Blade series is obviously delayed. For those of you that took the time to read through the whole thing and the author notes- you know that I am active duty military and ironically my path is soon to take me to several of the same places in my story. I have started an outline and several rough chapters on the sequal and look forward to hearing from you all when I eventually polish them off enough to post; it will continue to be sporadic given my "travels" as they are.

Again thanks to all of you that make this FanFiction thing so great.

NOTE 28NOV07: The story of The Blade and The Bloom has come to a...pause?

With the final click of a button I wrapped up my first full story here on FanFiction.net as well as completed my first novel length story. I assure those of your that stuck around through the LONG chapters and occasional waits, the saga will go on.

My plan is to dive into more detail concerning some of the more pivitol points of the Battle of Yamanouchi and provide some character development through a series of short storys and one shots as they all settle into their new realities. If you read the epilogue, you can probably tell where the first one will be heading.

On another note I have been seriously impressed with some of the art cross overs several authors have done with people on Deviant Art and other sites. If anyone likes the unique spin I'm taking with these characters and are interested in lending their artistic talents to illustrate I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again to all the great readers that took the time to review! Your help meant the world to me.

Author Bio:

Been reading Fan Fic for awhile and decided to take a swing at it myself.

I look forward to hearing back from anyone who can provide some pointers and constructive feed back. Your reviews are what let me know you want me to keep at it! I am very humbled by and thankful for those of you that have taken the time to help me in my first foray into Fan Fic.

I am pretty much interested in the Kim Possible story line, however I may dabble into the Star Wars or Justice League arena if the muse strikes. I am pretty new at novel style writing but have a bit of back ground in poetry and lyrics. After reading some of Classic Cowboy, Jezrianna2.0, Quis Custodiet & G-Go I was hooked on Fan Fiction and wanted to contribute to what to me is a pretty incredible little niche of literature that is far too under rated.

My wife and I are sort of partners in crime on this gig. She rolls her eyes at my rants on what I want to write (geez does that sound like Shego & Drakken or what?) and somehow reals me back into a descent story by coming up with great ideas and proof reading for me. So a big thanks goes to her for putting up with me pecking away at the key board all night before some story threatens to burst out of my frontal lobe.

A huge influrence for the conception of The Blade and The Bloom was Quis Custodiet's Ron Stoppable: Ultimate Monkey Master! One helluva an epic fanfic that is definately worth your time. A big thanks also goes to him for all the insight he has shared with me while I get my feet wet with my first story.

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