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Update: 10th of December, 2012


I have not been on this site since 2010... What. O_O I can't even. What. Just. What.

I've changed so much since then... O-e //staring at her old profile update from February 2010

This crap is insane... O_e;;;;; I'm so sorry, guys, I suck. //cries forever

I haven't even really written any fanfictions since those two from 2007 that are on here... Well... I HAVE written one, well two, since then. The first was for Naruto, back in 2008, but that was cancelled and scrapped after the 5th chapter began. Both the co-writer and myself just plain lost interest.

The other was in 2010 and I just finished it in 2011((Almost an exact year after I started it LMAO It's only technically 5 chapters long, excluding the epilogue, but 2 of the chapters had a half-year gap between them and their previous chapter, and another one had a 1 month gap, another had some weeks... Yeah...)), a Tokio Hotel-based fanfiction that I did for a friend, but that was more of an 'another side' to a fanfiction written by a friend. It would have been hard to track it if you didn't read the 'real'/'main' one that was written by my friend, so I didn't even think of putting that on here. If you're really curious, though, you're free to read it on deviantART. ->

So... Yeah. I might try to get back into fanfiction writing for the sake of practicing my writing skills, but I'm more at ease writing original stories since then no one can yell at me for OOCness or anything...

So... My information as of now:

My name is Samantha, but I prefer to be called Sami because of reasons. I also go by names such as 'xXLostLightXx/xLostLightx/etc', 'Luzare', 'Skylis', and whatever else. Yup, I no longer go by 'Businesskitty', although that is something I stopped only this year. I have yet to decide on a final official pen/artist name for myself... Oh well.

I am currently 17 years old, and will be 18 in a little more than 3 months. I'm not even looking forward to it. At all.

My hobbies are still drawing, writing, playing/creating video games, role-playing, and whatnot. At least something hasn't changed, eh?

As before, I love too many anime/mange/video games/whatever to list my favourites, so indeed, take a guess from whatever information I have lying around. But my stamps probably will tell you a lot. ->

If you have any more questions, you're free to contact me at my email address or just simply PM me.

I'll leave my previous profile update up just for the hell of it.

Update: Feb 12th, 2010

Hi all! o My name is Samantha, BUT that is too girly for me and lacks originality so everyone calls me Sami. c: Oh, and I am also known as 'Businesskitty'. XD

My birthdate is March 25, 1995. Right now I'm 14 years old, and will be 15 next month.

My hobbies are drawing, writing songs/poems/stories, using the computer, playing and creating videogames, and Role-Playing.

I like too many anime/manga/games/books to list my favourites, so just take a guess when I upload a fanfic or favourite one or so. XD

I am also on various web sites:

Gaia Online - Zraeith

IMVU - LostLightKaeshin

DeviantArt - xXLostLightXx

And also on MapleStory:

Windia - Sami11(Gonna her delete soon though)

Contact me:



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