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EDIT* It is 2014. I am 22 years old now. Oh God. Oh Christ. My old Fanfiction account. So many things have happened to me since this... this.

Perhaps I will post here again. Lemme first check in and tell you all where I have been all this time.

I went to college!!!

I became increasingly mentally ill!!

I dropped out of college.

I stayed at home for a while.

I'm planning to go back to college now. I am stable now, mentally, more or less. If all goes well, I rejoin the campus this spring.

I gained weight. I'm trying to lose the weight.

During all this, I started a new deviantart/tumblr/lots of things.



I also started WRITING MY OWN ORIGINAL THINGS and I STARTED A WEBCOMIC!!! It's one of those angsty, swear-word-heavy, simple-art-because-I'm-freaking-indie, dark humor kind of webcomics. So much puberty angst and early adulthood angst and all that existential angst that young people have. The comic is called Molasses, and you can find it on my deviantart and my secondary tumblr, and on various webcomic hosting sites.

And throughout all this, I haven't ever really forgotten about The Billy Incident. I keep thinking, with a twinge of guilt, "Damn."

So I think I really will, at 22 years old, finish the god damn thing.

Below: My profile from 2011



Hi, it's me. Lots of people have been asking me when I'm going to post the next chapter of The Billy Incident. Well, I know it's been a really, really, really, really, really long time, but currently I can't say for sure when it's going to be up. I'd like to say soon, but given my clearly sporadic and extremely unreliable posting patterns, we all know not to trust that per se. So, as much as I'd like to be able to, I can't say exactly when it's going to be up. What I can say is that Christmas break is coming real soon, so I'll have no excuse not to work on it then. Hopefully the guilt from not having posted a chapter in so long will get to me and torture me into posting.

Now, as my friends have suggested, and as I have been meaning to do, I must apologize to you all profusely. So, I apologize to you all profusely. I feel honestly horrible for not having posted in so long, and I really wish I hadn't turned into the unreliable story poster that I promised myself I wouldn't become when I started this project. I also feel bad because I wasted so much possible writing time over the summer by not writing. If you're mad at me, or if you think I'm less of a writer because of it, I wouldn't blame you. On the other hand (as usual) I have had legitimate reasons for not putting my fanfiction activity at the forefront of my mind.

Currently, I am trying to finish:

-College applications for which I have to write essays and send money and fill out a bunch of forms and create some sort of portfolio

-School project which is a collaborative comic book that is becoming difficult to schedule meetings for

-Finals week for which I should probably study...

-My Creative Writing Class Portfolio which I am running out of time for

-And among more things, The Billy Incident.

Luckily, the original version of this to-do list that I posted on my deviantART blog was like three times this size, so I actually AM getting through my list. Plus, our school lets seniors with good scores on certain tests take "no-harm" finals, which means they won't count against you if you fail them. So finals aren't my top worries either. My top worries are the applications, which I've been working on since summer (probably unnecessarily) and my school projects. At any rate, The Billy Incident is having to wait for my non-fanfiction schedule.

This isn't the end of The Billy Incident; it's not doomed; it's just having to wait. For which I apologize, again, profusely.

Hi! I'm CatHatGirl (formerly "ranamondoll", for those who were wondering), and you are looking at my profile! (if you didn't already know that, which you did, so... yeah.)

I'll start by saying some stuff about myself and what I like:

I love cats.

I've been coming up with GAOBAM fics since I was ten (although most of them weren't very good ones)

I have a deviantART account as well as a Neopets account. (Neopets: "crystal_ranamon". deviantART: "hotoffthesketchbook"

People I'd like to meet (in no particular order): Grey deLisle, Maxwell Atoms, Richard Horvitz, Greg Eagles, Amanda Palmer, Brian Viglione, Jeff Smith.

My favorite things to do: Draw, Write, Sing, Listen to music, Play piano, Sew, Read, Hang out with friends, Watch GAOBAM, Play videogames.

Favorite shows: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Family Guy, The Simpsons.

Favorite music artists: The Dresden Dolls, Evanescence, Nightwish, The Birthday Massacre.

Religion: Christian.

Here are my favorite pairings:

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy:


MandyXBilly (which is weird, because I used to be completely against that pairing, but it grew on me.)

Foster's Home:



Here are my favorite genres and settings:

School dramas and romances

Romantic comedies


Plain old drama is always good


Favorite things to rant about:

1)When people make Mandy the most beautiful person in the whole school after she becomes a teenager. Look-- I can understand her being averagely pretty. I can even understand her growing up to be beautiful. However: Mandy. Is. Not. Going. To. Become. The. Most. Beautiful. Person. In. The. World. Or her school. And besides-- even if she does become incredibly gorgeous in five years, adoring boys aren't going to just flock about her like sheep. It takes a fun personality, as well as decent looks, to become that attractive to that many people. What's more, why is it such a miracle that Mandy is suddenly so pretty?? Do you people realize how common it is to be good-looking in this day and age?? There are probably tons of girls at her high school who are just as pretty as or more attractive than she is. The same goes for Nergal Junior. We get it! They're attractive! Turn down the fanfare and shut up about it, already!

2)When people take all the characters in their favorite fandom and make them emo/goth. Okay. Maybe Mandy is a really dark and evil girl. Maybe Timmy Turner is feeling a little sad one day. Maybe Wilt is upset about not being able to be perfect. Maybe you think Mac looks good in black, or something. THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY OF THEM EMO! OR GOTH, OR WHATEVER! I can see Nergal Junior growing up to be an emo type, but none of the others mentioned above. Especially not Wilt! Jeez, people, stop making him depressed! Mandy shouldn't be emo, either. So she's dark and evil. I get it. So, what? Giving Mandy some kind of label like "goth" or "emo" only trivializes her character! Stop it!

3)The entire plot of Disney's The Replacements. Especially Riley. I mean, isn't one of Riley Daring's biggest problems that people don't like her because she's weird? How can she complain about discrimination when she herself makes phone calls to this twisted Fleemco company and has people who are imperfect frequently switched off for people who are "cooler" or "nicer" or "more fun"?? What a little hypocrite!! Even though she's played by my favorite actress, I still think she's awfully shallow. To all the fans of the show, I hope you don't take offense. I gave the show a couple tries. The writing is alright, it's just the concept of abducting people from their own lives, replacing them with an alternate self, and then sending them off to do something completely different that rubs me the wrong way.

Well, that's all for now, people. If I think of something else, I'll try and remember to put it down.

So ends the portion of my profile info as of 2011.

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