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About me? So why do you want to know?

Right, so here we go. By Any Other Name just underwent a major re-write on some of the chapters. Combined chapters 6-7 with no change; combined chapters 8-9 with no change; Chapter 11 (now Chapter 9) re-written with missing information added; Chapter 13 (now Chapter 11) also re-written for clarification. Clear as mud? Here’s the new format:

By Any Other Name
Chapter 1 – 1 new MarySue character (and thanks to all of you who say she isn’t one. I appreciate that); 1 new kickass car
Chapter 2: Dean and Disco, need I say more? The demise of the new car, Shirtless Sam
Chapter 3: fuzzy handcuffs, Sammy’s still shirtless
Chapter 4: Sam’s vision (and he gets his shirt back. Poor Sammy.)
Chapter 5: Who is she anyway?
Chapter 6-7: Hunting Hellhounds
Chapter 8: For Whom the Bell Tolls - the Funeral (btw: try Sammy's google search ;) )
Chapter 9: The Family Business (chapter re-written)
Chapter 10: “That’s not Rose”
Chapter 11: Flashback and the return of Daddy Winchester (chapter re-written)
Chapter 12-13: The battle begins
Chapter 14: Sam’s abilities (and don’t think I don’t know you girls are skipping straight to this chapter. If you’re looking for it, yes this is where the SamSmut ended up)
Chapter 15: Captured (and Extreme Violence Warning)
Chapter 16: Pureblood (enough with the Warnings. I think you get the picture)
Chapter 17-18: Pureblood Sacrifice - The Battle
Chapter 19: I know you were waiting for it. DeanSmut is finally here! Rose and Dean and another Flashback
Chapter 20: Prophecy

Okay, well since Season 3 has started, this fic is now officially an AU. And since it's getting no new reviews, I can only guess that you all listened to you mothers when they said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Not to worry, it will all be over very soon.

I'll add more stories and update this later, but I would really like opinions. I'm still picking apart the details myself.

Yes, the girl is a MarySue; yes, she's based on me, so what you read about her, well, there's my bio, so there ya go. Oh, and, yes, she's there for you to hate her. Enjoy!

Author's note: Aside from all the usual disclaimers (I don’t own Supernatural characters, yada, yada, whatever)... this story contains Extremely Explicit Violent and Sexual Content. (not wincest) The author in no way, shape or form condones violence to women. This story is written entirely for fictional and entertainment purposes only. You have been warned.

New Story Added:
Hidden Dimension (And thanks to Brian Greene for the inspiration for the name. check it out, the man is a pure genius: )

This one came about from a series of events that all happened at the same time and nagged at me until I wrote it down. It’s written specifically for all the Lost Souls out there trying to find their way back to the Real World. In case you’re wondering, it, too, is set just after AHBL2, and what’s vague will remain vague. It wanted to be written that way. Never argue with the story.
Rated T for implied incest/violence.

And if you're looking for my Dream about Dean and Sam, that's posted under under the same name. Or if you're interested in the Dean/Mattie saga, please visit me on LiveJournal at . Thanks for reading!

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