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Welcome to Awsomewriter123's Bio page

Saturday: Castle Revenge

Sunday: Pashmina's Challenge

I'll be looking at colleges this year, so i might not be able to update on some weekends.

Nicknames: Jake, Pimp juice, Mystery

Gender: Dude

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Junior in High school

Relationship Status: Single

Likes: The book i'm writing, the Redwall series, My family, my friends Meaghan (She's the one who showed me the site), Matt, Brenna, Nick, (The list goes on and on), Jesus, writing, video games, action sports, thunderstorms during a warm summer night, the wind blowing through your hair, my iPod, my laptop, anime, dreaming both the day and night kinds, a starry night, cartoons, REVIEWS, DDR, skunks, a thunderstorm on a warm summer night (Except where it knocks out the power because i won't be able to update!), snow.

Dislikes: Osama, the war, accidentally erasing what you were working on after you just wrote it, seeing little kids sad, boredom, brainfreeze, not getting reviews, homework, vomiting, needles.

About my writing:

1.Please review my fics!

2. Reviews may contain plot spoilers, so watch out!

3. A sentence that's in italics is a character's thought. A word in italics is a character emphasizing the word

4. Subjects i'll usually do :Adventure, mystery, romance

5. Subjects i probably won't do: Humor (But you'll see pieces of it in my fics), horror (Same as humor), tragedy (See humor and horror)

6. I'm open for suggestions for events that could happen in chapters of my fics

7. Wanna use one or more of my OCs in your fic? Go right ahead! Just tell me before doing so

8. I rarely fav or put stories on alert, so don't feel sad if i don't. It doesn't mean i don't like your fic!

Can't think of anymore at the moment...

Favorite characters: These are not in most to least favorite

Top 5 favorite Hamtaro characters

1. Hamtaro: I just love his personality and how naive (sp?) he his at times!

2. Stan: It's funny to watch him hit on the girls and he's an older twin brother, just like me!

3. Sandy: She's definitely the coolest girl on the show and it's funny to watch her stop Stan from flirting

4. Cappy: I think he's cute and he deserves more screentime!

5. Maxwell: He's a nice ham and SandyXMaxwell is amazing!

Top 5 favorite Redwall characters

1. Gonff: I love his personality and he's a lot of fun. I think Brian Jacques modeled him after himself in his younger days.

2. Martin: Of course he had to make the top 5! He kicks ass!

3. Rose: MartinXRose! Why did she have to die?

4. Wild Doogy Plumm: As you can tell from my fic, i like chubby highlander characters

5. Basil Stag Hare: He's just fun to reads about!

Top 5 favorite characters in Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

1. Ed: He's hilarious! I love his stupidity and his heart of gold!

2. Double D: He's a nice guy and i find him funny at times.

3. Eddy: I know he's a jerk at times, but i think his exploites are fun to watch.

4. Nazz: She deserves more screentime!

5. Kevin: Yes, i know he's a jerk to the Eds, especially Eddy, but it's not like he's a jerk all the time!

Favorite pairings

Pairings in Hamtaro

HamtaroXBijou: You must be an idiot to not see this!

MaxwellXSandy: I would have never guessed it until i saw it, but i love it!

OxnardXPepper: They get married on the last episode!

KaiXPashmina: I know that Kai's one of my OCs but come on, it's cute, right?

StanXCrystal: Crystalgurl's OC and Stan are amazing! This is definitelt one of the best OC pairings on the Hamtaro portion of FFN!

KetherXSandy: As much as i like MaxwellXSandy, i have to admit, this is definitely a cute couple!

I would post one for Redwall, but there are way too many!

Pairings in Ed, Edd n' Eddy

KevinXNazz: Realistically, i think this pairing has a better shot at happening. I see them together a lot on the show.

Double DXNazz: This is definitely a possibility! Go Double D!

EddyXNazz: I don't like this as much as Kevin or Double DXNazz, but there's a chance it could happen.

My views on...

Slash fics: I don't mind if you write them. I've actually read some well written slash fics not focused too much on sex.

Ham-human fics: I never liked the idea of writing the ham hams as humans, but if you write ham-human fics, that's okay.

Reviews: If you're reviewing one of my fics, i prefer long ones, but a quick 'good job' is okay too!

Total randomness: As long as it's funny!

Crude humor: I most likely will laugh when reading crude humor. Again, it depends on how it's used.

Sue characters: If you use them, expect people to hate you.

Created characters for Hamtaro

Name: Kai

Gender: Boy

B-day: Sept. 5th

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 8.5cm

Owner: Skate park owner

Hobbies: Rollerblading, snowboarding

Fav music: Alternative

Fur: White with red, spiky head fur. He has red, horizontal tiger stripes on his back going diagonally from his top left ear to the bottom right part of his back.

Description: Kai was very shy when he met the ham hams, but he soon made friends with them, even though he's still kinda shy around them. The only time he's not shy is when he's rollerblading, which he's very good at. Most of the time when he wipes out, he seems unfazed. He developed a crush on Pashmin from the 1st time he set eyes on her. It's hinted she has feelings for him too. Seth is Kai's older brother and he's good friends with Ty. He also sees Sabu as an older brother.

Appears in: The New Ham Ham, Mt. Avalanche, The Reason, Mel-Girl's Circles and Triangles, Sandstorm Canyon, Sugar Rush, Boy Stealer

Name: Tennis

Gender: Girl

B-day: Nov.8

Star sign: Scorpio

Height: 7.7cm

Owner: Tennis instructor

Hobbies: Tennis, shopping

Fav music: Hip hop/Dance

Fur: Cream colored w/ a white underbelly. Wears a ponytail.

Description: She's like a mix of Sparkle and Sandy. She can be snobbish and sarcastic, but she's really sporty and social and loves to play tennis. She's best friends with Sparkle, even if Sparkle is mean to her, but Tennis is a loyal friend. She loves taking care of younger hams like Penelope, Cappy, and Hannah and she's always willing to give you advice whether you want it or not. She has been known to be a bit slutty and hit on many of the ham hams, even Hamtaro, despite her friendship with Sparkle.

Appears in: The Game of Tennis, Mt. Avalanche, One Couldn't Hurt, Ace of Spades, The Hammarian Islands, Upside Down, Boy Stealer

Name: Ty

Gender: Boy

B-day: Oct.21

Star sigh: Libra

Height: 8.6cm

Hobbies: making graffiti art, DJ-ing (That's not what it's called, is it? You know what i mean!)

Owner: DJ (Occupation, not name)

Fav music: Electronica/New age/Techno

Fur: Off white with sploches of orange, black, brown, grey, and yellow. He also has a mohawk like Jingle's, but it's greenish blue

Description: Ty's life passion is for graffiti art, and he's very good at it too. He hates athourity figures (I spelled athourity wrong, didn't i?). He's a natural bad boy sporting a rebellionous mohawk and a habit for defacing public property, but he's not all bad. He's a good guy and an artist at heart. He has a crush on Sandy. It's hinted that she does harbor some feelings for him, but her loyalty is toward Maxwell. He's good friends with Kai and Seth.

Appears in: Caught Red-Pawed, Sandstorm Canyon, Boy Stealer

Name: Blizzy

Gender: Girl

B-day: Jan.15

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6.8cm

Hobbies: Playing in the snow, Pranks

Owner: Although never mention, her owner is a young third grader.

Favorite music: Chrismas music

Fur: It's all white, like Bijou's fur, which allows her to blend in with the snow.

Description: Blizzy looks like a combo of Penelope and Bijou and she's Cappy's age. She loves to play pranks on other hamsters and can be crafty when she needs to. For some unknown reason, she hates Sparkle. Sometimes she can be a bit annoying and childish, but she has a heart of gold. It's unknown if Blizzy and Cappy have feelings for each other, only time will tell.

Appears in: Mt. Avalanche, We met at the Bookstore

Name: Ace

Gender: Boy

B-day: April 12th

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 8.7cm

Hobbies: Play casino card games, intillectual (sp?) conversations

Owner: University Professor

Favorite music: Classic rock

Fur: Black with jagged white markings. The white marking over his eye is shaped like a spade.

Description: Ace, born in London, is a gentlemen, charmer, and slightly older than most of the ham hams. He enjoys playing card games such as blackjack and poker, which he's very good at. Not only does he possess intelligence that rivals Maxwell's, but was also able to best Boss in a fight. He has a crush on Bijou and she has feelings for him, but she's faithful to Hamtaro.

Appears in: Ace of Spades, The Hammarian Islands, Boy Stealer

Name: Suzy

Gender: Girl

B-day: February 6th

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 7.5cm

Hobbies: Sci-fi novels, science experiments

Owner: Crime scene investigator

Fav music: Country (Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban kinda stuff)

Fur: Golden, but white on paws, underbelly, and face. Black around the eyes, like panda. Her name and fur patteren is a reference to a black eyed susan.

Description: Suzy is one of the more intelligent hamsters, being skilled in science and computers. However, she's a bit awkward, nerdy, and a bit of a klutz. She wears glasses, which she frequently has to push up on to prevent them from falling. When Maxwell is nice to her, she immediately forms a crush on him and forms a grudge against Sandy. Maxwell admires her intelligence, but he only wants to be friends with her.

Appears in: We Met in the Bookstore, Upside Down, Sugar Rush, Boy Stealer

Name: Seth

Gender: Boy

B-day: Aug. 17th

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 10.2cm

Hobbies: Off-road racing, drumming

Owner: None

Fav music: Rock

Fur: Combo of dirty blonde and grey fur with a white underbelly.

Description: He's Kai's older brother and lives in the desert, where he's an off-road racer with his friends Cody and Shelby (Who he had a sexual relationship with). He's about Ace's age and he has an eyebrow piercing on his left eyebrow. This hamster lives for speed and adventure and is outgoing unlike his younger sibling. He's also good friends with Ty, who's like a brother to him. When he was Penelope's age, he almost drowned, traumatizing him for life about going out on open water.

Appears in: Sandstorm Canyon, Sugar Rush

Name: Coral

Gender: Girl

B-day: June 1st

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 7.8cm

Hobbies: The Outdoors, Dancing

Owner: None

Fav music: Reggae

Fur: Brown fur with a tan underbelly. Wears a ponytail.

Description: Coral is an easygoing hamster. She loves the outdoors and a firm believer of perserving the enviorment. She also likes to stay in shape by eating natural foods and lots of exercise such as dancing and surfing. She's been friends with Tennis for a long time and has developed a crush on Jingle.

Appears in: The Hammarian Islands, Boy Stealer

Name: RJ

Gender: Boy

B-day: December 5th

Star Sign: Sagittarus

Height: 8.4cm

Hobbies: Rapping, Break dancing

Owner: Child rap artist

Fav music: rap

Fur: Black and white. Due to its pattern, it's difficult to tell which is his main fur color.

Description: He thinks he's a total gangster and therefore number one. His rapping skills are impressive, but that doesn't stop him from acting like a jerk. He's a bit of a flirt and will hit on any girl he thinks is hot. Due to an incident at a party, he holds a grudge against Sparkle.

Appears in: Four Hamsters, One Day

Name: Luna

Gender: Girl

B-day: July 9th

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 7.6cm

Hobbies: Darkness, Vampires

Owner: Tattoo/piercing parlor owner (Former owner was murdered)

Fav music: Gothic/emo

Fur: Black everywhere but has white fur on her face, chest, and paws. A long tuff of fur that covers her left eye is dyed purple.

Description: Luna is a dark person who prefers to be alone most of the time. She onlt trusted her former owner, Erin, but she was later murdered by her boyfriend. She hated the ham hams when she first met them, thinking they were freaks for being so happy. Due to the cigarettes and drugs smoked in the apartment where she lived, it has weakened her lungs, lowering her endurance. Although she can be violent and sometimes considers killing those who wrong her, she isn't all bad.

Appears in: Upside Down, Boy Stealer

Name: Zippo

Gender: Boy

B-day: March 19th

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 7.2cm

Hobbies: Sugar, Parkour

Owner: One is a coandy store owner while the other is a scientist.

Fav music: Death metal

Fur: Cloudy white whith an upside-down yellow triangle going from his head to the middle of his back.

Description: Zippo is usually a very happy hamster and known to be quite hyperactive. He tends to say rude things, but usually doesn't mean it. He likes performing stunts and parkour, which scares the ham hams, but he usually comes out okay. After consuming a large amount of sugar, he can go on for hours with increased speed and strength.

Appears in: Sugar Rush

Name: Aura

Gender: Girl

B-day: May 2nd

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 7.4cm

Hobbies: Singing, Friendship

Owner: Famous Singer

Fav music: Pop

Fur: Creamy white

Description: Aura is an all around nice hamster and is always willing to make a friend. She also has a beautiful singing voice and body. Her owner is a famous singer, just like Sparkle, but Sparkle hates her. However, just like Hamtaro, she can be quite clueless. She's a firm believer in true love and very optomistic, so she's basically the polar opposite of Luna.

Appears in: Boy Stealer

(The rest of the stuff below is my bio, not my OC's)

Fav movies: All Pirates of the Carribean, Out cold, Wedding Crashers, Accepted, The girl next door, Both Jackasses, Borat, The Dukes of Hazard, Dodgeball, Harry Potter movies, 300, Blades of Glory, Transformers, The Golden Compass. The Dark Knight, Ironman

Fav shows: That 70's Show, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Mind of Mencia, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Top Chef, CSI

Fav music: I listen to most stuff, but my favorite is rock and alternative

Finished works: The new Ham Ham (Hamtaro) My first fic!

The Game of Tennis (Hamtaro) My shortest non-one-shot fic, but it's still good!

Caught Red-Pawed (Hamtaro) One of my more popular stories

Downhill Ed-citment (Ed, Edd n' Eddy) 1st Ed Edd n Eddy fic!

One Couldn't Hurt (Hamtaro) One shot based on a hard decision i had to make.

Mt. Avalanche (Hamtaro) My longest Hamtaro fic yet!

Ace of Spades (Hamtaro) One of my more popular romance fics!

We Met at the Bookstore (Hamtaro) SandyXMaxwell fic.

What's Under a Highlander's Kilt? (Redwall) A one-shot filled with sexual content/humor.

Sandstorm Canyon (Hamtaro) A racing Hamtaro fic with some romance.

The Adventures of Isaac Ashford (Redwall) My longest fic with the most hits and reviews out of all my fics!

The Hammarian Islands (Hamtaro) Romance fic.

We Have Your Brother (Ed, Edd n' Eddy) One of my most successful fics yet full of action and suspense.

Four Hamsters, One Day (Hamtaro) Another romance fic.

Upside Down (Hamtaro) Angst fic.

Sugar Rush (Hamtaro) A humorous fic based on the dangers of sugar and a hyperactive hamster.

Boy Stealer (Hamtaro) A romance fic that's growing quickly in popularity.

The Sphere (Ed, Edd n' Eddy) Sequel to We Have Your Brother

Current works: Castle Revenge (Redwall) Sequel to The Adventures of Isaac Ashford. Latest update: 2-7-09

Pashmina's Challenge (Hamtaro) Another romance fic. Latest update: 2-1-09

Friends on this site, not in order of like:

Panthergirl101: My friend at school

The Bunny Queen: Fellow Hamtaro fic writer

Crystalgurl101: Best. Bio. Ever! Crystal kicks ass!

Little PsychoWolf: Talented writer/beta reader. Thanks! You kick ass, my ass included, when it comes to writing!

Mel-Girl: Awsome chic! She writes a lot of song fics!

Cookys 'n' Creem: Fic writer from down under (Australia did i spell that right?) Her randomness kicks ass!

SisterSharon: My half-sister from California! I believe she shares the account w/ her husband Adam, who also kicks ass!

Ribbongurl613: Awesome chick who helped me with a few chapters for Mt. Avalanche.

Enigmatic Warrior: I guy i met though on of my friends.

Warrior4: (Gets down on knees and bows to him) This guy is an amazing Redwall fanfiction writer and a god in the MartinXRose department! Read his work!

JellybeanPie: Girl in my creative writing class at school. Her stories are awesome!

DolphinInsomniac 15: Vetern (sp?) writer for the Hamtaro section.

Kelaiah: His diction is amazing and so is his humor!

Isclanel: One of my most faithful Redwall reviewers and a great writer!

Jade TeaLeaf: Another fantastic Redwall fanfic-er, faithfu; review, and awesome chick!

Vampire-heart1863: A classmate and an awesome friend!

Wanna be friends? Ask me w/ a PM! New friends kick ass!

I started about late June of 2007. Please R&R my fics! Complements, advice, and questions are appriciated!

I hope you enjoy my work!

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