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Author has written 2 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, and Harvest Moon.

ummm...hi! so, im sweetprincess16 and im on fanfiction.net...duh

let's see, as of right now, i only have one story. its based on Avatar the Last Airbender and its a love story starring Prince Zuko himself! ive had the idea of making a story similar to the one im writing for a long time now, and i just decided to put it on paper. im really proud of it, so please...only constructive criticism!

soo...thats my story. as for myself, im just kind of the average girl. well, thats actually a lie. im kind of a nerd. but not the wears glasses, uses pocket protector, dresses horribly nerd I SWEAR!!!! i mean nerd as in i really care about what grades i make. (im in high school). other than that, im pretty average...

okay, so my bio kinda sux. watever! if you just stumbled onto my page, take a look at my story. it called Fiery and Forbidden. if your a dude, then dont bother. like i said, its a love story :P

okay, so...cya!


Name: umm...i dont really want to say it

Age: 16

Hair: Blonde w/ highlights; short w/ heavy bangs...i like to be a little different _

Eyes: Blue-grey

Height: 5'7"

Race: Caucasian (sp?)

Piercings: once in each ear...but im DYING to get more piercings (parents are such drags -.-)

What Internet Name Means: okay, contrary to popular belief, sweetprincess16 has nothing to do with my fanfic about Avatar the Last Airbender's Prince Zuko. I just thought it up once and i thought it was cute _

Currently: getting ready for SATs and other school related stuff...even though its summer...obviously im an overachiever :P watev

Fav Anime: well, i have a lot. basicly i like anything with a solid story line. Avatar the Last Airbender for instance. Save the world, stop fire lord, simple!! i REALLY dont like things like Naruto or Bleach. The jokes are stupid and the plot is so confusing that i just get tired of watching it (remember peeps, just my opinions. dont hurt me). im also really into Death Note as of recently. the intrigue is SO awesome. im actually thinking up another fanfic about it, but i refuse to make it until i see the entire series. i dont want to screw up the details because, you know me, i cant stand errors in the storyline or characters.

Pet Peeves: errors in the storyline, or characters, of fanfics. i have SUCH a problem with OOC characters. i love the show/game/book for what it is, so don't try to change the characters that i love!! i also really hate it when people write fanfics, but haven't seen very much of the actual show/game/book. SERIOUSLY, this site is for fans, so its kind of important to be, oh i don't know, a FAN.

Writing Style: my common links between my stories is definitly really sweet OCs with weird pasts. I know, its so cliche. believe me, im not completely proud to be following the ameture (sp?) writing style, but this is what i want to write about :). i think my characters count as Mary Sues, too, which i know annoys a lot of people. (Mary Sues are just ultura sweet characters, right?)

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