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I'm -such- a procrastinator.



I take if you’re actually taking the time to read this, you want to know about me, right?


I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.
So, many know me as ‘Airi’ or ‘AiriFox’, the former being some name that got attached to me somehow ages ago, and the latter being my trademark nickname with my favorite animal tacked onto the end. But I’m also known as Furretess, Ankoku, Larka, Kiri, Kittenfluff, Suzume, Ferret-chick, Skits, Ashe and Kit. So, feel free to call me any of those. It's all cool, really. :3

To anyone who cares, I also have a MySpace... It's If you wanna be my friend, go ahead and request, just drop a note to me here on Fanfiction letting me know you requested so I know you're not some random freaky MySpace person. Yep.

25 Completely Random Facts About AiriFox

1.Right now, I’m totally obsessed with three songs. The first is “Rooftops” by Lost Prophets, the second is “D-tecnoLife” by UVERworld and the third is “Every Me and Every You” by Placebo.

2.The thing I’m most afraid of is spiders. I KNOW my fear is totally irrational, but I cannot be in the same room as a spider and not freak out.

3.As of current, I have six pets. The first is Sadie, a yellow lab. The second is Wyatt, a fawn pug. Third is Yahoo, a Siamese. And then Tippy, a Maine Coon mix. My ferret Verdell, a Silver Blaze male. And then there’s Plato, a Russian Tortoise.

4.Red Foxes are my favorite animals ever! Then cats and wolves. I’m also partial to weasel-like creatures and sparrows for some odd reason…

5.I have tube lights wrapped around my bed, but I rarely ever turn them on. Wanna know why? I’m worried I’ll fall asleep with them on and my house’ll burn down.

6.I’m currently studying three languages – Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. I also plan to learn French, Spanish, Russian and Greek one day as well.

7.I like Pokemon. I don’t give a flying crap if the rest of the population says Pokemon is dead and for little kids. I betcha most of the haters are closet Pokemon fans too. --hugs Weavile plushie--

8.Among my family, I’m known as the Goddess of Sudoku. Seriously, no one can whip through a Sudoku like me. Well, maybe some people, but none I know…

9.I make AMV’s and videos. So far, I’ve done about eight-ish for various different things . Wanna see ‘em? Just lookup 'Airifox' on Youtube.

Leave some comments while you’re at it…

OhohOH! Did I mention I looooove drawing? You wanna see how 1337 of an artist I am? Check out a my devArt ((airifox(dot)deviantart(dot)com)). If any of you frequent Chipz Oekaki, you see may see me bouncing around there as well... :P

10.I LOVE “Get Fuzzy”, the comic strip by Darby Conley. Bucky is so awesome, and deserves a lot more love. However, I’m quite partial to Mr. Squiggley too……

11.I like video games. My favorites are probably Okami, Pokemon D/P, Sonic Rush, SSBB, KH:CoM and KH:II, Electroplankton and almost anything in the StarFox franchise. I also tend to like portable systems more than consoles.

12.I practice Aikido. What’s Aikido? It’s a martial art based on the concept of using your opponent’s energy and motion against them rather than outright attacking them. It’s very graceful and fluid, almost dance-like. I've recently stopped attending our dojo, so it's not quite as formal , but I still practice with my dad.

13.My favorite regular sport is tennis. Except, my dad always beats me at tennis. I don’t think I’ve ever won against him. I HAVE however, beat my cousins and grandparents, as well as my mom, I think.

14.Carl Sagan is awesome. Read his best two books, “Cosmos” and “the Demon Haunted World”. Both are very well-written and insightful as to what’s in our universe and how superstition is influencing our world negatively.

15.Pizza Hut has the best pepperoni pizza EVAR. And the best breadsticks. For that reason, Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza place. However, no one else in my family likes Pizza Hut all that much…

16.I’m an only child…And I love it! Besides, I don’t think a brother/sister could put up with me.

17.I see some odd parallel between The Lion King and the Warriors Series. Take Simba and Firestar. Both are these orangy-gold kitties who stand on rocks and command a big group of more kitties and who are kinda humble. THEN you have Sandstorm and Nala, who are the respective light-sandy-colored mates. As for Tigerstar and Scar, both are dark-colored and have scars (Tigerstar in his ear, riterite..?) and are all like 'Rawr! I'm gonna rule everything!'. Moving right along with TNP and SP, Brambleclaw and Kovu share similarities as the evil dude's son who has to pave their own path while spunky Kiara and Squirrelflight become the dark son's hyperactive love interests.

And then, Squirrelflight also reminds me of Kiyone from Bleach. o.O

18.I’m rarely without my necklace. It’s a silver chain with a sterling silver feather pendant that hangs just below my collarbone. I got it two years ago in a store called the Silver Witch at Ft. Myers beach. I’m also usually seen wearing silver hoop earrings and my dual wristbands.

19.I have an odd sense of style. I’d describe it as sort of a modern-yet-retro-y, edgy type style. Striped, odd-patterened shirts, cargo pants and carpis, half-hoodies with short sleeves and funky belts. I dunno… I think it's safe to say I stand out. But, not too much.

Which is good.

20.Although I’m usually pretty calm and quiet, I tend to be very domineering in relationships. I’m always yelling at my boyfriend, Airion, about something. However, he’s accepted it as one of my quirks and we do love each other. People say we’re like a married couple…Scary.--cringe--

21.I'm a horrendous cook. I tend to burn everything. About the only things I can cook properly are hot pockets, pasta and brownies. Everything else comes out a vague lump of blackened food-esq material.

22.I'm resistant to cold. Seriously, it can be near freezing and I don't need a coat at all. If it's any consolation, I can't stand humidity and heat combined. (hot, arid weather is OK though)

23.I start trends. I never intend to, but I always do and it's really annyoing, since I'm always going out of my way to attempt to be unique, for the most part.

24.My favorite month is December. For no real reason... I just love December. Following December is July, because my birthday is in July and it's the fullest month of summer vacation.

25.Ever heard of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers? I'm addicted to them! Essentially, they're books full of random information. Check em out next time you visit a bookstore...

Favorite Books

The Kiesha’ra Series

Fav Characters: Danica, Zane, Nicias

The Warriors Series…Including New Prophecy, Firestar’s Quest and the Power of Three.

Fav Characters: Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, Jayfeather, Leafpool, Sandstorm, Crowfeather, Bluestar, Dustpelt, Sorreltail, Cinderpelt, Berrynose

Sisters of Isis Series

Fav Characters: Meri, Abdel

His Dark Materials Series

The Sight ((Awesome book about wolves... Though a bit on the sad side))

Fell ((Utter Perfection!))

Blood and Chocolate ((a series that doesn’t portray werewolves as evil))

The Wereling ((Yum, werewolffy goodness))

Protector of the Small series ((Didn’t like the last book, but the first three rocked))

The Da Vinci Code ((usually not my kinda thing, but I liked it!))

Twilight Series ((I suddenly love vampires... Ria, thnx SO much for getting me hooked! ))

Fav Characters: Jacob, Alice, Jasper

The Named series ((this=amazing.))

The Host ((I'll admit, I was hesitant. But it turned out to be great! ))

Favorite Anime / Manga


Fav Characters: Jushiro, Gin, Soifon, Rukia, Momo, Kira, Ichigo


Fav Characters: Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Kamatari, Pakkun, Kiba, Akamaru, Sasuke, Shizune, Suigetsu

Wolf’s Rain

Fav Characters: Kiba, Blue, Toboe


Fav Characters: Cooro, Rose

Black Cat


Fav Characters: InuYasha, Kirara, Shippo, Kagura

Wolf and Spice

Fruits Basket

Fav Characters: Kyo, Haru, Rin, Shigure, Kureno, Uotani

Ouran High School Host Club

Fav Characters: Tamaki

Death Note

Fav Characters: Light, Mikami

Favorite Movies

Lion King ((still almost brings me to tears…And not a lot of things can do that))

Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

Best in Show ((Best. Parody. EVER!))

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew ((Shut It…))

Premonition ((Freaked me out to some degree, but good))

Sixth Sense ((LOVED the twists…I can still watch it an get goosebumps at the twist!))

Signs ((More Shymalan goodness!))

Napoleon Dynamite ((Stupid, pointless, ridiculous…The list goes on, but I’ve become addicted to it))

Supported Pairings ((God, I’m gonna be flamed here…))


ZaneXDanica ((Knew it would happen from the start of Hawksong, but still...)

NiciasXLily ((Well, they seemed cute for most of Falcondance))

OlizaXNicias ((SO shoulda happened... No Betia for Oliza and no Hai for Nicias...))


SandstormXFirestar ((Ah, not much to say here))

SandstormXDustpelt ((This wouldn't have been too bad either...))

BrambleclawXSquirrelflight ((Ashfur was pissing me off big time with Squirrelflight, though I like him now))

LeafpoolXCrowfeather ((Let's just forget Nightcloud exists, alright?))

CinderpawXJaypaw ((This was crack, but Dark River kinda had some hints towards it...))

LionpawXHollypaw ((Kitty incest! XD Seriously, I dunno...))

CloudtailXBrighthear ((OMG, these two are beautiful... And the way he stayed with her after the dog maulings? Wow, true kitty love right here...))


EdwardXBella ((I LOVE Jacob, but I just can't see him with Bella))

JasperXAlice ((Hah, canon))

EmmettXRosalie ((Moar canon!))

JacobXJolteon ((Really bizarre inside joke I'm not even gonna go into... :P))


RukiaXIchigo ((Perhaps my big-time Bleach OTP))

ToshiroXMomo ((Didn't like it, but they grew on me))

ShunsuiXNanao ((Such opposites with so much potential))

GinXRangiku ((Sad, but cool nonetheless))

AizenXMomo ((Dark, twisted, disturbing... I love it!))

SoifonXShuhei ((Total crack-age))

YoruichiXSoifon ((Considering SoiShuu will probably never happen, this is my second choice for Soifon))

KenpachiXRetsu ((I... Don't know...))


SasukeXSakura ((Been rooting for this since the start!))

NarutoXHinata ((I can see it happening, but Shippuden hints more at NaruSaku, which is alright too, I guess...))

TemariXShikamaru ((Ah, my Naruto OTP...Been dropping hints since Sasuke Retrieval.))

AsumaXKurenai ((Canon... So sad, too!))

KabutoXShizune ((Medic ninja lurve!))

PeinXKonan ((Again, I have no clue where I got this one))

Favorite Quotes

“It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”
-Carl Sagan

“Why do you complain of your fate when you could so easily change it?”
-Marquis de Sade

“You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”
-Douglas Adams

“You’ll look like a fool whether you dance or not, so you may as well dance!”
-Japanese Proverb

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

“If you seek the light, look first to the darkness. If you seek the darkness, look first to the light.”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.”

“Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say
‘Pride will tear us both apart.’
Well, now, pride’s gone out the window, cross the rooftops – run away
Left me in the vacuum of my heart”
-Duran Duran, “Ordinary World”


I'm...Not gonna go into my music tastes. Let's just say I have interests ALL over the board, from old stuff in the 60's all the way up until modern-day emo music. I also have some 80's metal and new age stuff like Barrage thrown in for good measure. Really, the only genres I'm not too big on are most country and hardcore rap.

Some Notes

Yeah, that's about it...Feel free to offer me critisism and critiques ((I'm always open to knowing if I could improve on something!)) but don't flame me because

a - It will not make me mad. More likely than not, it'll make me laugh

b - It makes you look like an idiot

So yeah! That's that and feel free to message me or whatever...I don't bite (much)!

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