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You'd like to know about me? Ok then ~ ;)

Age: 20

Occupation: University student

Ethnicity: 3/4 Russian, 1/8th Mongolian, 1/8th Polish. Ehh yeah mostly Russian. (Asian on the inside though. XD)

Currently residing in: New Zealand (for the past 10 years)

Languages: Russian, English and Japanese

Eye color: blue

Hair: Always changing... (depends on whom I'm cosplaying ;);) )

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese horoscope: Dragon

Blood Type: B

Studying: University/College - Japanese, Psychology, Management and International Business.

Favourite subjects: Languages and Psychology.

Favourite food: Probably nabe(hot pot) , cherries, peach, Rafaello (an Italian sweet)

MBTI type: INTP/J Carl Jung's personality functions.

Hobbies: I love cooking cause' I love good and aethetic food. I'm prone to make salads (incl. fruit salad), soups (incl. Russian borsh), Chinese-like stirfry, and berry/fruit jam. I cook my own meals 99 percent of the time. Not a take-aways person (and a hermit). I can make cakes too. C:

I also madly love dancing! -- is the word order mixed up? ;3 It's just that when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, just three minutes of dance puts me in a great mood! And great for warming up in the winter, not to mention it's FUN! I don't follow any school of dance, I just make them up (to match song lyrics/beat)... but I intend to take Latin Dance lessons. ;3

Third biggest hobby has got to be character acting. Basically I emulate what I like. And when I imitate a character, I REALLY imitate them. From superficial things like hairstyle and clothing to more subtle things such as facial expressions, tone of voice and yes even their personaility, behaviour and thinking style! I sometimes look back and wonder why I didn't become an actress... yet it's good I'm taking psych, so I can understand and imitate better. :3 muahaha!

Also I love quizzes/tests -especially the self-discovery sounds so vain but they're fun to me. I like to edit screenshots with captions! hehe... and match song lyrics to my fandoms - which means I may make some amvs. I like singing a lot. I enjoy writing and drawing, but it's not a particularly big talent of mine. I'm okay in that though. I love creating, whatever form that takes. Though sometimes I'm just too lazy/busy so I go fawning over other people's work -especailly visual artwork ;);)

My favourite show: At the moment I'm into Death Note, paticularly LxLight. It's a difficult pairing, but I love the characters so can't help it. I'm especially a huge fan of L... Maybe cause he's got the goofy side to him that's so adorable. A humble and open person who doesn't take himself too seriously. Someone I look up to and admire. C:

My long-time favourite remains Hunter x Hunter. It's plot and characters are very enjoyable.

I am yaoi/BL/slash/shonen-ai inclined...err yes forgive me please. :3 That's my preference. It's difficult to explain why in words. Yet I feel nothing for yaoi couples that I don't see as having an emotional bond of sorts. To me, a couple has only potential for slash if they demonstrate some extreme closeness of relationship that could be said to exceed everyday friendship...and I build upon that possibility. It's not easy to find someone you're really drawn to, and in case of Japanese shonen manga/anime, it seems the female-male bonds are much too weak to consider them as intimate possibility.

~A message to my readers~

I'd absolutely love to hear from you regarding my fiction or just for a chat! You can email me or add me on msn.

If you're a Death Note, Hunter x Hunter or Ouran fan, let me know!! We can have a lot of fun sharing the fandom :D

If you're in New Zealand and you like to cosplay, get in touch! I need a cosplay buddy ;)

Thank you for reading!! I hope my work has enriched your life somehow :D Even if it was something as simple as lightening up your mood:3

~Lots of love


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