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Author has written 36 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and Dragalia Lost.

Hey Guys, MegaSalamence64 Here, I'm just a normal guy writing Fanfic on this Website.


Fanfic Plans: (Ongoing)

Dragon wings of Fate BOOK I (A Lucina X Shulk Adventure story) (Ongoing) (Final Fantasy VII style AU story) (Potential Chapters: 50, May be more however)

World of Light Deluxe (World of Light Novelisation featuring 8 Extra Characters based on Krosshair's own World of Light Story)

Current story plan:

Dragon Wings of Fate B1 (2 Chapters)- World of Light Deluxe (3 Chapters)- Dragon Wings of Fate B1- (2 Chapters)- World of Light Deluxe (3 Chapters)

Christmas Annual Will be released soon:

Release Date: Christmas Annual 2020 Story #1: 30/11/2020 (Late November)


Dragon Wings of Fate Book I Redux (After Galarian Awakening)

Dragon wings of Fate BOOK II (Part 2 of Dragon Wings of Fate)

World of Light Deluxe Everyone is HERE! (Based on Krosshair's Own story) (TBD)

Post World of Light Deluxe story(Focus on Lucina, Shulk, Galeem and Dharkon) (Title TBD)

Dorks at the beach (Fishing competition story staring the dads of SSB, Dedede and Bandana Dee)

Galarian Awakening (Pokémon Sword and Shield/ Fire Emblem Awakening Crossover staring Lucina and Morgan) (Novelisation of Sword and Shield with Changes to some Pokémon teams) (After DWoF Book 1 Original is Complete)

Way of the Dragon (Direct Sequel to Wavering Light) (Lucina/Shulk focused)

From Punk To Parent (Guzma, Terry, Bowser, Pikachu and Chrom focused story) (Contains Guzma X Kamui)

Sea of Light (Lucina X Captain Falcon Mermaid AU)

World of Light Deluxe: Unexpected Faces (Origins on the DX Fighters)

Dragaila Lost: Mega Man Choas Protocol (Adaptation of the MegaMan/Dragaila Lost Crossover event)

Of Truths and Ideals (Pokémon Black and White/ Yokai Watch Crossover Staring Nate, Katie and Hailey) (Novelisation of Pokémon BW with Yokai Watch Characters)

One shots planed:

Shadows of the Light (Lucina X Captain Falcon Story) (Not part of the Deluxe-Verse)

Lighting Arts (Lucina, Robin, Pikachu and Pichu focused) (May be changed into a short story)

For Old Time Sake (Diddy and Banjo focused) (Hints of Diddy x 36e)

A Night under the Stars (Kirby and Jigglypuff focused) (Post World of Light Deluxe)

For the sake of others (Isabelle focused story)

Pranks on you! (Pichu, Agumon and Junior focused story)

Trio (Lucina/Mega Man/Pit Friendship focused story) (Shout out to Flying Chariot's Seven Days of Blue story)

Curry and Delinquents (Guzma and Joker focused)

Fear of Fire (Sequel to Angel Wings)

Ylissean fire Bender (Lucina and Robin Daughter/Mother one shot, Takes places in the Smash Benders Universe)

Monster like him (Lucina X Shulk) (Post Way of the Dragon Story)

Tales of the Smashers (One Shot collection that ties in with World of Light Deluxe) (Takes place during the events of that story)

World of Light Deluxe Christmas Annual 2020 (Collection of five short stories in the Deluxe-Verse)

Deluxe Fighters in Both series:(Will be updated when they appear in Dragon wings of Fate proper)

The Keys that Connect us. (Luigi and Yoshi focused) (Shout out to Kingdomkey23's Kingdom Hearts the Nintendo Version Remixed)

The Giga Factor (Bowser, Steve the Piranha Plant, Lucina and Shulk focused story, Takes place after Child of Grima)

Burdens (Dragaila Lost/ FE Crossover, Takes place during Kindred Ties and canon to WOL-DX) (Focuses on Chrom and Euden before Thorr's attack)

Siblings and Family: Focus on Lucina, MegaMan, Pit, Pichu and Bowser Junior (Post World of Light Deluxe)

Continuity for the World of Light Deluxe Verse so far:

Smash 64: Polygon incident- 2020 Annual #1- Leads to Smash Melee-

Smash Melee- 2020 Annual #2- Giga Bowser Crisis- Leads to Smash Brawl-

Smash Brawl-Subspace emissary (No Story for this however)- 2020 Annual #3- Leads to Smash 4-

Smash 4:Trio-A Heroic Meeting -On the Same Boat-Parental Bonds of Smash (Flashback Scene)- Master Core Crisis- Smash Ballot Voting- 2020 Annual Story #4- Sherk and Goku Incident- Leads to Smash Ultimate-

Smash Ultimate: Game on!- Curry Udon/ Competition and Punks- For Old Time Sake- Calm Before the Storm- World Of Light Deluxe- Siblings and Family- 2020 Annual Story #5-Clash of StartersCurry and Delinquents- The Hunter, The Artist and the Fairy- Paternal Bonds of Smash-Swords and Magic-Dorks at the Beach-Of Dads and Drinks-Sleepless Dino, Hyperactive rodent-Heirs to the Throne-Draconic Scars-Nightmares of the Light-Squids, Punks and Dragons-A Person I could look up to-Buster Strife-For the Sake of Others-Wavering Light-Lighting Arts-What Makes a Parent?-The Way to Both Dawn and Dusk-Child of Grima- The Giga Factor (Not released yet)- Way of the Dragon (Not released yet).

Additional points:

-Project Zone X2 takes place alongside the Brawl Tournament

-Chaos Protocol (the MegaMan/ Dragalia Lost) takes place alongside the Brawl Tournament

-Kindered Ties (The Second Dragalia Lost/ Fire Emblem Crossover) Takes place alongside the Sm4sh Tournament (The One shot Burdens also take place there as well)

(Angel Wings, Sea of Light and Fear of Fire takes place in a seperate series.)

2020 Christmas Annual Stories: (Themes)

64 Story: Tsundere of the Mansion (Looking Beyond First Impressions)

Melee Story: On my Lonesome (Birds of a Feather)

Brawl Story: Ohana (Surrogated Families)

Sm4sh Story: A Ylissean Christmas (Moving on from the Past)

Ultimate Story: Hotshots (Past Relations)

76:Bandana Dee(Kirby Series)

77: Adeleine and Ribbon(Kirby Series) (Debuted in Kirby 64 the crystal shards)

78/79/80: Guzma (Golisopod/Ariados/Pinsir) (Pokémon Series) (Appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon)

81:Krystal (Star Fox Series)

82:Zero (MegaMan Series) (Debuted in the MegaMan X Series)

83:Agumon (Digimon Series) (Before people say it, Digimon did NOT started out as an anime, It started out as a video game series just like Pokémon in the form of LCD games like Mr Game and Watch.)

36e:Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Series)

05e:Boshi (Yoshi Series, Debuted in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven stars however)

Swapped fighters for World Of Light Deluxe: (Inspired by Krosshair's stories)

Dawn Breakers: (Shifted to the Light Realm)


-Terry Bogards

-Steve the Piranha Plant





Dusk Slashers (Shifted to the Dark Realm)


-Dragon Quest Heroes


-Jigglypuff (In Marx's Domain)

-Alex and Fiona/Villagers



Minor facts about the Deluxe-Verse:

1:Continuities of the Pokémon characters: (Both are Mega Evolution Timelines meaning the events of ORAS have occured in them)

-Pikachu, Libre, Pichu, Red, Leaf, Charizard, Chari (Leaf's charizard) Ivysaur, Squritle, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo: Game-Verse NSM(Normal Sun and Moon)

-Lucario: Mystery Dungeon verse (Explorers/PM2 Hero)

-Greninja: Unknown (Private info only Master Hand knows.)

-Incineroar, Guzma, Golisopod, Pinsir and Ariados: Game-verse USM(Ultra Sun and Moon)

2: Pairings for the Fire Emblem Characters in the Deluxe-verse: (Crossover Pairings Included and games the crossover character is listed here as well)

Marth/Caeda (Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem)

Roy/ Lilina (Blazing Blade)

Eliwood/ Ninian (Sealing Sword)

Ike/ TBD (Radiant Dawn/ Path of Radiance) (May remain single in the series)

Chrom/ Robin(Female, Male doesn't exist in the Deluxe-verse) (Awakening)

Lucina/ Shulk (Awakening/Xenoblade Chronicles)

Morgan/ Nah (Awakening)

Kamui/ Guzma (Fates/ Pokémon Sun and Moon)

Byleth (Like Robin, only the Female Version Exist in the Deluxe-Verse) / Terry Bogards (Three Houses/ King of Fighters)

(Corrin will be SINGLE in the Deluxe-verse)

3: Last Names for Smashers:

Mario and Luigi: Mario (Middle name for the Former is Andrew)

Red: Satoshi Ketchum (Ash will NOT be a character in the Deluxe-verse however, SAME WITH ANY CHARACTER FROM THE DIGIMON ANIMES)

Leaf: Green

Guzma: Erholtz (inspired by his English VA in Pokémon Masters)

Goggles: Spletzer (Meggy's Cousin in the Deluxe-Verse) (Their Fathers were Brothers)

Royal Family of Ylisse (Lucina/ Chrom/ Robin/ Morgan) and Marth: Lowell

4: VAs of the DX-Verse:

Pichu: Nowi (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Agumon: MegaMan.EXE/ Hub Hikari (MegaMan NT Warrior) (TBD may be changed soon)

Red: Dan Kuso (Bakugan Battle Brawlers)

Leaf: Runo Misaki (Bakugan Battle Brawlers)

Charizard: Helios (Bakugan New Vestroia)

Chari: Cynder (Legend of Spyro)

Ivysaur: Lewshana (Total Drama)

Squritle: Dash (The Incredibles)

Kirby: Steven (Steven Universe)

Jigglypuff: Luna Platz (Mega Man Starforce)

5: Funfacts about the Smashers:

A:The accessories that Red, Leaf and Guzma had their Keystones are: (Guzma got his Keystone and Pinsirite form Lusamine as payment for his services to her)

Red:Mega Ring (Think Lysandere's Ring then the XY Player's Bracelet/ Or his Pokémon Adventures Manga self's Keystone ring)

Leaf:Mega Bracelet (ORAS Player's Keystone accessory but in a Charizard Orange colour)

Guzma:Mega Watch (His Gold watch)

Likewise, Their Pokémon's accessories:

Red's Charizard: Bracelet (Like a Collar) located on his neck (Charizardite X)

Leaf's Chairzard (Chari): A yellow tiara on her head (Charzardite Y)

Guzma's Pinsir: A belt wrapped around his torso (Pinsirite) (Considered a temporary Mega Stone accessory for the time being)

Lucario (PMD Explorers Protagonist): Wristband on his right arm (Think Korrina's Lucario form the anime) (Lucarionite)

Mewtwo: N/A (While he mega evolves with a Mewtwonite Y, He doesn't need a Keystone to do so)

B:Ivysaur doesn't mind evolving into Venasuar unlike Squritle whom wants to become stronger without evolving, the Reason she's doesn't want to right now is because she felt like she need's to prove she's worthy enough to evolve first

C: Pikachu has a fear of Mudbary due to how he and his trainer watched the Pokémon version of Pinocchio when they were young, The scene where the bad children turned into Mudbarys scared him for life and then's to freeze up when he sees one (It's also one of the two major factors why he doesn't want Pichu to go overboard with her Pranks or be arround negative influences as much as possible)

D: Pichu avoids pranking the following:

-Her Parents

-Samus (Whom she calls Auntie Samus due to her close friendship with her Dad)

-Red and his Team (Knows how much of a legend they are)

-Leaf and Chari (Same as Red, But due to their relationship as a couple)

-Mewtwo (She knows how scary he can be at times)

-Marth (Due to promising not to Prank him as part of a deal to get Lucina into her group)

-Popo and Nana (Somewhat friends during the Melee tourney)

-Young Link (Respect for him)

-Bowser (Personal Honor code for when she and Junior became competitive friends)

-Junior (Personal Honor code)

-Junior's Siblings (Not to get them on their bad sides)

-Lucina (The Deal includes not pranking her as part of it and to show she's not as bad as Roy makes her out to be)

-Chrom and Robin (Same above, The Deal is to avoid getting on Lucina's bad side)

-Greninja (Can't prank a Ninja)

-Guzma and his team (She knows that he won't take lightly to pranks, Same with his team)

-Agumon (Don't want to lose her new BFF)

-Roy (After the prank that she gave him during the Melee tournament and why they're both on bad terms)

-Sephiroth (She knows her own limits)

Corrin and Kamui are however, acceptable targets due to Crazy Hand making a rule in the Masnison that pranks on them are acceptable as long as they weren't driven to suicide or that the prank would kill them ("Don't want People thinking we're some mental asylum or suing us for what happens to Cornbread and Corndog..." Was what Crazy said about the rule)

E: Greninja's Past is something he prefers not to talk about but it's related to his trainer, He also avoids Pikachu and Charizard for some reason as well. (Likewise, Any info about him is classified by Master Hand and only given as Vague on official merchandise)

F: The one person that crazy Hand Hates more then both Corrin and Kamui is Kairi from Kingdom Hearts.

6: Several Tropes associated with certain of the Deluxe-Verse:

Meggy (Inkling Girl):

Related in the Adaptation: Meggy in the Deluxe-Verse is Goggle's (From the Splatoon CoroCoro Manga) Cousin with their fathers being Brothers.

Sitcom arch Nemesis: To Corrin, While not as bad as the latter's relationship with Pichu and Bowser Junior, Meggy's fear of anime made it clear despite being friends with Guzma, They can't be trusted on the same team or room.

Always someone better: How she feels about her cousin Goggles, Something Desti often compared to when bringing her lossing streak.

Birds of a Feather: To Guzma, Much like Gladion, He takes an interest in her due to how similar they are, EG: being compared to someone better and considered an Outcast.


Adaptional Origin Connection: Inverted, Agumon in this series is a Wild Digimon and thus not the Partner of Tai (Adventure), Marcus (Data Squad) or Nokia (Digimon Cyber Sleuth)

Oblivious to Love: Admits he never understand romance and just see's his friendship with Pichu like a younger sister (Pichu likewise sees Agumon as the Older Brother she always wants)

Big Eater: Like Tai's Agumon and Marcus's Agumon, He's belly as Pichu put's it is as large as Wailord but not as insult

Zero (MegaMan):

Composite character: Zero in the Deluxe-Verse is a mix of his MegaMan X8 self and Zero Series self where he has yet to have amnesia but traits such as his more colder self in battle from the latter series is present in this series.


Mythology Gag: Him seeing Luigi and Mario as adoptive parents is similar to the Super Mario World Tv Series and KingdomKey23's Kingdom Hearts the Nintendo Version Remixed story

The Rival:To Boshi, the latter making it clear he only joined the tournament out of personal desire to beat him after losing to him in Yo'ster Island's races.


I just want to have Friends: Admits why she was so close to Agumon in this series to be this, It's also her driving motivation to save him when He was taken by Dharkon as well.

Birds of a Feather: The Reason why she wanted to help Lucina, Knowing the pain of being compared to a relative (Marth (Lucina's Ancestor) for Lucina, Pikachu (Pichu's Father) for Pichu) and in her words: 'treated as the diet coke version of them' Is why she's more sympanthic towards her then Roy and Corrin (Though for the latter this is due to Kamui being as equally hated by the community like her brother).

Related in the Adaptation: She's Pikachu's (and by Extension Libre's) Daughter in the Deluxe-Verse

Sitcom arch Nemesis: To Corrin and to a lesser degree Roy, The Latter was him being her former pranking target during the Melee tournament while the Former (And his Twin Sister Kamui) was her current with Bowser Junior.

G:The people Guzma can call a friend (As of the Story Child of Grima)



-Corrin (Know he's pain of being an Outcast/Reject)

-Kamui (She's developing feelings for him at the moment)

-Byleth (Consider asking her for advice for that Teacher Job he plans to get after the tournament and considers her more tolerable then Terry)

-Joker (will be revealed in the Story Curry and Delinquents)

-Chrom (Lucina and Robin are sensetive topics for him however)

-Meggy (Admits she's like a younger him in a way like Gladion)

QnA for the Deluxe Verse:

Q: Will Min-Min from Arms be appearing in the series?

A: Yes, but not in the Main WOL Story, she will be appearing along with the rest of the fighter pack 2 fighters in a post world of Light Story however. (It's mostly to keep the number of fighters controllable due to the addition of both the First six DLC Fighters and eight Deluxe Fighters) However this may change in the future when the rest of the fighters come out.

Edit 1: Yes for those curious about Steve (Minecraft), Yes, this rule also applies for him as well (So Save for a potenital Tales of the Smashers one-shot, He and Min Min will not be involved in the events of World of Light Deluxe but However, They will be making an appearance during the Dharkon and Galeem Cults post WOL-DX story saga at the very least, Same with any other post Byleth DLC character.)

Q: Will any of the digidestined/ Chosen Children from the Digmon Series be appearing in this series? If so, Who's Agumon's partner?

A: NO, Because I want to explore the Digimon Games rather then the anime so the Digidestineds (And by extension any other digimon protagonist) will not be appearing in this series. Because of this, the Agumon in this series is NOT Tai's or any of the Digimon anime lead's partner. (SO PLEASE DO NOT BEG ME TO PUT TAI IN THIS STORY! THIS STORY WILL BE FOCUSING ON THE DIGIMON GAMES ONLY AND AS SUCH I HOPE THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS AND NOT BEG ME FOR HIM OR ANY OTHER DIGIMON ANIME CHARACTER IN WORLD OF LIGHT DELUXE!)

Q: Despite the question above, will other extended media characters be appearing in this series?

A: Only a selected amount will be chosen, The ones I can confirm will NOT be appearing in the Deluxe-verse will be Ash Ketchum (Pokémon Anime), Sally Acorn (Sonic SATAM) and Kevin (Captain N) but the ones that will be appearing are: Uncle Chuck (Sonic SATAM) and Escargoon (Kirby Right Back at YA!)

World of Light Deluxe Puppet fighter rules: (So Far) (Submissions began in Chapter 4 of World of Light Deluxe)

1: No Extended media character like Tai (And by extension any other Digimon anime character), Ash and Sally Acorn can be used for this story and as such, They will be excluded if they are included (And Let’s be real, you can only really knock three of the digidistends with Red and Leaf Puppet fighters (Four in this story because of Guzma being present) with the them being Tai (Charizard and Red), Mimi (Ivysaur and Leaf) and Joe (Squritle and Red) with Izzy being the soul for a Guzma puppet fighter (He is a bug type expert after all) and even then people are going to just suggested the digidistends and not the Digimon themselves (At Least Pokémon gave it’s mons some focus with spin offs (Mystery Dungeon anyone?) and shorts focusing on them at least….)

At least with say Yokai watch, For Nate and Katie, You can use both Red and Leaf (Hey Nate befriended more then just Jibanyan and Whisper so he can use all three kanto starters for a puppet fighter) with both Jibanyan/ Tiny Incineroar and Jigglypuff (Closest smasher to Whisper) while a theoretical Hailey fight will include a Leaf Puppet Fighter (She also befriend some other non USApyon Yokai as well) with a Pikachu with a blaster (USApyon)

2: Speaking of which, You got an additional eleven (eight by numbering) fighters to use in Deluxe’s puppet fighters battles in the form of:

-Bandana Dee (The Reason for Puppet Fighters of him and Kirby will be revealed soon)

-Aledeine and Ribbion (Same deal as Rosalina and Luma)

-Krystal ( Replacements for her fight will be in this story)

-Zero (same as Krystal)

-Dixie (see above)


-Guzma (Pokémon Trainer archtype with him using Golispod/ Pinsir/ Ariados but they can be separate fights like Charizard, Ivysaur and Squritle)


3: Only a Max of Five Puppet fighter battles per chapter so to keep a limit of how many can be sent. (This means the first five puppet fighters will only be used per chapter so first come first served is in order for WOL-DX)

4: This rule may sound like it contradicts Rule Number 1 but there will be a few exceptions to this rule (But I will try to be consistent with them) But here are the list of characters that will be in Puppet fighter battles and those that are not: (HOWEVER! THE RULE IS THAT YOU STILL CANNOT ASK FOR EXTENDED MEDIA CHARACTERS, ANYONE LISTED ON THIS LIST WILL BE BANNED FROM BEING USED AS SUGGESTIONS SO ONCE AGAIN, NO SNEAKING TAI FROM DIGIMON IN BY THIS METHOD.)

Appearing: (Those Fights cannnot be suggested however)

-Hailey and USApyon (Yokai Watch 3 for the fomer, Blasters for the latter) (Hard to tell since I'm not a full on Yokai Watch Fan)

-Natsume (Nate and Katie's Daughter from Yokai Watch Shadowside whom appeared in Yokai Watch 4 and there's also the fact the movie she was in was canon in that game as well)

-Tempo/Quake Woman (Archie Mega Man, Didn't make an appearance in the games but she's easier to implement in the games compared to Sally Acorn to say the least though she's a TBD thing however)

-(To be decided however) Team Rocket Trio (Jessie, James and Meowth) (Pokémon Anime, Made an apperance in Yellow and Let's Go)

-Goggle's Friends Specs, Bobble and Headphones (Splatoon Manga)

-Rider (Splatoon Manga as well)

-Fishy Boopkins and Bob (Smg4, Game characters mooks in their canon games)

-Desti (SMG4, OC Octoling whom was Meggy's Rival in that series)

Edit: As for Digimon Characters, Yes the Digimon THEMSELVES Can be suggested but NOT anyone from the Anime like Tai and Matt, (If you want to suggest some human characters from Digimon, Please ONLY use guys from the Games like Koh (Digimon World Dawn And Dusk), Mameo (Digimon World One) and Nokia (Digimon Cyber Sleuth)

Likewise, here's a list of the Guys whom are not suggestable in the Deluxe-Verse Puppet fighter selection:

-Any Human Character form the Live Action Version of Detective Pikachu (It’s for reason I personally don’t want to talk about)

-Anyone form Smg4/Glitch Production’s Meta Runner While Tari may be appearing, None of the cast (Save for Belle) form that series will to keep things more manageable.)

-Max, Goh and Chole (Pokémon Anime, Somewhat same rule with Ash applies for them as well)

-Any Sonic SatAM characters save for Uncle Chuck (Same rule with Sally Acorn applies for them)

-Any Sonic Archie/IDW character (Don’t think I can write them well)

-Any MegaMan Ruby Spears Character (The Best would be a Joke battle with Tar)

5: Up to five suggestions may be submitted per Chapter (And only two ideas per Review to keep things controlled) So for examples:


-Puppet Fighter battle 1:

Komosan (Yokai Watch)

PF (Puppet Fighter): Jigglypuff/ Tiny Lucario/ Duck hunt Dog

Stage: Onett

Conditions: Ice Cream will only spawn in the battle

-Puppet Fighter Battle 2:

Kuwugamon (Digimon)

PF: Pinsir

Stage: Distant Planet

Conditions: N/A

Can be upgraded into GranKuwagamon

Extended rules for the Digimon characters:

Allowed Puppet Fighters for the Digimon (Or PF for short):

The Digimon Themselves:

Leomon (Digimon World 1)

PF: Incineroar with Beam Sword

Stage: Spiral Mountain (Banjo-Kazooie)

Conditions: Incineroar will be easily to Launch (Guess why)

Human Characters form the Digimon Games (Examples being World 1, Next Order, Dawn and Dusk and Cyber Sleuth):

Nokia (Digimon Cyber Sleuth)

PF: Leaf (Charizard only) with Lucario and a Giant Agumon

Stage: Cyberspace EDEN

Conditions: Once Charizard and Lucario are defeated, Agumon will spawn both Giant and with Final Smash automatically activated.

NOT Allowed (AKA Will be automaticly rejected):

Any Digimon anime character (Example 1):

Davis Montoyta (Digimon 02)

PF: Corrin (Male) with Lucario (Golden), Charizard (Spicy Curry) and Lucario (Screw attack badge)

Stage: Memementos

Conditions: Only Red and Leaf can participate in this fight

Example 2:

Mekio Mochizuki (Digimon Tri)

PF: Corrin/ Kamui (Female) with tiny Jigglypuff

Stage: Saffron City

Conditions: Corrin will be easy to launch

OCs profiles: (Covers only their apperances in the Deluxe-verse)

Ideas that I made for this story (Meaning Cannot be suggested:)

-Lon’Qu (Fire Emblem Awakening) (PF: Zero with Killing Edge)

-Gangerl (Fire Emblem Awakening) (PF: Red King K Rool with Beam Sword)

-Male! Morgan (Fire Emblem Awakening) (PF: Chorm with Fire Flower)

-Pharaoh Man (MegaMan) (PF: Orange MegaMan (Pharaoh Man) with Aledeine and Ribbon (Kalinka Cossack) (MegaMan will be protective of Aledeine and Ribbon, Defeating MegaMan will end the fight early)

-Blockman (MegaMan) (PF:MegaMan, Will Grow giant and Metal when health is low)

-Iris (MegaMan X4) (PF: Purple Zelda with Chrom (Colonel) and Ridley (Iris’s Ride Armor) as allies) (After Chrom is defeated, Ridley will appear)

-Alolan Ninetails (Krystal with Alolan Vulpix as a Pokéball)

-Espeon and Umbreon (PF: Pink Yoshi (Espeon) and Boshi (Umbreon)

-Leafeon and Glaceon (PF: Green Yoshi (Leafeon) and Cyan Yoshi (Glacieon)

-Slyveon (PF: Pink Yoshi)

-Unovian Darmanitan (Pokémon) (PF: Donkey Kong with Curry (Normal) and Donkey kong with Wind Blower(Zen Mode) (Wind Blower DK will appear after DK with Curry is Defeated and remain still with high Defenses)

-Dreadnaw (Pokémon) (PF:Squritle (Dreadnaw), Giant Blue Bowser (Gigantamax), (Bowser will Spawn after Squritle is defeated)

-Aegislash (Pokémon)(PF:Advent Cloud with both a Shield/ Shifting Defense and Attack increase) (it may be canonically in the canon game, But you’ll see why soon….)

-Hau (Pokémon PF: Red (Full Team*)/ Male Inkling with Pokeball Pokémon Alolan Raichu)

-Piers (Pokémon) (PF: Guzma (Full Team*) with Incineroar (Obstagoon) (Incineroar would favour Down Specials more and Guzma’s Pokémon will also favor more trickster like Fighting)

-Gabumon (Digimon) (PF:Agumon (Gabumon, Metal Lucario (MetalGarumon) Lucario will spawn after Gabumon is defeated and will be equipped with a Steel Diver)

-Kawugamon (Digimon) (PF:Pinsir) (Pinsir has a jetpack equipped in battle)

-Hackmon (Digimon) (PF:Agumon with Final Smash gauge full with Terry (Gankoomon)

-Hudeimon (Digimon) (PF:Zelda (Erika), Olimar (Wormmon) and Lucina (Hudeimon)

-Fishy Boopkins (SMG4/Glitch Productions) (PF: Green Squritle (Boopkins) with Two Kamuis, Two Peaches and Two Bayonettas (All Waifus) (Boopkins is also easy to Launch)

-Joe Boopkins (SMG4/ Glitch Productions) (PF: Giant Inkling with Green Squritle) (Final Smash will be at Max and Refill Quickly, lt also be protecting Squritle as well)

-Desti (SMG4/Glitch Productions)(PF:Purple Inkling with three other Inklings, Main Purple Inkling is more prone to sword attacks)

-Hal and Jeff (Bowser’s Kingdom) (PF: Olimar (Hal), Green Squritle (Jeff) and Duck Hunt Dog (Chain Chomp))

-Amite (Puyo Puyo) (Aledeine and Ribbon)

-Whisper (Yokai Watch) (PF: Jigglypuff(Whisper) and Red and Leaf (Full Team* For Both)(Nate and Katie) (Jigglypuff is easy to Launch)

-Hovernyan (Yokai Watch) (PF: Incineroar with Red (Full Team*)(Nathaniel Adams)

-(If I decided to put Kingdom Hearts Originals Characters In World of Light Deluxe) Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) (PF: Female Corrin) (Easy to launch and only can do basic attacks)

Zethia (Dragalia Lost) (PF: White Peach (Zethia) with Male Corrin (Euden) and Aledeine and Ribbon (Notte)

-Notte (Dragalia Lost) (PF: Tiny Aledeine and Ribbon with Lighting Badge) (The user likes to use the Lighting Badge as much as they could)

-Euden (Dragalia Lost) (PF: Male Corrin (Euden) and Green Charizard (Midgardsormr)(Charizard will spawn after Euden is defeated)

-Midgardsormr (Dragalia Lost) (PF: Green Charizard) (Strong Winds will be in the fight)

-Mym/ Burnhilda (Dragalia Lost) (PF: Female Corrin (Mym) and Red Charizard (Burnhilda) (Once Female Corrin is defeated, Charizard will show up)

-Wooloo (Pokémon) (PF: Seven White Kirbies and one Pikachu (Yamper) (The Kirbies has high Defense)

-Rillaboom (Pokémon) (PF: Green Donkey Kong) (When hit by DK's Attacks, You'll get slowed down)

-Cinderace (Pokémon) (PF: Incineroar with Soccer Ball) (Incineroar will have Kicking Moves more like Up Special)

-Intelleon (Pokémon) (PF: Greninja with beam blaster) (The user has increased Speed and favours ranged attacking)

(All three Galar starters can be upgraded to their Gigantamaxing forms)

-Chatot (Pokémon) (PF: Tiny Falco (Chatot) With Giant Jigglypuff (Wigglytuff) (Apples will appear in battle and Wigglytuff will be Golden)

-Empoleon (Pokémon) (PF: Falco with Freezie) (Falco favors ranged attacks)

-Mega Pinsir (Pokémon) (PF: Golden Pinsir with Jetpack)

-Lana (Pokémon) (PF: Leaf (Only Squritle) (Lana) and Male Corrin (Water type?) (Kyorge, Goldeen and Oshawott will spawn in Pokéball only)

-Kiawe (Pokémon) (PF: Red (Only Charizard) (Kiawe) and Incineroar (Fennekin and Kantoian Vulpix will spawn in battle form Pokéballs)

-Mallow (Pokémon) (PF: Leaf (Only Ivysaur) (Mallow) and Olimar (Bellossom, Snivy and Abomasnow will spawn form Pokéballs)

-Sophocles (Pokémon) (PF: Guzma (Only Pinsir) (Sophocles) and Pichu with Lighting Badge (Togedemaru) (Togedemarus and Dedenne will spawn form Pokéballs)

-Haxorus (Pokémon) (PF: Wargreymon#2) (Will have increase Attack and can break Shields as well)

-Leomon (Digimon) (PF: Incineroar with Beam Sword)

-Ogremon (Digimon) (PF: Green Bowser with Ore Club)
-Percorine (Princess Reconnect) (PF: White Peach with beam sword) (Food (Riceballs to be exact) will spawn in battle and Peach gain more Power the more she eats them)

#1 (Full Team):Means Red/Leaf and Guzma will use all their Pokémon (Though for normal Leaf, She’ll only use her Charizard Chari which will function like Sm4sh Charizard and Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard Y, Red will use all three (Charizard, Ivysaur and Squritle) in battle and Mega evolve his Charizard to Mega Charizard X) and Guzma uses the following: Golisopod, Pinsir (Mega Evolution) and Ariados)

#2 Agumon can digivolved into Wargreymon in Battle and Like Joker's Arsene, Agumon needs to fill up a Gauge to Digivole into Wargreymon (Which Increase when dealing damage to others)

Wargreymon will last for the whole Battle and will only degenerate back to Agumon when either being Knocked out or after using his Final Smash (Omnimon where he attacks with both Transcendent Sword and Supreme Cannon)Puppet Fighter List of those whom are already suggested:

6: If suggesting Spirits Bandana Dee Puppet Fighters, Please included Other PFs with them due to Plot Reasons related to WOL-DX...

Already Suggested:

-Asuka from Senran Kagura: 2 Black Zero Suit Samus (Rescued in Chapter 18)

-Beck (Sorry if you wanted Gunvolt but Beck's the easier one I can work with): Mega Man

-Koopa Kid: Bowser Junior (with Koopalings as allies) (Rescued in Chapter 25)

-Ganvantula: Ariados (Electric Floor with Seven tiny Ariados as allies) (Rescued in Chapter 8)

-Zupapa: Olimar (Rescued in Chapter 25)

-Monika form Doki Doki Literature Club: Isabelle (Controls will be reversed every now and then with the NightMare Wizard appearing) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)(Gamer: Battlefield)

-Neptune from Hyperdimesion: Byleth (Neptune), Robin, (Histoire) and Kamui (Female Corrin) (Nepgear) (Byleth and Corrin will have Beam Swords and Rocket Packs with increased Power) (Can be upgraded to Purple Heart) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)(Prism Tower: Omega)

-Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club: Jigglypuff with Bow (Decreased Attack and Defense for a while)

-Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia: Tharja Skin! Lucina (Noire) with Purple Schoolgirl Inkling (Uni) (Enemy Attacks increased in power and Inkling holding a insight Staff) (Can be upgraded to Black Heart) (Midgar: Omega)

- Penny and Denny from Petal Crash: Ice Climbers (Flower and Box Items will Spawn) (Smashvile: Normal)

-Klonoa: Sonic (Sonic will be equipped with a Super Leaf and Ore clubs will Spawn in battle) (Sorry if the Vases are not involved!)

-Asuka's Allies: Lucina, Zero Suit Samus, Pink hair female Villager, Peach (Suzake Castle: Omega)

-Dickson form Xenoblade Chronicles: Red!Snake with Staff (Dickson) with a 7th alt Ganondorf (Disciple Dickson) (Conditions: Ganondorf has super armor and hard to launch, Also have Increased defense but slower in the process, Stamina Battle) (Glaur Plains: Omega) (Suggested by: Generic Smash Bros Fan)

-Gunter (Galaxy Fighter) (Ridley, Stamina Battle) (Tortimer Island) (Submitted by Sun Master)

-Rai (Waku Waku 7) (Terry, Electric Floor and Stamina battle) (Stage is Battlefield) (Submitted by Sun Master)

-Twinbee (Metal little Mac) (Rescued in Chapter 25)

-Bubble Bobble (Green (bob) and Blue Yoshi(Bub)

-Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear) (Black Clothes! Doctor Mario with Super Armor, Stamina Battle) (Stage Prism Tower) (Submitted by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

-Natsuki (Doki Doki Literature Club) (Pink! Female Robin) (Gamer Battlefield) (Food will be the only item in Battle and the foe will have increased power after eating) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

-Blanc (Hyperdimension Neptunia) (White Dress! Daisy, White! Ice Climbers) (Frozen Floor (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)) (Rescued in Chapter 12) (Fought where Pikachu, Libre and Lucario are located)

-Glice,Glire,Glunder (Subspace) (Ice Climbers (Glice), Mario (Glire), Glunder (Pikachu) Ice climbers will have a freezie, Mario would have Curry and Pikachu will favour Down B (Thunder) more often) (Stage:Battlefield) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan) (rescued in chapter 15)

- Yuri (Purple Schoolgirl Inkling) (Inkling will be quipped with a Killing Edge and all Fighters will take serious damage after a while) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123) (Gamer BattleField)

-Vert (Hyperdimension Neptunia) (Green! Palutena, Bandana Dee, Green hair! Female Byleth) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

-Yumi (Senran Kugara) (Krystal with a Freezie)

-Goemon (Mystical Ninja) (Mii Swordsman)

-Bob (SMG4) (Ganondorf) (Favours Side Smashes) (Gerudo Valley) (Rescued in Chapter 12)

-Fennekin (Pokémon) (Krystal with Curry) (Fennekin as a Pokeball Pokémon) (Kalos Pokemon League Fire Chamber) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123) (Rescued in chapter 13)

-Tarazna (Kirby) (Ariados (Tarazna) with Purple Dedede (Masked Dedede Revenge) Airados avoids conflict and must be defeated to win, Dedede will also suddenly have Final Smash activated as well)(Dracula's Castle) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Ebisumaru (Mystical Ninja): Cyan! Wario (Ebisumaru) with Bob-bomb and Goemon! Mii Swordfighter (Goemon) (Conditions: Defeat Ebisumaru to win and the foes are distacted by food) (Stage: Sazaku Castle)

Smithy (Super Mario RPG): Metal! King Dedede (Smithy) and Two ROBs (Conditions: Stamina Battle, The Foes have increased Power and a CPU! Geno Mii Guner will be an Ally)

Homura (Game Paradise) (Blue! Ness with Franklin Badge) (Home Run Bats are the only items to spawn in this Battle)

Crimsom Squad (Senran Kagura) (Zero (Homura), Palutena with beam Sword (Hikage), Cloud (Yomi), Dixie Kong (Mirai), Bayonetta (Hakura) (Beat Zero in order to win and only Killing Edges/Beam Swords will spawn in battle)

Gil (Tower of Druaga) (Mii Swordfighter Gil (Gil Costume) with Zelda (Ki) (Great Plateau Tower) (Submitted by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Z-Dyne MKII (The Game Paradise) (Blue! ROB with a Ray Gun) (Submitted by Craig)

Miyabi (Senran Kagura) (White hair Bayonetta with beam sword) (Fire Flowers and Black Holes will spawn, The Foe will also heal 30% of their Health when they have taken high damage once per battle)

Drawcia Sorceress (Kirby) (Aledeine and Ribbon with Super Scope)(Hostile Vince form Art Academy will appear) (reflected projectiles will have increased Power) (Can be upgraded to Drawcia Soul) (Stage: Pictochat 2) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Iso Padre (Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion) (Golisopod) (Stage: Spirit Train) (Only Food will spawn in battle) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123) (Rescued in Chapter 16)

The Traveler/Aether (Genshin Impact): (Owain! Chrom (Aether), Lissa! Lucina (Lumine) and Tiny White Rosalina and Luma (Paimon) (Stage Yggdrasil's Alter with Earthquakes and Strong Winds appearing) Suggestion by: SuperSmasher123

IF and Compa (Hyperdimensional Neptunia) (Blue! Joker (IF) and Peach(Compa) (Stage: Prism Tower) (The Foe's weapons have increased power and can heal overtime) (Suggestion by: SuperSmasher123)

Blizzaria (Yokai Watch): Blue! Peach with Freezie (Blizzaria) and Duck Hunt Dog (Swelterrier) (Conditions: The Floor is Frozen and only Freezies will spawn)

Mars Djinn: (Agumon (Mars Djinn), Zelda (Jenna) and Roy (Garet) (Stage: Hyrule Castle) (Foe's Fire attacks will have increased Strength) (Defeat Agumon to win the Match, The Enemies will start with their Final Smash and Stamina Battle) (Suggested by: Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Negear (Hyperdimension Neptunia) (Pink! Female Corrin (Nepgear) and Giant White! MegaMan (The Nepgeardam) (Corrin will have a beam sword and Mega Man will appear after Corrin is defeated) (Northern Caves) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Yu Narkami (Persona 4) (P4 Protaganist! Mii Fighter (Yu Narukami) and Advent Child!Cloud (Izanagi) (Defeat the Mii Fighter to win and Mii fighter will also have increased power to weapons) (Mementos: P4) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Robonyan (Yokai Watch) (Metal! Incineroar with Rocket belt) (Stage: Onett) (Rescued in Chapter 18)

Dynamo Man (MegaMan) (Green Olimar with a ray gun) (Electric Floor and Stamina Battle) (Frigate Orpheon) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Jupiter Djinn (Golden Sun) (Tiny! Golisopod (Jupiter Djinn), Male Robin (Ivan), Purple Palutena (Sheba) with Strong Winds, Defeat Golisopod to win and the enemies favour Special attacks) (Pirate Ship) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Carol the Wild Cat (Freedom Planet): Green Incineroar with Wario (Green Hill Zone) (Rescued in Chapter

Lilac (Freedom Planet): Sonic (Green Hill Zone) (Rescued in Chapter

Ib (Ib):White! Leaf with Ivysaur out(Ib), Purple! Joker (Garry), Yellow! Inkling (Meggy) (Mary): (Hostile! Swapnotte Nikki will appear and it's a Stamina Battle) (Pictochat 2 Stage), SuperSmasher123

Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights at Freddy): Banjo and Kazooie (Freddy) (Hostile! Nightmare Wizard will appear, Banjo is immune to knock back and Flinch) (Winning conditon is Surviving till time runs out) (Luigi Mansion Stage): SuperSmasher123

Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid): Black! Mewtwo (Controls will be reversed and Stamina Battle) (Shadow Moses Island Stage) (Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Sokolov (Metal Gear Solid): Doctor Mario (Sokolov) And Green! Snake (Big Boss) (Defeat Dr. Mario to win and Foes are easy to throw) (Mushroomy Kingdom) (Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Captain Briggs (Golden Sun): Ritcher (Briggs), 4 Blue! Toon Links (Sea Fighter) (Defeat all foes and Stamina Battle) (Pirate Ship Stage)(Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4): Yellow! Pit (Yosuke Hanamura) and Green! Male Corrin, (Mementos (Yellow) Stage) (Defeat Pit to win the fight, Foes like to taunt and Corrin will appear in battle)

Pentaro (Parodius): King Dedede with Super Scope (Tokoya)

Burner Man (MegaMan): Red MegaMan with Curry (Stamina Battle) (Konga Falls) (Tokoya)

Uni (HyperDimesional Neptunia Series): Dark Pit with Super Scope (Uni) (Dark Pit will have Final Smash suddenly and Gun based items will spawn) (Wuhu Island)(SuperSmasher123)

Rom and Ram (HyperDimesional Neptunia Series): White! Ice Climbers with Rocket Belts (Rom and Ram), Green Female Byleth with Homebat (Linda) and Giant! Yellow K Rool (CFW Trick) (Frozen Floor) (Foutain of Dreams Omega Stage)(SuperSmasher123)

Mae Borowski: Tiny Incineroar with HomeRun Bat (Mae Borowski) (Onett)

Zoma: Ganondorf with Freezie (Zoma) and Bowser (Baramos) (Stamina Match) (Castle Seige)

Lilibri (Petal Crash): Adeline and Ribbon (flower items and Boxes spawning in Battle) (DreamLand)

Ryobi and Ryona (Senran Kagura): Red! Daisy (Ryobi) and White! ZZS (Ryona) (Daisy wields a Super Scope, ZZS likes to taunt and a Giant ZZS will appear when you beat both foes)

Mack (Super Mario RPG): Pac-Man (Mack) and 4X Roy Koopa (Shyster) (Enemies favor Jumping and Netural Special) (Peach's Castle Omega) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan) (rescued in this chapter)

Devil Car (EarthBound): Roy Koopa (Devil Car) (Have Super armor and it will be a Stamina Battle) (Dracula's Castle Omega) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Remui Hakurei (Touhou Project): Red! Zelda (Remui) (The Enemy's Magic Attacks have increased power, Favor Special Moves and have increased movement) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Kris, Susie and Ralsei (Deltarune): Purple! Marth (Kris), Red! Bowser, Green! Robin (Ralsei) (Bowser will have an Ore Club) (The Enemies Heals over time) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Sergeant Burly (Yokai Watch): Green! Male Wii Fit Trainer (Sergeant Burly)

Cragalanche the Mighty (Kid Icarus): Metal! Jigglypuff (Cragalanche) (Conditions: The Foe will favour Neutral Specials, Have Increased Defense but moves slower)

Croco (Super Mario RPG): Boshi (Croco) (Foe will be weak to Fire and Distracted by items) (Yoshi's Island) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan) (Rescued in Chapter 19)

Legendary Chalice (CupHead): White! Peach (Chalice) with two Cuphead! Mii Guners (Cuphead and MugMan) (Dracula's Castle Omega) (Peach will Grew Giant and Invicinble at times, Mii Gunners will have Final Smash Activated Suddenly as well)(Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Papyrus (Undertale): White! Captain Falcon (Gravity will increase and Captain Falcon will love to taunt) (Minecraft World Snowy Terrain)(Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Dig Dug (Dig Dug): Cyan! Mega Man (Dig Dug) (MegaMan will favour Grabs and have a Drill equipped) (Pac Land Stage) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan) (Rescued in Chapter 21)

Pooka (Dig Dug): 5 Nurse hat! Jigglypuffs (Pooka) (Foes will be easy to Launch and Throw, They also favour Dash attacks) (PAC-LAND Stage) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Don Chan (Taiko no Tatsujin): Duck Hunt (Don Chan), 3 Blue Kirbies and 3 Orange Kirbies) (Defeat Duck Hunt to win) (Omega Suzaku Castle Stage) (Rescued in Chapter 21)

Dark Prince: Green! Male Byleth, 2 Red Kirbies, 2 Blue Kirbies, 1 Yellow Kirby and 1 Green Kirby (Defeat Byleth to win and Enemies have increased Power) (Find Mii Stage)

Regieleki and Regidrago (Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Crown Tundra): Yellow Bands! Pac-Man (Regieleki) and Purple! Charizard! (Regidrago) (The Floor is electrified and both will have increased Special Moves, Pac-Man will have trouble Stopping) (Battlefield! Brinstar Depths) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Calyrex, Glastrier and Spectrier (Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Crown Tundra): White! Olimar (Calyrex), Blue! Bowser (Glastrier) and Shadow! Mewtwo (Spectrier) (Hazardless Summit) (Bowser can deal damage when charging into you and Mewtwo favors Special Moves)

Crazy Dave (Plants VS Zombies): Black! Terry Bogards (Dave) with Purple! Piranha Plant, Blue! Piranha Plant with Freezie And Green! Piranha Plant with Super Scope (Peashooter, Chomper, Snow Pea), Yellow! Kirby (Sunflower), Red! Ice Climbers with a X-Bomb (Cherry Bomb), Green! King Dedede (Squash), Default! Little Mac (Bonk Choy) (Defeat Terry to Win, Stamina Battle, Purple! Pirahna Plant will favorG Grabs, King Dedede will favour Up Specials, Reinforcements will appear after a foe is KO) (Windy Hill Zone) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Bacura (Xevious): 12 White! Mr. Game and Watches (Bacura) (Hostile Assists (Andross) Will Appear, Foes will descend slowly, Timed Timer Battle) (Corneria) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Felica (Darkstalkers): White! Incineroar (Felica) (Stamina Battle) (Fourside Omega)

Baddinyan (Yokai Watch): Purple! Incineroar (Baddinyan), Boshi (Roughraff?) (Onett) (Rescued in Chapter 22)

KOS-MOS (Xenosaga/Xenoblade Chronicles): Zero with Super Scope (KOS-MOS) (Daybreak Pieces will Spawn, Zero will have Super Armor but have slower movement) (Above Azurda's Back) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Foxy the Pirate (Five Nights at Freddy): Red! Fox (Foxy the Pirate) (Fox will be unable to stop moving and moves quickly, He can also damage you as well) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Porky Minch (Mother): Roy Koopa (Porky) and Metal! Default! Lucas with Beam Sword and Jetpack (Claus/Masked Man) (New Pork City Omega) (Roy Koopa will love to taunt, have Super Armor equipped and is hard to launch, Stamina Battle) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Sakuya Izayoi (TouHou Project): Default! Sheik (Sakuya) (Luigi's Mansion) (Only timers will appear and Sheik will favor netural specials) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Pyron (Darkstalkers): Red! Mr. Game and Watch (Pyron) (Norfair Omega) (Mr. Game and Watch will be breathing Fire and the Stage is Lava)

Koitsu (Pictochat): Blue! Mr. Game and Watch with Ray Gun (Pictochat) (Reinforcements (Blue! Mr Game and Watch) will appear in battle)

Plutia (Hyperdimension Neptunia): Blue Blazer! Isabelle (Plutia) and Default! Female Byleth (Iris Heart) (Prism Tower Omega) (The Floor is Sleep Inducing, Byleth will appear after Isabelle's Defeated, Byleth's Weapon attacks have increased strength) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Uzume (Hyperdimension Neptunia): Default! Female Inkling (Uzume), Blue! Squritle (Umio), White Dress! Daisy (Orange Heart) (Find Mii Omega) (Inkling will have a Final Smash Suddenly, Daisy will appear after Inkling and Squritle are Defeated) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Fyrno (Skylanders): Red! Wario (Fryno) (Conditions: Wario likes to favour the Side Special and breaths Fire)

Isaac (Binding of Issac) Default! Kirby with Beam Sword (Isaac) (Dracula's Castle)

Chill Penguin (MegaMan X): Black! King Dedede with a Freezie (Chill Penguin) (Conditions: The Foe will Favor Dash Attacks) (Summit Omega) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Tattletell (Yokai Watch): Dixie Kong (Tattletell) (Conditions: Dixie will Favour Grabs and Throws, They'll also Heal overtime, You'll have reduced speed (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Bonnie the Bunny (Five Nights at Freddy): Purple! Incineroar (Bonnie) (Conditons: The Stage is covered in Fog, Hostile! Yuri Kozukata will appear (Luigi's Mansion) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Chica the Chicken (Five Nights at Freddy): Pink! King Dedede (Chica),Red Flower! Jigglypuff (Cupcake) (Conditions: Food items will appear, The Foe will be distracted by Food Easily and will increase in strength when doing so) (Luigi's Mansion) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Quote (Cave Story): Red! MegaMan with a Raygun (Quote) (Conditions: MegaMan Will Favour Special Attacks, Ranged attacks have increased Power) (Smashville) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Q-Bee (DarkStalkers): Pink! Kamui with Beehive (Q-Bee) with three other Kamui (Backup) (Conditions: Kamui will favor Side Specials, Stamina Battle) (Kongo Falls) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Chompy Mage (Skylanders): Green! Wario with Staff (Chompy Mage) and three Green! Kirbies (Chompy) (Conditions: Defeat Wario to Win)

Murasaki (Senran Kagura): Purple! Inkling Girl/Meggy with Boomarang (Murasaki), Black! Banjo/Kazooie (Murasaki's Bear) (Conditons: Black Holes and Food are the only items that spawn in battle, Hostile! Chef Kawasaki will spawn in battle and Defeat Inkling Girl/Meggy to win) (Stage: Sneaky Area form Warioware)

Ragna (BlazBlue): Deafult! Ike (Conditons: Ike will heal when dealing damage via his Sword)(Suggested by Bowserfan327)

Fairy Queen (Kirby 64): White! Peach (Fairy Queen) and Kirby, Bandana Dee, Adeleine and Ribbon, Dedede (Conditions: Defeat Peach to win) (Stage: Delfino Plaza) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Curly Brace (Cave Story): Red! Zero Suit Samus with Super Scope (Curly) with Four Isabelles (Minigas) (Conditions: Defeat Zero Suit Samus to win, Isabelles are easy to launch) (Stage: Venom Omega) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Wolfgang (Skylanders): Wolf (Wolfgang) and Red! Female Byleth (Bowslinger) (Hostile Squid Sisters will appear, Byleth favors netural special and Wolf must be defeated to win)

Wrastor (Rivals of Aether): Purple! Falco (Wrastor)

Toru Adcahi (Persona 4): Default! Joker (Toru Adcahi) and Advent Child! Cloud (Magastu Izanagi) (Conditions: Foes used their Netural Specials more frequently) (Suggested by Bowserfan327)

Venti: (Genshin Impact): Toon Link (Venti) (Conditions: Dangerous Winds Blowing and reduced Gravity) (Stage: Yggdrassil's Alter) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Zhongli: (Genshin Impact): Claude!Byleth (Zhongli) (Conditions: Earthquakes will be felt throughout the battle, Byleth will have a Back shield and Hostile! Majora's Mask Moon will appear in battle) (Stage: Great Plateau Tower) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123

Jean: (Genshin Impact): Lissa!Lucina (Jean) (Conditions: Dangerous Winds Blowing, Heals over time and favours netural Specials) (Stage: Paper Mario (Sticker Star Section) (Suggested by SuperSmasher123)

Diluc: (Genshin Impact): Zephiel! Roy (Diluc) (Conditions: Roy will have increased power for their Fire and Explosion attacks, Moltres will appear in Battle) (Stage: Luigi's Mansion) (Suggested By SuperSmasher123)

Mercury Djinn (Golden Sun): Kirby (Mercury Djinn), Purple! Palutena (Mia) and 7th alt! Ike (Piers) (Conditions: Defeat the Main Fighter (Kirby) to win, Stamina battle, the Foe heals over time) (Stage: Tortimer Island) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan) (Effect: Ice moves increase when equipped)

Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4): Red! Peach with fire flower (Yukiko Amagi) and Red! Falco (Konohana Sakuya) (Conditions: Defeat Peach to win, Falco will appear during battle, The floor is lava) (Stage: Find Mii) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Hood Sickle (Skylanders): Shiek with Death Sycthe (Hood Sickle) and Bandana Dee (Condition: Defeat the main fighter (Shiek) to win the Fight) (Rescued in Chapter 27)

Falcon (Power Stone): Red! Captain Falcon (Stamina Battle and the Foe becomes Metal overtime) (Stage: Pilotwings)

Super Mario Glitchy 4 (SMG4): American! Mario (SMG4) (No Conditions) (Stage: Peach's Castle) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Doctor (Cave Story): Doctor Mario (Doctor), Green! Bayonetta (Misery), ROB (Barlog) (Conditions: When you defeat the following Fighters listed above, an Incineroar will spawn, Likewise defeating it also spawns a giant Green Kirby) (Suggested by Generic Smash Bros Fan)

Miitopia Tank (Miitopia): Metal! Mii Guner (Tank) (Foe will be slow and super Strong)

Splat (Skylanders): Pink! Inkling Girl (Splat) (Stage: Pirate Ship)

Scions of Erdrick (Dragon Quest 2): Blue! Dragon Quest Hero (Prince of Midenhall), BoTW! Link (Prince of Cannock) and Default! Zelda (Princess of Moonbrooke) (Conditions: Hero will focus more on melee attacks, the foe's (DQ Hero's) Melee attacks will be empowered) (Stage: Yggdrasil's Altar)

Adachi (Persona 4): Joker (Adachi) and Giant Cloud (Magatsu Izanagi)

Chie Satonaka (Persona 4): Green! ZZ Samus (Chie) and Yellow Bayonetta (Tomoe) (Stage: Boxing Ring) (Conditions: Foes' Kicking attacks will be increased, Reinforcements will appear and defeat Samus to win)

Conker (Conker's Bad fur day): Blue! Diddy Kong with Ray Gun with Diddy Kong, Banjo and Kazooie (Stage: Dracula's Castle) (Conditions: Defeat the Blue! Diddy Kong to win)

Thornyan (Yokai Watch): Green Incineroar (Thornyan) (Conditions: Urinas will only spawn in battle) (Stage: Onett)

Spanky Quest Monkey: Diddy Kong (Spanky Quest Monkey) (Conditons: The only item will spawn in battle are soccer balls

Current score of DX Fighters suggested so far: (It’s a just for fun thing)

Bandana Dee: 1

Aledeine and Ribbon: 2

Krystal: 2

Zero: 1









To Be Decided concepts:

Potential Team Rainbow Rocket for future Stories


-Giovanni (Ace: Mega Mewtwo/Mega Rypherior)

Executives (Higher rank then the Admins):

-Arianna (Ace: Mega Kangahshan/Honchcrow)

-Archer (Ace: Mega Houndoom/Magmator)

Admins (Succesful Villains form Non Pokémon worlds):

-Kanami Minami (Yokai Watch) (Ace:Narwhal/Swanna)

-Menoa Bellucci (Digimon Adventure Last Evolution) (Ace:EOSmon/Butterfree)

-Philomena Dusk (Bakugan Battle Planet) (Ace:Apollyon/Mega Gallade)

-Lord Wily (Mega Man Battle Network) (Ace: Life Virus/Exadrill)

-Seth (Dinosaur King) (Ace: Black T-Rex/Dracovish)

-Akihiro Kurata (Digimon Data Squad) (Ace:Belphemon/Metagross)

Rainbow Rocket Grunts


Original DX-Verse Content:

Rock Force (Form GoldwaterDLS' Mega Man Rock Force Fan Game)


Rock Light/ Mega Man


Elec Man (Mega Man 1) (Second in Command)

Fire Man (Mega Man 1)

Cut Man (Mega Man 1)

Bomb Man (Mega Man 1)

Dive Man (Mega Man 4)

Knight Man (Mega Man 6)

Tornado Man (Mega Man 9)

Nitro Man (Mega Man 10)

New Members of the Rock Force (For the DX-Verse's Version):

Tundra Man (Mega Man 11)

Time Man (Mega Man Powered Up)

Tempo/ Quake Woman (Archie Mega Man)


Wily Battalion (Evil Version of the Rock Force)


Copy Robot (Mega Man Powered Up)


Quick Man (Mega Man 2) (Back up Leader)

Metal Man (Mega Man 2)

Crash Man (Mega Man 2)

Heat Man (Mega Man 2)

Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)

Wave Man (Mega Man 5)

Turbo Man (Mega Man 7)

Tengu Man (Mega Man 8)


Smash OCs:

1:Viper Van Striker:

Age: 27

A Hunter from the Pokémon world, Often considered as slippery as an Eelektross, He often backstabs his employers for those whom pays him better as he put it: "I'm only supplying you, Not working for you." . but he does care for one thing, His shiny Noivern whom he swindled from a shiny collector due to said collector only seeing Shinies as thorphies.

2: Anubis

Age:30 (In Manakete Years,) 3000 (In Human years)

A Former Devine Manakete whom was around the time of Marth, He sealed himself away in Ice to keep himself sane before the first Exalt sealed Grima, Aware of the power of the Exalts and the Fell Dragon, He currently seeks an Interest in Lucina Lowell due to her mixed hertiage and her connection with Dharkon.

Pokémon Teams in the Deluxe-Verse: (Main NON Smash Movesets in normal Pokémon battles)

Red: (From Normal Sun/Moon Series)

Charizard (Male) (Starter)

Fire/ Flying (Fire/Dragon when Mega Evolved)

Ability: Blaze (Though Claws when Mega Evolved)

Item: Charizardite X


Blast Burn


Dragon Claw

Thunder Punch

Squritle (Male)


Ability: Torrent

Item: Everstone


Aqua Jet

Water Pledge

Ice Beam


Ivysaur (Female)


Ability: Overgrow

Item: Evolite


Giga Drain

Grass Pledge



Lapras (Female)


Ability: Shell Armor

Item: Leftovers


Ice Beam



Ice shard

Marowak (Male)


Ability:Battle Armor

Item: Bone Club


Rock Slide


Aerial Ace

Thunder Punch

Jolteon (Male)


Ability: Volt Absorb

Item: Focus Slash


Wild Charge

Shadow Ball

Iron Tail


Charizard (Nickname: Chari) (Female) (Starter)


Ability: Blaze (Drought When Mega Evolved)

Item: Charizardite Y


Fire Pledge

Solar Beam

Air Slash



Golisopod (Male) (Starter)


Ability: Emergency Exit

Item: N/A


First Impression

Pin Missle


Drill Run

Pinsir (Male)

Bug (Bug/Flying when Mega Evolved)

Ability: Hyper Cutter (Aerilate when Mega Evolved)

Item: Pinsirite



Body Slam

Rock Slide

Close Combat

Ariados (Male)


Ability: Insomnia

Item: N/A


Pin Missle

Cross Poison

Sucker Punch


Scizor (Male)


Ability: Techichan

Item: N/A


Bullet Punch

Fury Cutter

Brick Break

Sand Tomb

Masquerain (Male)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: N/A


Air Slash

Bug Buzz


U Turn

Vikavolt (Male)


Ability: Levitate

Item: N/A




Bug Buzz

Air Slash

Sun (Incineroar's Trainer and Protagonist of Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon)

Incineroar (Male) (Starter)


Ability: Blaze

Item: Incinium Z

Darkest Lariat

Blaze Kick

Fire Pledge

Leech Life

Raichu (Alolan) (Female)

Electric/ Psychic

Ability: Surge Surfer

Item: Electric Seed





Electric Terrian

Lycanroc (Dusk) (Male)


Ability: Though Claws

Item: Lycanium Z/ Focus Slash

Stone Edge


Drill Run

Thunder Fang

Mimikyu (Male)


Ability: Disguise

Item: Mimikium Z


Play Rough

Shadow Claw

Shadow Sneak

Leech Life

Gyarados (Male)

Water/Flying (Water/ Dark when Mega Evolved)

Ability: Intimidate (Mold Breaker when Mega Evolved)

Item: Gyaradosite


Aqua Tail




Solgaleo (Nickname Nebby) (Male)


Ability: Full Metal Body

Item: Solganium Z


Sunsteel Strike

Zen Headbutt



Raising with Lillie and Hau:

Poipole (Considered a Female)


Ability: Beast Boast

Item: Posionium Z


Posion Jab

Dragon Pulse

Fury Attack


Team PokePals (Mystery Dungeon-Verse, Lucario's Exploration Team):

Lucario (Male) (Leader)


Ability: Inner Focus (Becomes Adaptability when Mega Evolved)

Item: Lucarionite


Aura Sphere

Bullet Punch


Ice Punch

Empoleon (Partner) (Female)


Ability: Torrent

Item: Special Band

Hydro Pump

Aqua Jet

Flash Cannon

Ice Beam

Wendy William's Team: (the trainer of Pikachu's family)

Swampert (Starter) (Male)


Ability: Torrent (Swift Swim when Mega Evolved)

Item: Swampertite

Muddy Water

Icy Wind


Brick Break

Pikachu (Male) (Starter) (Normal Pikachu)


Ability: Static

item: Light Ball

Volt Tackle


Iron Tail


Pikachu (Female) (Nicknamed Libre)


Ability: Lighting Rod

Item: Assault Vest

Volt Tackle

Thunder Punch

Play Rough

Flying Press

Pichu (Female) (Offspring of Pikachu and Libre)


Item: Everstone

Ability: Lighting Rod
Volt Tackle


Iron Tail

Grass Knot

Terrance McKnight's Team (Jigglypuff's Trainer):

Jigglypuff (Starter) (Female)


Item:Focus Slash

Ability: Competitive

Play Rough

Fire Punch

Hyper Voice


Krookodile (Starter) (Male)


Item: Krookodilite

Ability: Moxie (Also Moxie when Mega Evolved)


Darkest Lariat

Thunder Fang

Aqua Tail

Galarian Darmanitian (Male)

Ice (Ice/Fire whenZen Mode)

Item: Charcoal

Ability: Zen Mode

Icicle Crash

Fire Punch

Rock Slide


Druddgion (Male)


Item: Life Orb

Ability: Sheer Force

Dragon Claw


Iron Tail

Night Slash

Custom Pokémon Megas For my FanFics (any Potential Canon Megas will be the same but DX-Verse Megas would have Considered a Mega Pokémon-DX):


Mega Typhlosion


Burning Fury (Doubles the User's Special Attack but locks it into using only One move unless swaped out)

Mega Ledian


Serene Grace


Mega Electrivire



Mega Magmortar



Mega Froslass


Frozen Heart (Special Attack Version of Moxie)

Mega Rypherior


Battle Armor

Known Users of this Mega: Leon (Galar's Champion)/ Normal Sun/Moon Verse! Giovanni (Team Rocket's Boss)


Mega Serperior



Stats (Non Mega):75/75/95/75/95/113

Stats (Mega):75/95/115/95/115/133

Mega Dex (Sword): It becomes even more haughty when it Mega Evolves as it drenches it foes with fatal venoms now awaken by Mega Evolution's Energy, But it'll listen to a Trainer it truly trust like Mega Grayados however

Mega Dex (Shield): The Hood on it's new body is formed via Mega Evolution along with the toxins it's body, It's symbolise it's status as King with it's increase arrogance to others that are not it's trainer however makes this Pokémon

(Serperior gains Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Posion Tail, Acid, Acid Spray, Venoshock, Gunk Shot, Earth Power and Focus Blast)

Mega Emboar


Rock Head

Stats (Non Mega):110/123/65/100/65/65

Stats (Mega):110/153/80/100/80/95

Mega Dex (Sword): Mega Evolution increase this Pokémon's Strength which allows it to smash into even the toughest of Metals without any issues, But it's not as capable of making complex decisions because of the intense energy of Mega Evolution however.

Mega Dex (Shield): While it's mind isn't as clear as it was before, Mega Emboar can still understand it's trainers orders fully in battle due to their bond, Scientist are still researching into this factor and how it effects other Mega Evolutions like Grayados and Seperior

(Emboar gains Close Combat and Submission as new moves for it's Mega)

Mega Samurott X (Black/ Black 2)


Shogun's Blade (The user's Blade/Slash based moves (Razor Shell, Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw, ETC) will have increased power by 50%)

Stats (Non Mega):95/100/85/108/70/70

Stats (Mega):95/140/95/108/80/110

Mega Dex (Sword): The Shells on it's body become as harder then titanium, It's blades now can cut through anything like fragile Glass, While it's considered one of the Non Savage Mega Evolutions, It's only listens to Trainers that it feels truly respect.

Mega Dex (Shield): Samurott's not only has returned to a Bipedal state like it's preevolutions but it's Blades now done a more sharper state, Legends once spoke this Pokémon Defeating a Mega Hydreigon in the Distant Past of Unova.

Mega Samurott Y (White/ White 2)


Aquatic Fury (The User's Attack and Special Attack is raised by one stage when sent out into battle)

Stats (Non Mega):95/100/85/108/70/70

Stats (Mega):95/120/95/128/100/100

Mega Dex (Sword): Like Mega Charizard Y, This Mega Form of Samurott is considered it's Natural Mega Evolution, It's a master at both ranged and melee combat as it commands Armies in both Unova's and Sinnoh's Past.

Mega Dex (Shield): Despite now being part ice due to Mega Evolution's energy, The Shells on it's body are surprisingly tough as it's X Counterpart's own blades as it cuts even cleaner then the most sharpest of Human made swords.

(Samurott learns Icicle Crash, Freeze Dry, Ice Shard, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Metal Claw and Psycho Cut due to it's new Megas)

Mega Liepard



Stats (Non Mega):64/88/50/88/50/106

Users of this Mega Evolution: Grimsley (Unova Elite four), !Spoilers for Unsung Heroes! (Galar)

(Liepard gets Body Slam, Double Edge, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Sludge Bomb, Posion Jab, Gunk Shot and Close Combat for New Moves for it's Mega)

Mega Zebstrika


Supercharged (Electric and Fire Moves gain priority when the user is at Full Health)

Stats (Non Mega):75/100/63/80/63/116

(Zebstrika gets Incinerate, Flare Blitz, Flamethower, Blaze Kick and Heat Wave for it's new Mega)

Mega Swoobat


Serene Grace

Stats (Non Mega):67/57/55/77/55/114

Stats (Mega):67/57/55/147/55/134

Mega Dex Entry: One of the less hostile Mega Evolutions like Mega Ampharos, It's shown to be a Hit in the Kalos Region among Romantics whom even described this Pokémon as a cupid or angel of sorts.

(Swoobat gains Moonblast, Earth Power, Thunder Bolt, Aura Sphere and Hurricane as new moves for it Mega)

Mega Crustle


Titanium Will (Gives the User's Steel Types Resistances: Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Bug, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Steel and Fairy)

Stats (Non Mega):70/105/125/65/75/45

Stats (Mega):70/115/150/65/150/35

Mega Liligant



Stats (Non Mega):70/60/75/110/75/90

Stats (Mega):70/60/85/145/85/125

Mega Whimsicott



Stats (Non Mega):60/67/85/77/75/116

Stats (Mega):60/67/105/107/105/136

Mega Krookodile



Stats (Non Mega):95/117/80/65/70/92

Stats (Mega):95/147/90/65/90/132

Mega Dex Entry: The Spikes on it's body is a result of the excess energy produced form it's Mega Evolution, It's speed also makes it a dangerous predator in the wild as charges headstrong into battle

Users of this Mega: Terrance McKnight (Jigglypuff's Trainer)

Mega Swanna



Stats (Non Mega):75/87/63/87/63/98

Stats (Mega):75/87/63/147/63/138

Mega Klinklang


Voltage Generator (Increase both the User’s and Ally’s Electric Type Moves and reduce Ground type Damage by half)

Stats (Non Mega):60/100/115/70/85/90

Mega Haxorus


Battle Armour

Stats (Non Mega):76/147/90/60/70/97

Users of this Mega: Iris (Unova's Current Champion), Drayden (Opelucid City's Gym Leader and Mayor)

(Haxorus gets Iron Head, Metal Burst, Metal Claw and Smart Strike for new moves for it's Mega)

Mega Beartic


Slush Rush

Stats (Non Mega):95/130/80/70/80/50

Stats (Mega):95/150/95/70/95/100

Dex Entry: Nicknamed the Emperor of the Frozen Tundras, This Pokémon pummels Pokémon with fist of frozen fury as it rushes towards it's foe in snowstorms, It's considered the Rival of Mega Abomasnow.

(Beartic gets Close Combat, Drain Punch, Ice Shard, Mach Punch and Earthquake for new Moves)

Mega Mienshao


Phantom Arts (The User's Special Attack/Attack Raise by one stage depending on the Foe's Stats/A variant of Download)

Stats (Non Mega):65/125/60/95/60/105

Stats (Mega):65/135/70/135/70/135

Mega Dex Entry: Mega Evolution has awakened the inner Spirtual Energy of Mienshao, It's shadowy arts are considered a Legend in Ancient Unova which it was allied with an ancient Sage back then.

(Mienshao gets Shadow Punch, Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak and Phantom Force for new Moves for it's mega)

Mega Bouffalant


Mold Breaker

Stats (Non Mega):95/110/95/40/95/55

Stats (Mega):95/140/105/40/95/115

Mega Hydreigon X (Black 2/ White 2)


Leviathan (The User's Water and Dragon Type Moves have an increased Critical Hit Rate and make them super effective against Fairy Types)

Stats (Non Mega):92/105/90/125/90/98

Stats (Mega):92/150/80/150/80/148

Mega Hydreigon Y (Black/White)


Destructive Instincts (The user's Dragon Type moves ignores Matchups with other Types, EG: Dragon types moves deal normal damage to Fairy types instead of being resisted by them)

Stats (Non Mega):92/105/90/125/90/98

Stats (Mega):92/105/90/175/100/138

Mega Dex Entry:

(Hydreigon gets Ice Beam, Liquidation, Aqua Tail, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Air Slash, Hurricane, Iron Head and Swords Dance for New Moves for it's Megas)

Mega Genesect


Speed Boast

Stats (Non Mega):71/120/95/120/95/99


Mega Noivern


Venomlate (Normal Types Moves become Posion Type Moves)

Mega Talonflame


Accelerate (Sharply increase the User's Speed when their stats are lower, Speed version of Defiant)

Mega Clawtizer


Mega Launcher

Mega Dragalge



Mega Tyrantrum


Regal Presence (Lowers the Foe's Speed and Attack by one stage)

Mega Aurorus


Snow Warning

Known Users of this mega evolution:Viper Van Striker (Mercenary)

Alola:(Regional Variants included)

Mega Decidueye


Marksman's Aim (Non Contact Moves gain an increased Critical Hit chance)

Mega Ninetails (Kanto)


Shadowy Burns (Ghost Type Moves can inflict Burns)

Mega Ninetails (Alola)


Ice Aura (Ice type Version of Fairy Aura)

Mega Golem (Kanto)


Solid Rock

Mega Golem (Alola)



Mega Araquanid


Volt Absorb

Mega Kommo-o


Warrior's Spirit (Steely Spirit for Fighting Types)

Galar (Regional Variants included):

Mega Duraludon


Mega Launcher

Mega Obstagoon



Mega Dex Entry: Mega Evolution makes this Pokémon more

Mega Perrserker


No Guard


G-Max Hydreigon (Galarian Awakening)


G-Max move: G-Max Oblivion (Dragon type, Lowers the Foe's Defense and Special Defense by two Stages)

G-Max Tyranitar (Galarian Awakening)


G-Max move: G-Max Despair (Dark Type, Lowers the Foe's Attack and Special Attack by Two Stages)

Updated Mega Dex Entries:
Mega Charizard Y: It is believed to be the Natural Mega Evolution of Charizard, It's power can bring a powerful drought into battle

Mega Charizard X: The Blue Flames showcase the intensity of it's new powers as it incinerates it's foes to high degrees, It was recently discovered compared to it's Y Counterpart

Mega Areodactyl: The restored Genes in Areodactyl's Body allows it's true appearance to emerge, It's considered a Pesudo Version of Primal Reversion which some consider the link between Mega Evolution and the Hoenn region

Mega Lucario: Formerly considered the First Pokémon to Mega Evolve, It's a vicious fighter but a Strong Bond with it's partner allows it to remain calm throughout the battle.

New moves for Pokémon:

Hydro Cutter (Samurott's new Signature Move) Water, BP:80, Physical, PP:10, Accuracy: 100 (The User slashs it foe with a Blade of Water form it's swords, It deals both Physical and Special Damage depending on the Attack and Special attack stat of the User) (If Physical attack is higher, it'll deal Physical Damage and via versa if Special is higher) (Weaker Water type Variant of Photon Geyser) (Boasted by Shogun's Blade) (Learnt at Level 45)

Boulder Bash (Emboar's new Signature Move) Rock, BP:120 Physical, PP:15, Accuracy: 100 (The user charges head on into it's foe coated in a Brown Aura as it gives zero regard for it's own safety, It also cause Recoil damage because of this) (Recoil is 1/3 Damage) (Rock variant of Flare Blitz) (Learnt at Level 45)

Serpent Wrath (Serperior's New Signature Move) Posion, BP: 90 Special, PP: 10, Accuracy: 100 (The user unleashed a Poisonous blast that causes it's foes to flinch) (Poison type Variant of Fiery Wrath) (Flinch chance is 20%) (Learnt at Level 45)

Plasma Blast (Genesect's New Signature Move) Steel, BP: 120, Special, PP: 5 Accuracy: 100, (The User unleashed a Giant Laser of concerated Energy at it's foe form the Cannon on it's back, Depending on the Defense and Special Defense of the Foe, It'll become either a Special or Physical Move) (If the Foe's Defense is Higher, This move is Special but if the Foe's Special Defense is higher, It uses the user's physical attack stat) (Stronger Steel type Variant of Shell Slide Arm) (Learnt at Level 80)

Galarian Awakening Teams:( Lucina and Morgan are siblings in this story)

Lucina: (Rotation)

Pikachu (Sparky) (G-Max)

Inteleon (Mona)

Hydreigon (Luna) (G-Max)

Frosmoth (Grace)





Legendary (Not Captured): Zacian

Morgan: (Rotation)

Eevee (Stella) (G-Max)

Rillaboom (Bommer)

Galarian Slowbro (Tank) (May Change to Slowking in the Future)






Legendary (Not Captured): Zamazenta









Hatterena (G-Max)

Galarian Rapidash







Grimmsnarl (G-Max)













-Charizard (Female) (G-Max) (Nickname: Cynder)

-Aegislash (Male)

-Dragapult (Female)

-Rypherior (Male) (Mega when not in Galar)

-Mr. Rime (Male)

-Haxorus (Female)

Of Truths and Ideals:


-Jibanyan (Ghost/Fighting) (Ability: Iron Fist)






Traveling with:


Legendary: Reshriam


-Komasan (Ghost/Fire) (Ability: Magic Guard)






Traveling with:



-USApyon (Ghost/Ice) (Ability: Anger Point)






Villains of Truth and Ideals:

Natural Harmonia Gropius:







-Unovanian Darmanitian

Smash Benders Element Benders: (Inspired by Fanart from Ticcytx's art and Avatar the Last Airbender:


Lucina: Fire (Inheirited her Mother's fire Bending)

Robin (Female) : Fire

Chrom: Water

Mario: Earth

Luigi: Earth

Samus: Water

Kirby: Wind

Red: Earth

Cloud: Fire

Hope you all have a good day.

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A mother and daughter both have burdens to carry, but they never expected those weights and obligations would leave one of them staring down the sword of the other. Robin and Lucina both face each other, and recall the circumstances that have brought them to this point…And where they may go beyond it.
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Pokémon Sword and Shield X Fire Emblem Awakening: Galarian Awakening
When Lucina was in a state of doubt after Grima's Death, Especially with the fact that her fellow Second Generation Shepherds already found their place in this peaceful time, Tiki however offer her a chance to go to another world to help her with her problems... Could her answers be found there with the Strange Wolves in her Dreams? (Inspired by Ed-Ventures in Kalos)
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World of Light Deluxe reviews
Just before the start of the Fifth and biggest Smash Tournament Yet, Master Hand has vanished without a word to anyone, The Smashers soon discovered that this is just the beginning of something worse... A battle that is even greater then the Subspace emissary... World of Light Novelisation with New content (Inspired by Krosshair's Story) Deluxe-Verse
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(Part of the World of Light Deluxe-Verse and POST World of Light Deluxe, Takes place AFTER Christmas Annual 2020 #4 A Ylissean Christmas and A Heroic Meeting) When hanging out with Simon, Pit, MegaMan, Pikachu, Samus and her Boyfriend Shulk, Lucina soon decided to talk about some topics regarding family... And how they can be different for everyone...
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A Manakete Princess who's Family and Kingdom fallen to the Luminary Empire, A Young Scientist who's fiancé was killed by the same empire. Two Individuals that have nothing in common will unite against a common threat and their budding bond will change even Fate itself. Final Fantasy VII style AU, Manakete!Lucina Contains slight Language and Character deaths. (BOOK 1)
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 65 - Words: 203,884 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 6/20 - Published: 1/30/2020 - [Lucina, Shulk] Captain Falcon, Greninja - Complete
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(Part of the World of Light Deluxe-Verse, POST World of Light Deluxe story that takes place AFTER the 2020 Christmas Annual Story #5 Hotshots) When seeing Guzma training his team, Red decided to help him out with a normal Pokémon Battle and what better way to battle is with your starter Pokémon... Who would win in this fight?
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(Avatar AU one-Shot) Sometimes being a child of a Fire Bender doesn't mean it's a bad thing, This is something Lucina learnt from her Mother one day, But what she's unaware was the potential she can uses... along with her inner draconic heritage.
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Sometimes, You never know what a Parent is, They could be an Uncle, Aunt, older sibling or even a guardian,, This was what Guzma thought until he asked for some advice from Mario regarding Meggy. Would the Plumber advice be helpful (Part of the World of Light DX-verse)(Sequel to A Person I could look up to) (Contains a custom fighter)
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Guilt often clouds our better judgement even if others say that it's a natural thing in life, When Lucina finally have the courage to talk to her Mother after the Events of Grima's death at her hands, How will it turn out? (Part of the World Of Light Deluxe-Verse) (Contains Sm4sh Elements as well)
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No matter how much she tried to forget about it, Lucina knew that Dharkon exploited the Fellblood she inherited from her mother when he corrupted her into his second in command. But is there more to their connection then she thinks? Is it connected to not just Grima but Dragons from a world her father once visited in the past? (Part of the World of Light Deluxe-Verse)
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A Person doesn't have to be related to you to be called an Uncle, Something Meggy doesn't realised until she meet the Person whom would be the parental figure she ever wanted... A Red Plumber by the name of Mario... (Tie in with the Story Squids, Punks and Dragons.) (Part of the World of Light Deluxe-verse) (Meggy is Property of SMG4/Glitch Productions)
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,516 - Favs: 3 - Published: 6/5/2020 - Mario, Inkling - Complete
The Way to Both Dawn and Dusk
Hope is a feeling that comes to us when something good happens to us, with their both their draconic features and the part of Galeem and Dharkon inside of them slowly getting worse. Both Lucina and Shulk need to stay strong, They fought against Fate before so what makes this time different? (Sequel to Wavering Light, Part of the World of Light Deluxe-Verse)
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Game On!
(Part of the World of Light Deluxe-Verse) (Takes place before the events of the main World of Light Deluxe story) With Simon joining the Smash tourneys with his descendent Ritcher, Pit thought it would be a good Idea to have him, Rock and Samus to discuss how far things went for them. How would it turn out? (Contains minor swearing)
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Facing your fears is one thing, But hanging out with it even for a while? You might as well say you're good as dead. But fortunately for Meggy, She got some help in the form of the ex-leader of Team Skull... Hopefully... (Part of the World of Light Deluxe Series) (Meggy is from SMG4/ Glitch Productions) (Contains a custom fighter for this story)
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,311 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 5/21/2020 - Published: 5/19/2020 - Corrin (F), Inkling - Complete
Sleepless Dino, Hyperactive Rodent reviews
When Pichu saw Agumon waking up in the middle of the night scared and acting like he saw a Shuppet sleeping next to him. She asked her Father to come with her to see what's wrong with him. Will the digimon be willing to answer why he's been acting frighten lately? (Part of the World of Light Deluxe-verse) (Contains a Custom fighter)
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(Takes place in the World of Light-Deluxe universe) As Chrom and Pikachu discussed recent events such as the World of Light while talking over drinks, They bring up some things regarding how their families have been up to lately, but are things on Chrom's end alright?
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While walking by the Training Room of the Smash Mansion, Isabelle saw Incineroar training himself, Depsite her nervousness and her fears caused by the World of Light Incident, She ask him for advice on how to cope with fear. Will it be good? (Takes place in the World of Light Deluxe-Verse)
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(Sequel to Draconic Scars) (Post World of Light Story) As Shulk and Lucina try to fight off the part of Galeem and Dharkon inside of them, revelations about the powers they received from the two eldritch gods will be made as Light and Darkness try to clash against each other once more. (Part of the World of Light Deluxe-verse)
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,063 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 5/1/2020 - Published: 4/25/2020 - [Shulk, Lucina] - Complete
Draconic Scars reviews
While scars can heal overtime, The pain they inflicted on you do not, Lucina is aware of this after the events of both Grima and the World of Light. But the latter incident left a mark that will truly never heal... A Mark just like her mother's when she became Grima's vessel in her original timeline...(Post-World of Light Story) (Part of the World of Light Deluxe Series)
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Two mischievous pranksters and one time travelling Princess from the future, Hanging out with each other for a while, What can go wrong? (Takes place in the World of Light Deluxe-Verse) This story may contain some material not appropriate for younger audiences. (Contains some World of Light tie-ins)
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