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Hi, there.

I'm a student. By definition, this would mean I'm piss-poor and lacking in time. This is true. I breathe, can string together a decent sentence, and growl a mean Aguilera. I also read profusely. I'm a grammar snob, but no self-respecting writer isn't. I like perfection and drive myself up walls to obtain it. When this is happening, only threats against my chocolate stash impede me. And even then, it's never for too long. I'm don't have OCD, but I pretend well.

I update this baby (aka author's profile) when I'm about to get out a new chapter, or am needing to explain why there hasn't been one since the last century. See the dated update entries below for my most recent excuses.

If you'd like to personally haggle over updates, or lack thereof. Follow me on twitter.

Watch how I don't include my account info.

I'm awesome like that.

(I'm debating whether or not I actually should reveal my twitter acct. I've been asked about it a few times, but I'm still hemming and hawing.)

*CAUTION, IMPORTANT INFO AHEAD* (Or below, as is the case)

7 August 2010, 8:04pm

My only publicly available child, A Father's Sin, is undergoing some heavy-duty surgery. Ffnet kindly keeps chewing all of my formatting, and the writing style that I must have blindly pulled out of my ass when I first started this gig is atrocious. I mentioned this a few scrolls below. So I'm doing some massive hauls up and down this site, replacing and editing as best as I can while pressing ice against my forehead to avert the migraine my own writing is inducing. Or at least, that's what I will be doing once I dig myself out of my grave of work. If you're reading my story and going, "huh, shit's pretty good!" then that's probably because I've pulled a ninja and changed some stuff in anticipation of your arrival. I'm sneaky like that. K, so I also need to warn you that school's up and coming. I'll be busy and a half when semester starts, so I'm hoping to give you lot another chapter by the end of August to tide you over until my next update. Watch out for that one, and review while you wait--it motivates me to get off my ass more ;).

9 June 2010, 7:54pm

Yeah, I apparently have a thing for 7ish pm, because I always seem to be writing something up here and making you nice people question my sanity with my weirdness. If, by chance, you are reading this, I am, for serious (like I said just three days ago), planning to upload the third chapter of my story tomorrow. I sincerely hope it was worth the wait. Be sure to leave me some sugar to let me know if it was.

6 June 2010, 7:41pm

Needed to change my penname. The writing of the only story I've had the (proverbial) balls to upload is painful. I must be shedding skin or something. Anyway, I'm revising and freshly churning up some new chapters for A Father's Sin, regardless of how I wince each time I read previously written chapters (I know, there're only two to speak of...but still). Thanks for reminding me of the unfinished beast. For serious. I will get to her within the month. I BS you not.

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