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This is the lair of Nezumi, Saezuru, and Chosaku! MUHHAHAHAHAHA! We are three good friends who like to write and read. And Saezuru (muh) would like to thank Nezumi for showing her what fanfiction was. Now, let's see...TO THE SHORT BIOS!



West Side Story



Harry Potter


Phantom of the Opera



Broadway Plays, acting
Music, singing, playing the violin
Field Hockey
Blue things
Shiny things :)
Sitting outside in the sun


Mean people, mostly Bush
Spiders (ewww)
Scary movies
Michael Jackson

A little about me...

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Brownies

Favorite Novels: Twilight, HP, Inkheart, Harriet the Spy

Favorite Movies: Mean Girls, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Little Miss Sunshine.

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Super-Hero: hmm... Raven

2 Favorite Fanfic Quotes:

Rosalie grinned wickedly. “We have more chairs if you three would like to join Emmet.”

Zip! Zip! Zip!

“GONE! ALL GONE! Won’t anyone help save poor little ol’ me!” Emmet yelled after them

Edward, Carlisle and Jasper’s head peeked in the doorway.

Emmet beamed, “In knew you wouldn’t abandon me!”

Jasper grinned, “Actually no. I don’t want to end up like you will. I just wanted to point out that you’re not poor. You’re pretty rich really.”

“And I wanted to add that you aren’t exactly ‘little’ either,” Edward chimed in.

Emmet scowling at the threesome said, “And I suppose that you, Carlisle, wanted to point out that I’m not actually me.”

Carlisle looked startled, “Why, no, of course not. That wouldn’t make sense at all. I just wanted to see if they’d stared beautifying you yet. I see they haven’t.” ~ The Slumber Party by Appy4la

“Who listens to N Sync anymore?” Emmett asked.

“Obviously your wife.” Edward said. “And her hyper active sister.” And stone hit marble.

“I am not hyper active… just a little insane!” Alice said in a innocent voice.

“That’s why you were in the asylum.”

“Edward, do you want to start this right now. Cause you’ll be going down… and theres nothing your Bella can do to safe you!”

“Leave me out of this.”

“Well, no one likes N Sync.”

“Excuse me Edward… after taking an extensive look at your music collection… I noticed that you have every single N Sync, Backstreet Boy, 98 degree, O Town, West Life, and Dream Street CD in existence.” I said.


“Oh, and did I mention that he has every single Cher CD as well.”

“You listen to Cher?”

“Are you gay?”

“Obviously not since I am engaged to this lovely little traitor next to me.”

~Road Trip by Alunamai


Okay, since Sae is being so's my bio:
Favorite Books: Crown Duel, Twilight, HP, LOTR, Pride and Prejudice,
Skulduggery Pleasant, Cry of the Icemark...I could go on forever.
Favorite Movies: CATS, LOTR, Phantom of the Opera, Charlie's Angels,
Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Authors: J.K. Rowling, Cornelia Funke, Angie Sage, Stephenie
Meyer, Sherwood Smith, Jane Austen
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Quotes: "Quod desidero obtineo", "With friends like you, who
needs enemies?"
Things I Dislike: Our Pres., certain people, idiots who Just Don't
Care, rude salespeople, tomatoes, mushrooms...


I Like:
•Fullmetal Alchemist
•and a bunch of other random crap, like reading really funny quotes.
•OOC yaoi, but also people who think gays are satan-spawn.
•mosquitos (who doesn't?)
•bad food
•global warming
And...I am a contradiction! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I like bunnies, and spiders (SaeDOESN'T) and violence in movies, but I hate horror movies,
get the idea. I know! I'll let Cho tell you something about me!Cho: Nezumi is insane. But in a good way. And she likes bunnies.
More than THAT!Cho: Humph. Fine. Okay...Nezumi is one of the funniest people I know...uh...she procrastinates a lot...she's a great
cook...and...uh...she is very annoying, yet it is hard to stay angrywith her as she can always make me laugh. It gets very annoying. Yes,Nezumi, I KNOW I said annoying twice. Hey, now I've said it threetimes! IT~?!? It, it, it, it, it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it,it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it,it, it, it. Is that enough of it?
Perhaps. have you seen IT lately? Sorry, I'll stop.
Yeah, It is an inside joke. Don't you just love those? What else
about, I have an odd taste in music, (again, contradiction) I
like everything good from agnsty hard rock to happy-go-lucky Japanese
stuff. Yes, I'm weird. I like me that way.Yeah, I beleive that that's enough. Yes, Cho, I do say "yeah" a lot.
Ja ne!

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