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Author has written 10 stories for Naruto, Hana-Kimi, and D N Angel.

things to know... uh, there are TWO people on this account. So, let's begin

(Enter Shuichu): Ohayo Gozaimasu!! Watashi no namae Sarahari Shuichu desu!

Name: Shuichu Sarahari (nickname: Alice C on GH:WT Wii)

Ethnicity: Asian (hellz yea)

Intelligence: Divine

Sex: maybe...

What I like to do: manga, eat, manga, sleep, manga, rock band, manga, anime, manga guitar hero, manga, manga, manga... JAPANESE MUSIC

My fave saying: Mada Mada dane (damn more romaji)

Hair color: Black

Heart: Where?

Special talents/side notes: working on fcing Crazy Train on WT... not going very well b/c the solo is a bitch. not imposibble but im too lazy to actually go in and work at it. I play guitar, trumpet, real fake plastic guitar. i CAN play Tuba, barratone, trombone, drums, fake fake plastic guitar, kazoo, bass, drum set.

Interests: Fckin FC'ing Barracuda (last song on that tier to fc...), Fc'ing crazy train, Fc'ing Mr. Crowley, Playing the previous two songs on real guitar, marrying Kazuhiro Saitou... pissing off Shui-kun, getting my manga back from that fing bastard han... making impossibly hard songs to play on world tour in the music creator. if you have wii version check out my song Ode to Death

ok i lied... it's going to be aprox 1chapter per chapter... so around... 100... 160 chapters... good lord

(Enter Shuichi): You know something... I just realized I don't understand half the shit Shuu just said in his above little rant... Anyway:

Name: Sumiyoshi Shuichi (nickname: Shui-chan/kun)

Hair color: short... curly...! It's six different colors... all naturally. T_T

Sex: Depends on how intoxicated I am...

Fave Saying: "Even calenders say WTF after Tuesday."

Things I like: Music, drawing, writing, sleeping, and um... hair. (Shuichu: You are so odd.)

Current obsession: Updating

Things about me: I'm completely immature. I once fell into a lake after being chased by a stranger on a motorcycle... who turned out to be my uncle. I wanted to be an assassin when I was in third grade because I heard they travel a lot. I got caught passing a note demanding someone to explain to me how sex worked. (It was a joke). I believed my parents bought me at the convenience store and would return me if I wasn't good until I was eight... and, I woke up late and started rushing to get ready for school and then realized when I was fully dressed that it was Saturday.

And finally:

Shuichi: Ja, ne...

Shuichu: oyasumi nasai!

Ps... You guys are awesome. We would hug you but it would be awkward explaining how we found you. Anyway, feel free to review or PM us. We love to hear what you have to say. Shui and Shuu

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Sex Games by Feilan reviews
Dark is the high school prince, while Daisuke is the silent and mysterious boy whom no one seems to notice. Dark learns that some mysterious are better being left unsolved, but when was Dark ever the type to listen to reason? D/D, Yaoi. Slowly being rewritten for added detail and messy grammar.
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The New Kid reviews
Someone always picks on the new kid in school. This time, they make a bet for 200 dollars to whomever can get into the guy's pants first. But what happens when the game becomes real and money isn't the prize anymore? Warning contains: yaoi, profanity, etc
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When is Rape consensual? reviews
Naruto has a screwed up life. He's been abused by a twisted man for years. No one knew and no one cared. It was insufferable for him. He wanted to end it... until two new students arrive at his school. Sasunaru and Nejinaru
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Angelic Sin reviews
Angel is the highest rank in God’s army. Angels are the most respected creatures of heaven. They can do anything… except fall in love… especially with devils. It’s a sin. An unforgivable one. DarkXRiku... rated M for violence I guess...
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Bestranged Love reviews
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After running away, Daisuke winds up in an alleyway during the worst storm all year. Dark, a junior at Mizu High School, allows him to stay at his apartment. The two quickly become friends, but it won't last if Daisuke’s past catches up to him. DarkxDai
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Naruto was raised as a girl. He's the sole heir of Konoha Kingdom. But what happens when this princess needs a prince? Can Naruto keep up the act? Or will it all come tumbling down at his... her royal suitors' ball when someone gets too close? Sasunaru.
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Don't Lie reviews
Walking home late one day, Naruto finds a dying boy in an alleyway. Naruto lets him stay at his home, but the boy wanders off for days and returns exhausted, a roll of money in his back pocket. Does Naruto realize what he got himself into?
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