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Mosswind's page redone!! WOOT!!

OH FREAKING CRAP!! It's been a long time since I got on here!! I AM SO SORRY! I am still writing just things have come up that have slown things down. I broke my hand so that took me out for a while then school came in and drama, but I am back now and writing a story with ANIMALGuRL33!! My other stories and more will be updated soon! SORRY!!

Hello fanfiction world! I am Mosswind and I currently have three stories out! YEAH ME!

I am a girl!! hehehehehehe! That's why I write romance stories!!

Do you know what...I wish we could have like color backrounds to our sites, so I could have little squirrels running around with their muffins and just a random thought.

I will be writing more Warrior stories, Cats the musical stories, and maybe even Thundercat stories.








Valae-windlass!! She is my older sister and she is in collage, so by far she is a greater writer than I am. She has written two stories so far, An Avatar story, and A Power Rangers story. So check her out!!



Lion-o and Cheetara- These two were ment to be. And I don't really like Tygra, and Lion-o and Cheetara have always been my favorite characters, so LET IT BE LOVE!!(Tygra: BUT I LOVE HER!! Me: TOO BAD!!)

Pumyra and Bengali- awwwwwwwwwwwww just so cute!!(Tygra: I... Me: NO!)

Tygra and no-one-(Tygra: HEY! Me: Fine...)

Tygra and Willa(or whatever that one warrior chick's name is...)Tygra: Don't DISRESPECT HER! Me: I'm not I just can't remember her name right now, sorry Willa! Willa: It's ok)

Mumm-ra and no one: Mumm-ra: But what about... Me: NO ONE! Not Pumyra, Lion-o, Panthro, Tygra, Willa...

Mummra: How about Ch...

Me: NO! Especially not her or Lion-o!( Takes out pickle) There now live happily ever after!

Mumm-ra: She's so beautiful...

Teen Titans

Robin and Starfire: HEHEHEHehehehehehehehehe! Yes!! EEEK!! They are ment to be together. I love it when they kiss on the movie...

Beast Boy and Raven: YES! YES! Now all they have to do is kiss!

Cyborg and Bumble Bee:D:D:D:D! too cute

Cyborg and Jinx: This could work too

Cyborg and his car: I bet you all saw this coming.

Red-X and Starfire: Not one of my favorites, but it's alright

Slade and Starfire: wait...what?? Slade: YES!! Me: NO! i put this on as a joke! I don't like u 2 together!

Slade: CRY!!

Harry Potter

Harry Hermione- :(!! I can still dream can't I that Ron is cheating on Hermonie or he's not really Ron, but he his Vol...he who must not be named(can't spell his name) and that Harry and Hermonie can finally be together with the pigs and muffins they always wanted!

Ron Hermione: it's ok...still like Harry Hermione better

DUMBELDORE(sorry can't spell fix later!!) and MCGONAGAIL!!: YES!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE hohohohohohohoho!!


Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight: YES YES YES:D:D:D:D:D

Firestar and Sandstorm: HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE! YES!!

Crowfeather and Leafpol: DIE NIGHTCLOUD!!

um there is more couples but I am too tired to put them all down, but I'll put them on later,





Munkustrap and Demeter: Yes, I am a munkie and demeter fan..hehehehe

Jemima and Misto: Magical!

Jemima and Alonzo: Like this too

Jemima and Pounce: Same as above

Victoria and Plato: Whatever I love this couple

Victoria and Misto: It works.

Macavity and demeter: SOMETIMES! When he is nice!




Starfire and Slade: disturbing

Slade and anyone under the age of 18: Slade:But...but... Me: GRRRRRRRR!! Slade: But I love people under the age

Me: Don't even finish that sentence and get some help...TODAY!!

Macavity and Munkustrap: NO NO NO!!

Demeter and Alonzo: once agian NO NO NO NO NO NO NADA NO!!


Lion-o and anything that isn't cheetara

Nightcloud and Crowfeather: read Night-Night Nightcloud and decide if I like her or not...


1/1/08_Ok well i am starting to write the next chapter to Is There Still Hope...but I just don't know what to do...if I want to just get on with the Sasha/Goldenflower fighting or take a chapter with Tigerclaw's POV. so yeah it will be up soon.

1/15/08_Yeah you guys are probably going to kill me for not updating, but give me awhile. We just got finished with finals and just all this drama has been going on that it's really hard for me to write. and homeworks been...UGH!! so I promise the next chapter to Is There Still Hope will be up soon. Hopefully it will be worth the while.

More later!

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