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Name: mangalover4ever07 (What I am currently doing?: tryna go back to school! Being a grown up sucks!!

age: 27

birthday: 5/28/89

gender: female

occupation: in the "finding myself" phase of life

location: Philadelphia

hobbies: shopping, reading, hanging out with my friends, shopping, listening to music, dancing, shopping,writing, oh did I mention shopping.

likes: cats, shoes, books, my computer,my cell phone, money, people, myself, my friends, my family(some of them),sexy heels, hot guys( YUM!)

dislikes: obnoxious ppl, loud ppl, ppl that don't know when to shut up.

bab habit: Shopping for shoes. It's a disgusting habit but i can't help it. I need help. :( Is there a such thing as Shoppers Anonymous?

sibs: Nope. only child. I'm so spoiled. MWHAHAHAHA!! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Fav Music Artist/Songs:

Eve: Gangsta Love. Tamborine
Alicia Keys: What a woman's worth. Fallin. If I ain't got you.
Ludacris: Get back. Gegoria.
Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable
Coolio: Gangsta's paradise
Beyonce: Get some bodied. Crazy in love. Baby boy. Irreplacable.
Pink: You and ur hand. Stupid girls
Fall out boys: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, I don't care
Lion King: Circle of life. (Not ashamed to say it :P)
Fefe Dobson: Everything. Kiss me fool
Robin Thicke: Lost w/o u. When I get you alone, sweetest love
BoA: Every Heart, Possibility (HOT SONG), White Wishes
Musiq: Whoknows. Dontchange
Gwen Stefani feat Eve: Rich Girl
Keyshia Coles: Let it go. Love. Last night.
TLC: Girl talk. Creep. Waterfall.
Will Smith: Men in Black. Switch. Wild wild West.
Faith Evans: Never let u go.
SWV: weak
Jesse Powell: You
Boyz II Men: Bended knee. I'll make love ot you. End of the Road. Song for Mana
Phantom of the opera: Think of me. Phantom of the Opera.
Chicago: Cell Block tango
Brian Mcknight: Win
Christina Aguilera: Hurt. Candyman. Fighter. Dirty. Voice Within
Mya: Fallin
Mariah Carey: Always be my baby
Michael Bolton's version of Go the Distance. (hercules)
Ciara feat Chamillionaire: Get up
Chamillionaire: Ridin Dirty
Cupid Shuffle
Tiffany Evans: Promise Ring. her version of Flying without wings
Phil collins: Strangers like me. You'll be my heart
Goofy movie: Eye2Eye. Stand out
Evanescence: Call me when you're sober
Mary J. Blige: Be w/o you. Rainy dayz. I'm Going Down
OZ: Ease on down the road
Hunckback of Notre Dame: Bells/ Notre Dame. Out There. God help the outcast. Heaven's Light
Aladdin: Friend like me. Prince Ali.
Neyo: One in a million
Rent: Seasons of Love, Take me or Leave me, La vie Boheme
Cats: the musical: EVERY SONG!
Chrisette Michele: What you do, blame it on me, proclean doll
My Chemical Romance: I'm not Okay, Helena
Eminem: Love the way you lie
Fantasia: I'm doin' me

Fav Movies/Actor/Actress

WIll Smith: Pursuit of Happiness. Independence Day. Hitch. Enemy of the State. Wild West, I am Legend
Morgan Freeman: Million Dollar Baby. Along came a Spider. Bruce Almighty.
The Legend of Zorro.
Angelina Jolie: Mr.and Mrs Smith. Lara Croft I and II. Bone Collector.
Denzel Washinton: Training Days. Inside Man. Bone Collector. Deja Vu
Queen Latifah: Last Holiday. Bringing down the house. Beauty Shop
Bernie Mac: Mr. 3000. w/ Ashton Kutcher: Look who's coming (R.I.P)
Jim Carrey: Bruce Almighty. Cable Man. Liar Liar. Me, Myself and Irene. How the Grinch stole Christmas
Sandra Bullock: Practical Magic.
Lion King (never too old for it)
Morris Chestnut (not the best actor but sure is sexy!)
Matt Damon: Bourne Trilogy
Adam Sandler: 50 first dates, Mr. Deeds. Little Nicky
Drew Barrymore
Wall-E: Super Cute!!
The Dark Knight: Rocked My F'n World!!
Kung Fu Panda
The Other Boylen Girl: Surprisingly Good! Anne got what she deserved!! Greedy heifer!
Zack and Miri make a prono
HANGOVER!! (who ever doesn't find this funny has NO sense of humor whatsoever!!)
The Princess and the frog
Alice and Wonderland: I wished that Anne Hathaway would put her damn hands down!!

(I have a lot more just can't think of them right now)

Fav Anime:

Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fruits Basket, Pretear, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Naruto, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, (I think that's it)

(I'm startin back to my manga phase again):

Utena: believe it or not, this was my first manga, in 7th grade, that started it all!
Gravitation: My second manga and first Yaoi, and smut!! (sigh those were the days)
Kiss in the blue
Love Monster
Love Strip
Hot Gimmick
Otokomae Beads Club
Shinigami Lovers
Denski Daisy
Black Bird
Wolf Guy: NOT of the weak heart...EVEN I had to stop reading it around chapter 70. the graphic nature was getting too out of hand for me.
Crescent Moon
Hana to Akuma: the most cutess manga I've read so far!
Hana Yori Dango : Long as hell! But a good read.
He's dedicated to roses
Kill me Kiss me
Desire Climax
Barajou no Kiss
Okane Ga Nai
Beast Boy
(I have sooo many!!...don't let this list fool you)

Fave Anime Couples


Inuyasha/ Kagome (best one XD)
Miroku/ Sango (never mess wit a good thing)
Kouga/ Ayame
Sesshomaru/ Rin (when she's an adult)
Sesshomaru/ Kagome (if the fanfic's good)


Naurto/ Sasuke (no one else is worthy of them)
Sakura/ Rock Lee
Shikamaru/ Temari
Kiba/ Hinata
Neji/ Gaara (when the fanfic's good)

I go to other archieves but those are the main ones. :P

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You're a 90's kid if:

You can finish this 'ice ice _'
You remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, Bobby's World, Felix the cat, The Tick...AAAAAAAH Real Monsters!
You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!"

You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philidelphia born and raised . . ."
You remember TGIF, Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World.
You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.
You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school.
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You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school.
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1/21/08: MLK B' Day As of now, I'm having really bad writer's block but if still working on my recent posted fanfic: It's a man's world. so if anyone has any ideas at all, feel free to pass them my way. Also I'm working on a new story. It's a murder mystery one which I have no idea why I'm writing it. My imagination is wild and I'm so simple that I'm afraid that I'll write a scary part and scare myself XP

2/14/08: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ALL YOU LOVE BIRDS OUT THERE! My day was great! This guy, so cute, who I'm kinda sorta crushing on, TALKED TO ME!! squeal!! We talked for like 30 minutes, which I know isn't a long time but hey... I was good enough for me. But I don't know if he likes me and if he has a girlfriend or not and he's a senior so I see him sporatically. But he does tutor history, and even though I don't need help in it I'ma go anyways so I can see him. .. YEAH!!

2/16/08: OMFG!! I'm so sick of my trifling, as in dirty, nasty, flithy, roomate/bathmates. Who the hell just sits back and doesn't say anything when they know that there's shit all over the back of the toliet!! I mean my roomate went in to wash her hands and just comes back in and doesn't say anything and then my bathmates come in and start to point the finger at somebody and their fighting "I'm not cleaning it up!" Seriously!! grown ass women! I had to clean the shit up cause I was the only one with the balls to do it and it wasn't even me!! I will admit that they do clean the bathroom more than me but that's because they use it more, hair and makeup all over the damn place. I clean up after myself and don't clean after nobody else. But they want to fight and argue and try to clown somebody when you could tell is was a KID that did it, the same kid that their guest like once a month and like that has ever happened until they were here. I swear I can't stand a dirty female!!

Wow... I had to vent. Anyways I trying really, really hard to finish chapter 10 of "It's a man's world" and post it. I have mid-terms coming this week and a research paper so I'm hoping I'll get it done by next week. :)

2/20/08: OMG!! I AM OFFICALLY MORTIFIED!! OMG!! I HAVE THE WORST BEST FRIEND EVER!! She told me to go online and watch the 2 girls 1 cup video! HAS ANYONE SEEN THAT!! OMG!! I was sooo not expecting THAT!! It was like one in the morning. I screamed sooooo loud I think... no I know I woke up my dormmates!! My head hurted so bad and I was shaking so bad. Thank God I can handle stuff like that cuz I would've definatly thrown up! She told me since she experienced it I had to too. DUMB GIRL!! I HATE HER RIGHT NOW!!

2/25/08: AAHHRRRGGGG!! THE KIDS IN MY GYM CLASS ARE SOOOO DUMB!! We just did our midterm last week and like 5 people, including myself got As, 10 got Cs and the other 45 got Ds or Fs!! I mean come on!! Our teacher acutally got drop class slips, that's how bad it was! I know that some people aren't good as test taking but if you don't know what HIV/ AIDS stands for, by college!, you're definetly wasting your money!! If you don't wanna listen, open the F'N BOOK!! THAT'S WHAT YOU PAID 100 DOLLARS FOR!! And if you really, really, don't know the answer, cheat!! I know I shouldn't promot cheating but... it's midterms! That effects your grade dramatically!! But wait... if you sit by the person that knows just as little as you do, it doesn't help. Now he's making us get into groups and do an oral presentation!! GOD!! This is sooo cutting in time for me to finish my chapter!! AAAAHHHHH!! It's taking me soo long to finish!! I hate mondays

3/15/08: BOOYA!! I GOT A CAR!! F'N A MAN!! YEAH!! can you tell I'm happy? Lol. This is the best day ever... now I just have to learn how to drive:)

4/16/08: STUDIP SON OF A BITCHES!! Ok this is what happened... someone pulled a prank in my dorm and pulled the fire alarm at 5 in the fricking morning. Doesn't sound to bad right... well lets add that they put fricking baby oil all on the steps and railings huh?! How bout that!? But wait, it gets better, I'm trying to be the good samaritian and tell people "watch out their baby oil on the floor" and wouldn't you know it, I get fucked up. I twisted my fricking ankle dammit! And at first I didn't think nothing of it cuz I'm a klutz and I do it all the time. So about 45 minutes out in the damn cold we finally get to go back inside and go back to bed and wouldn't you know it my ankle is swelled up like a damn ballon! I couldn't even walk! And I had to do a 1.5 mile walk for gym this morning. God knows I didn't want to do it any ways but damn it's the end of the semester I can't afford to miss any classes. Damn...M' F'n (censored) oooooohhhhh!! I'm sooo mad!! Who does this shit huh!? This is college and dudes is acting like kids! I swear I'm suing who ever did this. (sigh). I feel better.

4/17/08: Oh yeah, got an 'A' on my spanish test. It's about time too. Lol. well my ankle feels better, the swelling went down and all, just keeping ice on it. I'm surpirsed that my teachers were understanding, my gym teacher's a real ass sometimes. Any hoo... got a lot of projects due and finals are just around the corner so I'ma be doing homework and stuff instead of writing. Damn... I haven't even started a new chapter, I usually do, but I don't know what to do now. Kinda stuck. (shrug) O well, I ain't worried about it now. Hopefully I'll update before my birthday. After school is job huntin' for me :P

5/09/08: Well... sigh... first year of college done and over with. So why am I not writing in caps to show my excitment? Well it might have to do with the fact that I'M THE LAST ONE TO LEAVE MY DORM!! How sucky is this!? I'm the last to finish my finals, which was today at 8 o' fricking clock in the morning. URRRGGGG!! And if I don't get out by 8pm their kicking me out and locking the doors! How rude is that!? It's fricking raining!! Oh and on top of that i earsed my 3 story while cleaning out my files and deleted it! Damn, Damn, DAMN!! I so mad, I mean it was just the prolouge but still, I worked really hard. I tried to make it more detailed and what not and it took me FOREVER to write just 2,000 words. AND I ERASED IT !! Man, my day is sucky today! So to release my boredom, I'm just typing away hoping that my head will fill with ideas for my next chapter. So i'l be here till I don't know 6 OCLOCK!! >:P

5/18/08: MY CAR BROKE DOWN YESTERDAY!! WAHHHHH!! :( It was horrible, I was driving just fine, well not fine cuz it was raining and I couldn't see out my windows and I was skidding on the roads and I ran a red light and almost got hit!! God was so with me yesterday. anyways, my mom said come and pick her up from work, so I got in the car and I had to drive up this long ass hill just to get to the intersection, cause I live with my grandma and she lives in the back roads. So I make it all the way to the end and I stop and the stop sigh and it just SHUT OFF!! I was so upset!! My baby!! WAHHHH!! (sniff) and I was in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. Thankfully some guy was nice enough to help me push my car to the curb. why is it that the first car you get always seems to have the most problem?

But that was yesterday, today my best friend called and wished me a happy birthday HA! I said thank you but I told her that she was 10 days to early. :P LOL! after talking she told me so many disturbing things, like he boyfriend jacks off to one of my pictures that I gave her. It was soooo weird. I mean I only have a handful of pics so i was tryna find out which one, then I figured that wasn't a good idea. Ignorance is bliss: in this case it's orgasmic. :P (so not funny, I can't believe i'm writing this) And then she told me that this one dude from high school that likes me, but I'm like oblivious to the opposite sex, I have so many guy friends it never occurred to me that someone might be attracted to me. but anyways I kinda knew cuz he would talk to me and I would never know his name and I never told him mine, and he didn't like one of my guy friends: they would get into an arugment by just breathing in the same room so to speak. Anyways she told me that he was asking about me, mind you they're in pittsburgh and I'm in philadelphia, but he asks for my number. AND SHE GIVES IT TO HIM! WTF!! She didn't even ask if it was ok. I don't know him like that! You just can't give random people my number like that. And he told her that he wanted me to be his baby's mama! Plz, I hope he was just joking. T_T


9/9/08: it's taking me extra long to post up chapters. New school year and extra work load is really taking a toll on me!! :P But I'm gettin' there. Hopelfully by the end of this week. Now back to Advance Composition, Speech and Logic homework!! (sigh

11/4/08: Man this day is extra stressful. First time voter here and I had no IDEA all the stuff you have to go through to vote. Just too much, I swear. My mom woke me up at 6 o clock! Dude the lines don't even open til 7! But there we were in line in the F'n cold for like a half hour. and I swear there was nobody behind us and the second tiem I turned around the line had formed and it was looping around the corner! But I did it!! I was voter number 40!! And history has been made :) Glad I was part of it.

1/7/09: Happy New Years everybody. I just got my computer back after it died on me twice in a months time. :( You just can't imagine how sad I was. But I have it back as you can see and I can start updating my chapter on the story that I now realize that I've been writing for a year now. :S O well!

1/26/09 This is a monumental event today! Today, I got my FIRST JOB!! (applause!! applause!!) Thank you( bow) Thank you(bow) Thank you.


11/4/10: Im back!!...a whole year doesn't seem that long. I just had to step away and take a break. Had to live a little away fom the screen. Studied Abroad in Europe for the Spring Semester: Most Awesome thing I've done since I was born! (well besides grace everyone with my presence ;D) Loved it! Miss it! wanna go back! Well anyways I'm about to be done with it's a man's world...(sad face). But I'm in the process of two new stories! Yeah, I refused to complete IAMW, so I was busy this summer pouring out my thoughts for this Sailor Moon fanfic I've been thinking about for months. (Yay!) But one thing at a time! :D

11/15/10: Who's bright idea (ppl in Inc) came up with the traffic so that authors can see how many ppl have read their story, how many hits they got, etc. (the authors and authoresses in FF know what I'm talking about.) It drove me bananas!! I mean, I don't want to know how many hits I got, do you know what that does to my brain. Like I look at it and I see so many hits on one chapter, but then is diminishes on the next and so on and then there's a rise on tenth chapter down. UUUUGGGGGHHHH!!! I never really noticed it before, I just go to doucment uploader and upload new chapters. I just noticed it TODAY!!! (I'm pretty sure it's been up there for a minute) I had to get out of there because it was really messing with my psyche!!

Never again! I'm just happy and blessed that I get reviews...that's all the feedback I need. :D

11/16/10: SAD FACE!!!! :( :(!!! I almost lost all my papers for my third story!!! OMG I thought I was going to cry!! My computer crashed during the summer and I had this story stuck in my head, and I revamped it over and over to get it just right. I had to write everything down...crying in the process because I'm sure Alvin and the Chimpmunks don't have a home this winter, and I almost lost like eight chapters in two seconds! Dumb wind and water!! I so need to type like the wind and transfer this to my laptop before I die of heart failure!


2/27/2011:SPRING BREAK!!!! IN 6 DAYS!!!!

4/15/2012: wow...been avoid this for awhile!!! Depression it not a fun place to be in. literally a whole year and then some since I've had the desire to live...let alone write again. Its good to be back! Also! I lost all my chapters...FML! (well just 2...but STILL!) I have no luck with computers whatsoever!

9/6/14: two years later...geez I need to update a little more often. Tryna get back into school. Been out of a whole year and let me tell ya, it's no fun! Law school no less! Sheesh! But someone gota pay back these loans! Hope everyone have a good few weeks of school!! Good luck everyone!!

9/18/14: I'm excited!! I posted a new story!! my stomach hurts :S I'm nervous now!! I just don't know how people will receive it. Sigh...

See you soon!

Free reads for all my FFN peoples out there. LOL!! (note that I put this here for the new story I'll be posting soon but there's a lot more books on this site as well.)

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