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Hello everyone, you may know as naruto'sramengirl! And that's all you'll know me as! Well here's a little about myself.

If you haven't guessed from my pen name, I am a girl.

Another thing that is obvious is that I am also a girl who is madly in love with Naruto.

I'm a Christian, and it's made me a very careful person. Ask my friends . . . then again you may not know them so take my word for it.

"Even when you cant see him GOD is there! if you belive in GOD put this in your profile"


Yep, I'm writing a book as we speak. Hopefully it'll be done within a year or maybe sooner than that. Anyways, I've put a blog about the book, chronicling what got me into writing and what I've learned by writing this book and course the book itself. So click on this link or copy and paste and take a look at what I've gotten so far. Oh and tell your friends, your family, even your enemies! I need all the exposure I can get, and just like on here, feel free to leave a comment!

My favorite shows are

Naruto, Bleach, Mar, Kiba, Code Geass, Hikaru No Go, Pokemon, Code Lyoko, Inuyasha, YuYu Hakusho, Death Note, Spider Man, Incredible Hulk, and Full Metal Alchemist.

My favorite pairings are:





Sasukexmy BFF (otherwise I would be dead by now)

KakashixNicky (another BFF once again, I'd be dead if I didn't)



JessiexJames (Don't ask)

AshxMisty (she was the first girl he met)

My favorite video games are The Sims series (LOVE IT!), Pokemon series, Fire Emblem Series, Advance Wars Series, and Zelda series.

. . . Apparently I like games that are in a series.

Ok here are a lot of bios for my OCs from my only fanfic, The Best of Times The Worst of Times

Sonrick- Sonrick Boulevard is probably one of the stupidest people you'll ever meet. But that hasn't stopped him from making progress with the ladies. He's got Odd's personality (just extremeley stupider) and Ulrich's built body. One of his greatest pastimes is picking on Ulrich about his non existant love life, so any girl that Ulrich is on friendly terms with, WILL be paired up with Ulrich by this wacky boy. Although he's very flirtatious and stupid, he's a guy that you'd be happy to have in your corner.

Dolslik- Doslik Johnson has one of the biggest mouths in history. Anything you tell him, he'll tell everyone else. Thing is, he sees no point in keeping secrets because it could lead to lying, and he absolutely hates lying. But if it's a secret worth keeping (like being a super hero, and fighting the forces of evil every single freakin' day) he just might keep quiet. Although he has a big mouth, girls just like coming to him and telling him their troubles. He never really was into the whole dating thing, but loves getting into his friends' love affairs. His partner in crime, Sonrick, are particularly intrested in Ulrich's love life, and when Sonrick starts teasing, Dolslik's very likely to join in. Many consider him to be a babysitter for the idiot, and in a way he sort of is. He's always getting Sonrick out of trouble, or helping him get into it. So when there's a Sonrick, there's a Dolslik keeping him in a very crooked path.

Burrick- Burrick Studders is a well. . .a studdering, repeating, lovable guy. He's always been skittish, especially around girls, ever since he was a young child. He's scared of a lot of things, but he does have his moments when he bursts out of his shell, but he's likely to get back in it a minute later. Because of his shy and inocent ways, girls are somewhat attracted to him. But as I've mentioned before, he's very nervous around the ladies. He's very lucky to have met friends like Dolslik, Sonrick, and Ulrich who have been friends since kindergarden. Thanks to these three, he's been able to come out of his shell a little bit, and has gained a confidence that is usually shown when standing up for his friends.

Cam- Cam Stern is Ulrich's younger brother by a year, and he's also Amy Stern's twin. Cam is sometimes called the overseer of the Code Lyoko Universe because of his small invisible cameras that are all over the Superhero Galaxy of the Code Lyoko Universe. His cameras really come into play when it comes to talking to their future superhero selves and revealing the past of Ulrich. He's usually calm in the heat of battle, but outside, he can get as loud as Odd and overdramatic as Sissi. It is later revealed in the story that Cam is a 100 Yumi and Ulrich supporter and probably wants them to get together more than they want to. Speaking of love, he also has a small crush on a friend of his named Cameron, who loves taking pictures. Although he hardly fights, he says he can pack a punch when it's needed.

Amy- Amy Stern is the twin of Cam. Her personality is basically in the middle. She can be loud when she wants to be, but she knows when to shut-up. She can be just as playful as Odd or just as serious as Jeremie. She's one of the most balanced people you'll ever meet. Amy also has a few talents that Ulrich has as well. They're both martial artists, they know how to fight with a sword, and they both are good at sports. Amy is the type of person who'd rather go out with a bang than win quickly and quietly. She doesn't really care if you can't keep up with her because it's your fault for going too slow. She may only care about her own well being, but if you call for help, she'll be there in a second.

Rachel-Rachel Stern is the wildest party animal in the world. She's what everyone calls a preppy tomboy. She loves to kick people's butts in many ways, and to relax after giving someone a beating, she'll shop 'til she drops. If there's one thing she loves doing, it's driving Ulrich completely insane, and some of his older friends think that's the reason why he acted the way he did when he was young. The one thing many people learn about her quickly, is that no one can keep her prisoner. She is as loose as she wants to be, and no one can keep up with her when she really cuts loose. She LOVES to make Ulrich angry, and one of the quickest ways to do that is to tease him about his undying love for Yumi or to flirt with the first guy that comes her way. Thing is, Ulrich could never get mad at her, and that explains why he sometimes beat the stuffing out of Sonrick and Dolslik later. Overall, she's a really unique girl, that really expresses herself.

Cedric-Cedric Stern is a hyper-active kid who wants to live life to the fullest, and after seeing what Ulrich, his older brother, has done, he wants nothing more in the world but to be just like him. Whatever Ulrich does, he has to do. Of course he adds his own twist to it, but he knows how to be like Ulrich. Cedric is usually seen hanging out with Ulrich and his friends or hanging out with Hiroki and his own friends. He shares a deep love for anime and video games, so he becomes delighted by pactically everything. With his energetic and innocent attitude, he is a little brother to everyone in the group.

Rick- Rick Stern is the oldest boy of the Stern family, as the older brother, he watches out for all of his siblings. Rick is a carefree man who dreams of being the coach of a star athlete team. Because he is a teacher at Kadic, he serves as a benefit to excuse whoever may be in his class when there's a Xana attack. He also serves as a benefit by having superpowers in the real world so he could be able to defend anyone or anything from the destruction of a Xana attack. As Ulrich's only older brother, they share a unique bond of brotherly love. They both have experienced both ends of being brothers. The fighting and the times they get along. To everyone except Ijiyo and Kelly, Rick is like a big brother to everyone.

Kelly-Kelly Stern is a serious yet laid back woman. She knows the teens of the group's ambitions, and what they'll probably do before they do it thanks to her big sister tuition, and because of that, she really can relate to Yumi when it comes to "little pests" (coughherothersiblingscough). She is fair to everyone and tries to understand people's problems. Just like Rick, she is a benefit to the gang because she is a teacher and has superpowers in the real world. Because she wants to be a surgeon, she has learned a few healing powers, and can serve as a healer when some people are hurt.

Xaiver-Xaiver Fusilli aka X, is a short Italian gentlemen that loves cooking and is probably the most mature boy you'll ever meet. He is one of the few people who actually think before he acts or speaks, and he was also a superhero when he was younger who went by the name of Kid X. X may be serious most of the time, but he knows when to work and when it's time to play. He met Ulrich in 3rd Grade, and they became instant friends, and got Ulrich interested in baseball. Although Ulrich never got interested in the game as much as he was with soccer, he'll still play a game as long as X is playing.

Ann- Ann is a vicious blonde who doesn't mind going to jail for killing you if you insult her. This short tempered girl is very protective of her friends, and is a tomboy through and through. She met Ulrich in fourth grade, and they developed a brotherly-sisterly bond, with Ann always trying to kill him when he gets on her nerves. She only has a soft side when it comes to her sweetie pie boyfriend, Doug, and if you manage to get on her good side, she may even want to protect you too. Just know when it comes to her protection, you WILL get hurt.

Doug- Doug is a robot genius whoes dream is to create the ultimate robot. It might have something to do with watching shows that only dealt with robots, but he has a serious problem with them. Doug's usually calm attitude makes him easy to get along with, and he makes everything seem like it's going to be alright. He can however get angry, and it's even worse than his short-tempered girlfriend's rage which is saying A LOT. But it takes a lot to get him to go that far, so you're probably safe.

Biggs- Darius Akoota aka Biggs, is a sixteen year old Egyptian boy that hardly shows any emotion. He hardly even talks, but when he does, you can count on it being informative or funny. As the leader of the UB System (Ultimate Barrage System), he is looked as a leader type figure of the group. His incredible strength on the battlefield is shown well when he's on the football field, tackling down the comptetition. But no matter how many people he's tackled, he hasn't managed to tackle his quick-footed cousin, Ulrich whenever he plays football. Beside his impressive strength, his height is another factor that gives him the awe-aspiring look that makes everyone look up to him.

Hacker- Pete otherwise known as Hacker is what every guy would want to be. With the brain of a genius, the money of a millionaire, and the coolness of a jock, he's one heck of a friend. And when you need to get into your enemies secret files, he's the guy to see. He can even hack into the government, but I don't think he'll go that far for a friend. His superpowers have made him the strongest of the UB System when he's known as Hackwire, but besides his pros, his main con is ticking off those who don't like him who are on his side. And there's only one guy who falls under that category, and it's Jeremie. Nevertheless these two genius have a long reluctant partnership ahead of him them, so they better get used to it.

Maddie- Maddie is one of the preppiest girls you'll ever meet. She's one of the smartest girls you'll ever meet too. How this is possible, scientists are still trying to find out. But other than her unusual capacity of intelligence, her knowledge of gossip and rumors is unlike any other's. If you need to find out something she's the one person to go to. If you catch her on a good day, you can even get a pedicure and manicure as she spills the beans. As the Kopy Kat and as a Lyoko Warrior, she's great, as long as she's not worrying about breaking a nail . . . which means she's rarely great, but other than that she's a great asset to the team.

Zuho- Zuho is a Japanese boy who seems to get caught up in superhero action for no reason. That's kinda how he met Ulrich. You'd think he'd be used to catastrophic changes, but he acts just like a five year old on a sugar rush who actually has some care of their life. But once he gets the swing of things, his opponent is in for a lot of hurt. Take away the behavior of exploding in front of drastic changes, and he's even more fierce on the soccer field. If it wasn't for him, Ulrich wouldn't have any rival in soccer, or anyone to show him around the school when he went to school in Japan, so it was only fair that Ulrich treated him to a life full of many, many changes.

Yoshi- A friend to Yumi, and a friend to Ulrich, but a best friend to Japan. If there was any person more in love with the country, it's Yoshi. This Japanese boy acts just like the main characters of many anime and manga. That is to say, he's hyper and stupid all at the same time. This makes for a deadly combination when you give him superpowers. Now that his dream of being an anime hero-as he likes to calls himself-is fulfilled, he can go on and save the world a thousand times over and never get tired of it, cause it'll be new to him on the next adventure.

Z- Z Dragon is the leader and founder of the GLAA. Ever since he was a kid, he has been a superhero enthusiast. He's like Ulrich when he was kid, so he's kind of a father figure to the boy. Z is also the husband to Leala and the father to Zeke. He was also apart of the original gang that fought Xana the first time. Another fact about him is that he is the Forbidden Superhero Warrior which means that he has all of the superpowers of every superhero in the past, present, and future. Although Z is one of the greatest superheroes of all time, he has a dark past as a supervillain. In the story it is revealed that he is also talking to someone who he is keeping private to everyone including his own wife and son, so may be possible that he hasn't left the villainous life at all. Only time will tell if he is a true superhero, or traitor at heart.

Zeke- Zeke Dragon has been Ulrich's friend since the very first day Ulrich stepped into the GLAA. Zeke's the guy of kind that makes fun of everything, and even though he could be making fun of you, you wouldn't even care so don't cry about it. With the abilities to control the earth and to turn into a dragon, he's one wicked superhero, and seeing as his father is one of the greatest superhereos of all time, he's got a great rep in the superwarrior world. So whenever you need a laugh or someone's butt kicked, give Zeke a call, he'll do it.

Leala- Leala Dragon is the wife of Z and the mother to Zeke. She's like Yumi, that is to say that she's fallen in with her best friend (who she then married), she was the most responsible in the original Code Lyoko Gang, and if anyone can't do it, Leala sure can, and if she can't, she WILL find a way. And if you need Z or Zeke to do something that they just won't, give her call. They'll be sure to do it with a smile. . . and with a helpless look on their faces.

Ijiyo- Ijiyo is the husband of Kelly, Ulrich's only sister. As a psychic, he can actually make you go mental under three minutes. So I recommend that you don't get on his bad side. Like his wife, he an advantage as a teacher and a superhero. Although he doesn't talk so much, when he does, be sure to remember it because it's usually something important. Nevertheless, Ijiyo's one cool guy who can move stuff with his mind. And when you think about it, isn't that the kind of friend we really need?

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