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Hi I'm dolphindog from the twilightlexicon.

Name: Doesn't concern you .

Age: Doesn't concern you.

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, running in the rain, laughing, daydreaming, doodling etc.

Current Favorite book: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz

All Time Fav book: Mansfield Park by: Jane Austen

Fav Music: Too much to write and think

Favorite color: Turquoise, Aqua, Blue

Fav foods: Cinnabons, Swedish fish, Waffles, Dark Chocolate...

Fav Movies: Winnie the Pooh(I'm such a sucker for Pooh), Harry Potter,

Current Fav Actors/Actresses: Henry Cavill, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks.

Favorite Shoes: Flip Flops, Sneakers

Car (that I want): Silver Volvo

Things I get very annoyed at: my Stupid Computer! Argh. my internet connection, tv. ,basically anything that's electronic.

Other random stuff about me in no particular oder:

- I love to swing on swings even though I barely fit, especially in the rain.

- I like mangoes

-I love nighttime and have a hard time sleeping

- I burst out laughing for no apparent reason
- I can be a total sap.
- I love being barefoot. (except for in the grass. too itchy)

-I get hyper way too much

Things I couldn't live without: The internet, my books.

Favorite sport: I stink at sports. All of them. However I'm a decent swimmer

So yeah. Check out my stories if you have time!

Any questions/comments, PM me here or at the lexicon, I'm on practically 24/7.

Sorry for the short intros in the stories. I'll add some later.

My quotes:

"Potty Patrol!"-me. I screamed in front of my friends. It was so funny! My friends were like “Wtf?!” I was going to the girl’s bathroom and these two girls were going like,”We’re the Potty Patrol reporting for duty.” (The girls bathroom barely works and leaks often) And then they’re like,” This toilet has “stuff” in it, that one has a scuff mark on the seat, that one is leaking, and that one can’t flush. The best choice is to take the leaking one.” I’m like” No thanks” and then I had a hysterical laughing moment that I couldn’t stop laughing…. Weird ,huh?

"Is the only thing that goes around your brain :stupidity?"-me I get to the point with EVERYTHING. I'll be sarcastic later.

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The Lion and the Lamb by Alphie reviews
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Complications reviews
Charlie is injured.Bella passes out. What can get worse? dolphindog's first twilight fanfic. Please R&R!
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