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Author has written 2 stories for Maximum Ride.

This is a picture of Max I found on DeviantArt. Isn't it amazing? Serious congrats to whoever drew it!

I'm finishing the last year of my degree in theatre studies. Things have been pretty hectic. My abandonment of my story is partly due to this and partly because I lost the will to write it. I think I stopped loving the story and it became too difficult to continue it. I am returning now with a renewed energy for this story and a desire to see it finished even if nobody wants to read it. I apologise to the people who followed it so avidly. 2 years is a very long time.

Name: Cat

Age: 21

Hobbies: Sleeping. Reading. Sleeping

Likes: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Comic Books (Batman, Justice League, Fables, Sandman), Food, Bed, Not having college work to do.

Dislikes: mushrooms and fish

Favorite food: Cheese. On pretty much anything

Books I have particularly loved: Pillars of the Earth (if you haven't read it, I can't recommend it enough. If you have read the sequel or even pick up his recent series, it's also amazing. OR watch the tv series they made of this book and its sequel. Seriously, the options are endless!) Maximum Ride, Shadow of the Wind, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Robin Hobb's various wonderful trilogies, George R.R.Martin's Song of Ice and Fire Series, the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, etc.

Questions I have often asked myself:

Wouldn't it be hilarious if real authors came and wrote fanfictions of their own books under false names?

Is my writing really as crap as I think it is? Or am I just too busy putting myself down to notice my potential greatness?

If you had a neverending lake and you threw a pebble into the middle would the ripples just go on forever?

Can mute people burp?

What happens if you put 'this side up' face down while popping microwave popcorn?

Is spelling harder or easier for deaf people? They don't have any sounds associated with the words that would make their spellings clear, but on the other hand, pronunciation can be deceptive...

Playlists for My Waking Nightmare characters:

Max - 4am Forever by Lostprophets

Fang - I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan

Iggy - How To Save A Life by The Fray

Nudge - Someone To Die For by Jimmy Gnecco Feat. Brian May

Gazzy - Hold On by Jet

Angel - Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

Keith - Stacey's Mom by Fountains of Wayne

Alice - Papa Don't Preach by Madonna

Jeb - Better Man by Robbie Williams

Dr.Martinez - Smile by Nat King Cole

Ella - God Help The Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Lily - I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance

Alex - Who I Am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K

Clarissa - A Sadness Runs Through Him by The Hoosiers

Nick - Talk by Coldplay

Amber - Fix You by Coldplay

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