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Author has written 5 stories for Touched by an Angel, High School Musical, and One Special Night.

My name is Maddison.

A young writer looking for a creative outlet.

Favorite Ships:

Princess Diaries:

Joseph/Clarisse: Just because of the whole secret relationship and romance outside of your class thing.

Pierre/Charlotte: Most people ship Shades/Charlotte, but I don't, which I think it's because the actors that portray them are brother and sister and the thought of their characters being a couple kind of makes me uncomfortable. I'm not sure why, but I like the idea of Pierre and Charlotte being a couple, especially if an author writes a fanfic that makes them believable as one.

Mia/Nicholas: No specific reason really, I just like them as a couple.

Mary/Bert (Mary Poppins): While watching the movie like a hundred times, I noticed that they give off this kind of vibe that they have feelings for each other that goes beyond friendship.

Maria/Georg (Sound of Music): Again, no specific reason.

Nanny/Sir Wilkes (Eloise movies): The unspoken passion between them as well as the idea of a romance outside of your class.

Catherine/Robert (One Special Night): I'm just madly in love with this movie, the characters and the message, which is life goes on and you're never too old for a romance. That will mean something to me one day.

Suite Life:

Traddie (Trevor/Maddie): Them kissing is about it for me.

Trevorrie (Trevor/Corrie): Kind of a crack ship I know, but I first in love with this pairing when I read a fanfic where the characters of SL was putting on a production of HSM with Corrie replacing London as Gabriella and Trevor playing as Troy. I have loved them as a pairing ever since.

Lance/Mary-Margaret: I read one fanfic about them and even though it was never finished, I've liked the idea of this pairing since. They can be very believable if a writer portrays them perfectly.

High School Musical:

Troyella (Troy/Gabriella): The way their relationship is portrayed in the movies were cool until I got bored and slightly annoyed with it, so I like them fanfic wise than I do the movies wise, especially if Sharpay is not a bitch in the story because frankly the Gabriella/Troy/Sharpay love triangle sounded cool and fun when I was 14, then it got old. Also will not read if Chaylor is involved. I shipped them once, but then the idea of the Chaylor pairing seemed a little cliche to me (the best friends of the two main characters dating, very original *sarcasm*) and boring for the most part (I mean, we already have a jock dating a nerd, so why do we need another jock dating another nerd?)

Chadpay (Chad/Sharpay): Chadpay will always be my OTP. Mostly because fanfic writers have made their pairing believable and also because of how their characters are portrayed in the movie kind of makes you think that they're good together because you could see them challenging each other a lot and bringing out the best in each other.

Traylor (Troy/Taylor): Fanfic writers have made this believable, and I really liked how the HSM writers gave us a little Traylor in HSM3.

Chadella (Chad/Gabriella): Another crack pairing that I couldn't help but fall in love with, and fanfic writers only reinforced my love for them by writing fanfics that made them believable as a ship.

Zekepay (Zeke/Sharpay): I don't really ship them that much, but they're a cool pairing. I would only read them if they're not the main pairing.

Rylor (Ryan/Taylor): Another OTP you couldn't pay me to give up. I've liked the idea of them as a couple for forever, but I was kind of in a bubble by myself about it. Then I saw people writing fanfics about this pairing and it only reinforced my love for them and made me crave them more. I will not read if Chad is a jerk in the story mainly because I love him too much for him to be portayed as a jerk unless he has a bad past that he hadn't fully dealt with.

Troypay (Troy/Sharpay): There was once a time that I would've rather died than ship them, but somehow they grew on me. Actually it was because I never used to be picky about what ship I would read, so I would sometimes torture myself with Troypay fics. Now I ship them more than I do Troyella even though I still love Troyella. I will only read them if Gabriella is not a bitch in the story and Ryella and Chaylor isn't involved. Again, the triangle thing is old and lame, and I can't see Ryella as a pair despite what the HSM writers tries to force on us in HSM2. Not even the best fanfic writer in the world can make me love Ryella as a pair.

Zartha (Zeke/Martha): Kind of cracky, but I like them. I would love even more if their protrayed well in a fanfic.

Zelsi (Zeke/Kelsi): [see reason for above ship lol]

Chelsi (Chad/Kelsi): Just because

Gabpay (Gabriella/Sharpay): I've actually started shipping them before I knew that other people did, but I thought that being open about it would have me ridiculed and would make other HSM fan think I was crazy, boy was I wrong.


Scheuvester/Suester (Sue/Will): My Glee OTP. At first I thought the idea of them was laughable, then I started paying attention to little things during scenes they have together, and I realized that there's sexual tension something between them. I thought I was delusional, but after trolling (not in the annoying way) tumblr posts, I saw that I was not alone when it came to this ship, so now I ship them proudly despite any opposition about it. (Personally I think their more cannon than Wemma. I have no personal dislike of Wemma or their fan club, but the way their relationship is portrayed in the show was crappy and some may say abusive. I love Emma, but I hate how the writers kept making it seem that she needed Will in order to be the woman we all know she can be. That's a perfect message for young teens writers *sarcasm again*)

Suemma (Sue/Emma): Another crack ship that I fell in love with. I read a really awesome fanfic about them on livejournal and the writer portrayed them so well that she was able to make a pairing that wasn't supposed to work seem perfect, and I've been in love with this ship ever since. I personally think Sue could brings out the best in Emma, seeing as Emma tends to grow a back bone when it comes to Sue (she was never afraid to stand up to Sue if she thought the cheer coach was being irrational), and despite how easily annoyed Sue probably could get by Emma's bubbly personality, I think Emma is the breath of fresh air needs in her life.

St. Berry (Rachel/Jesse): Even though Rachel totally screwed up this ship with her selfishness, I think this was a great ship mainly because they're both so much alike, but not enough to where it seems like they're competing with each other.

Brittana (Brittany/Santana): One of the only Glee pairing that didn't have a crappy portrayal in the show, so you have at least give some kind of kudos for that right?

Sue/Mario: I like the idea of seeing Sue happy because when she's happy, I'm happy. I hope that in the series finale she stops being stupid and goes back to New York to be with him (if he's still available).

Carma (Carl/Emma): How can you not? I feel like Emma was more of a person, instead of just her OCD, when she was with him. And she seemed very happy being with him. I wanna throw a chair at the writers for breaking them up.

Ken Tenaka/Coach Beiste: Again, how can you not? No specific reason. I just need want these two to be together. They're a perfect match. Not to mention that Glee gave us a little bit of them in the "Shooting Stars" episode.

Samcedes (Sam/Mercedes): This is more or less about my obsession with interracial romances between a black woman and a white man, but I can't help but be in love with them. And lets not forget all the passion that's between them.

Terma (Terri/Emma): I just love this pairing. The idea of them is interesting because the show portrayed them as enemies even though I think they probably would've been friends if the writers have tried.

Beistevester (Sue/Beiste): Just because and after the "A Wedding" episode from season 6, I'm shipping them harder because they look so cute dancing together.

Klaine (Kurt/Blaine): Their journey is what made me fall in love with this ship.

Finma (Finn/Emma): That kiss in season 4 is enough for me.

Faberry (Quin/Rachel): Same as Schuevester, I thought the idea of them was laughable until I noticed all the little moments between them like how they always seem to be smiling at each other, standing right next to each other, or touching each other. I find Faberry very cannon and I never understood why the writers never made this happen.

Mercedes/Rachel: Even though I love Mercedes and hate Rachel (because she is so friggin' annoying), Something about their on and off rivalry is really stimulating.

Tike/Asian Fusion (Tina/Mike): Just because. Also, I hate that the writers treated their characters and their ship down right awful.

Puckleberry (Puck/Rachel): Honestly, because of the name.

Pizes (Puck/Lauren): No real reason to be honest, I just like them.

Puck/Sue: This is more on a sexual level (like most of my ships that involve Sue), especially that one little moment the had in the "Acafellas" episode from season 1.

Schueberry (Will/Rachel): This just happened, I never meant to ship them, especially because I saw her as his student, but now that she's older and the thought of a relationship between them doesn't seem creey (and illegal), I can actually see the passion they have for the same things which in turn makes them seem passionate towards each other (I think that makes sense).

I love "Touched by an Angel". I love all of the angels, but my favorite two are Tess and Gloria because I have a little bit of both of them inside of me, which is weird because the two of them are so different. I love Tess's "I'm gonna say what you need tot hear instead of what you want to hear" type of attitude and that's the kind of person I want to be, although we may tend to clash about music. I love how Gloria chooses to embrace her inner child.

This story is about a little girl that was abused. If you care about it, copy and paste it to your profile.

My name is sarah I am but three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see,

I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad?

I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me.

I can't speak at all I can't do a wrong Or else I'm locked up All the day long

When I awake I'm all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home.

When my mommy does come I'll try and be nice, So maybe I'll get just One whipping tonight

Don't make a sound! I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's Bar.

I hear him curse My name he calls I press myself Against the wall.

I try and hide From his evil eyes I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry.

He finds me weeping He shouts ugly words, He says its my fault That he suffers at work.

He slaps me and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And I run for the door.

He's already locked it And I start to bawl, He takes me and throws me Against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor With my bones nearly broken, And my daddy continues With more bad words spoken.

"I'm sorry!", I scream But its now much too late His face has been twisted Into unimaginable hate.

The hurt and the pain Again and again Oh please God, have mercy! Oh please let it end!

And he finally stops And heads for the door, While I lay there motionless Sprawled on the floor.

My name is Sarah And I am but three, Tonight my daddy, Murdered me.

Child abuse, MAKE IT STOP!

Pick twelve random characters from your fandom

1. Troy Bolton

2. Gabriella Montez

3. Taylor McKessie

4. Ryan Evans

5. Chad Danforth

6. Sharpay Evans

7. Tiara Gold

8. Martha Cox

9. Donnie Dion

10. Jason Cross

11. Kelsi Nielsen

12. Zeke Baylor

1. Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fic? Do you want to? I have read stories about Sharpay & Kelsi.

2. Do you think Four is hot? How hot? Ryan is cute, I wouldn't say hot.

3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant? Zeke getting Martha pregnant is cute especially for my Zartha shipping.

4. Can you recall any fics about Nine? I have yet to read something about Donnie.

5. Would Two and Six make a good couple? Who does not love Gabriella & Sharpay together?

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why? Chad/Donnie vs Chad/Jason? Neither because I like Chad with either Troy or Ryan if he was into guys.

7. What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex? Why was Gabriella and Zeke in a place where Tiara could walk in on them in the first place?

8. Make up a summary for a Three/Ten fic. Taylor & Jason. Taylor and Jason are cheating on Chad and Kelsi.

9. Is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff? Troy & Martha fluff? I don't know, but Troy would date anybody (not that Martha is undateable).

10. Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve hurt/comfort fic. Tiara & Zeke. While Sharpay is away... (y'all know the rest)

11. What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to deflower One? Ryan deflowering Troy? Cute!

12. Do any of your friends read Three het? I don't know, what they do is their business.

13. Do any of your friends write Eleven? People don't write much about Kelsi.

14. Would any of your friends write Two/Four/Five? Gabriella/Ryan/Chad. Again, I don't know.

15. What might Ten scream at a moment of great passion? Jason- "I'm not dumb!"

16. If you wrote a Song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose? Martha? "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins. A dance song for someone who likes to dance.

17. If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be? Troy/Sharpay/Zeke. WARNING: Zeke might be a jerk to Sharpay, causing her to run into the arms of Troy.

18. What might be a good pick up line for Ten to use on Two? Troy would kill Jason for trying to flirt with Gabriella.

19. When was the last time you read a fic about Five? I'm always reading about Chad.

20. What is Six's super secret kink? Sharpay life is an open book.

21. Would Eleven shag Nine? Drunk or sober? Kelsi is too old for Donnie, but drunk if she would.

22. If Three and Seven get together, who tops? Taylor would top Tiara.

23. “(1) and (9) are in a happy relationship until (9) runs off with (4). (1), brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (12), then follows the wise advice of (5) and finds true love with (3).” What title would you give this fic? Troy and Donnie are in a happy relationship until Donnie runs off with Ryan. Troy, brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with Kelsi and a brief unhappy affair with Zeke, then follows the wise advice of Chad and finds true love with Taylor. Title: I don't know.

24. How would you feel if Seven/Eight was canon? Martha & Tiara. I never thought about it honestly.

25.((This is the LONGEST QUESTIONS EVER, BE WARNED! THE RESULTS CAN BE CREEPY!)) (5) (4), (7), (1) and (3) are playing Truth or Dare. (5) asks (7), and (7) says Truth. (5) asks who (7) loves, and (7), after some prodding from (3), confessed their true love with (4). (4) does not share the feeling, and in fact is in a secret relationship with (3). (7) is heartbroken, and seeks comfort in (1) while (3) and (4) run into the sunset together. However, (5) is secretly in love with (1), and become so jealous of (7), who, after the comfort from (1) becomes in a relationship with (1), and so (5) decides to murder (7), but is stopped just in time by the police officer (10) and is sent to prison, allowing (1) and (7) to continued their relationship.

Chad, Ryan, Tiara, Troy and Taylor are playing Truth or Dare. Chad asks Tiara, and Tiara says Truth. Chad asks who Tiara loves, and Tiara, after some prodding from Taylor, confessed their true love with Ryan. Ryan does not share the feeling, and in fact is in a secret relationship with Taylor. Tiara is heartbroken, and seeks comfort in Troy while Taylor and Ryan run into the sunset together. However, Chad is secretly in love with Troy, and become so jealous of Tiara, who, after the comfort from Troy becomes in a relationship with Troy, and so Chad decides to murder Tiara, but is stopped just in time by the police officer Jason and is sent to prison, allowing Troy and Tiara to continued their relationship.

Title: I can't think of one. Troy/Tiara is just too wrong.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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