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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans, W.I.T.C.H., and Fairy Tail.

So a little about me! So this profile is totally done by a year two year ago me, who was infatuated with Teen Titans, W.i.t.c.h, Winx Cub and Power Rangers. Apparently, I made stories about them :)
Apparently my first story was a TeenTitan-er, and it sucked, now that I read it. But I improved on writing a hell lot, as you peeps can see in my W.I.T.C.H. story. I might be willing to rewrite the whole thing... but we-elll, only if people requests for it :)
So on with my cartoons :)

Pen names from last time:
Cornelia Green

Fave Teen Titans Couple:Starfire and Robin

I feel the loveeeeee between them. They Are Cute!

To all Rae/Rob fans.Reasons why the should NOT be lovers.
1.They were meant to be BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
2.Robin is in love with Starfire.
3.Raven was SMILING HAPPILY when Starfire and Robin kissed in Trouble in Tokyo.(Loved it!)
4.All the Titans expected Starfire and Robin together.
5.Robin was damn sweet to Starfire in 'Stranded' and so over jealous in 'Betrothed' and CARED so much bout her in 'Sisters'(You guys are not going to use the reason where Robin was hurting Starfire in 'Haunted')
6.In 'Apprentice 2',Robin fought everyone before he fought with Starfire because he could not bear to fight with Starfire.It was only force by Slade.
7.My fellow Robin and Starfire fans will tell me!

Power Rangers :>

Wild force: Alyssa and Cole

Time force: Jen and Wes.

Lightspeed Rescue:Carter and Dane,Kelsi and Chad

Dino Thunder : Kira and Trent

And my absolute fave: Eric and Taylor

My another fave cartoon : W.i.t.c.h

Staring : Will(Quintesence)Irma(Water)Taranee(Fire)Cornelia(Earth)Hay Lin(Air)

Fave Guardians 1st to 4th : Cornelia, Hay Lin,Irma, Will and Taranee(Both of them are no.4th)
Fave Couples1st to last :Caleb and Cornelia , Haylin and Eric, Will and Matt , Nigel and Taranee , Irma and Martin

Hay Lin, seeing Blunk at the window (The little green smelly smurf) jumping up and down, unable to come in.
Hay Lin:Poor thing...
Martin (Not suppose to knowBlunk's there) , seeing what happened
Martin:So Hay Lin, what are you doing ?
Hay Lin (Glups) :'s an old family tradition! You throw food out of the window and...make a wish!
Martin piles his food up and throws them out and told others: The more food you throw, the more the wish will become true
Hay Lin smacks forehead

Irma: She's not the one that gonna show off. WATER!
Blurp-blurp-blurp- Water gurggling
Irma: I present to you Cornelia!
Cornelia: Thanks for the nose!
Irma: Cornelia...with a broken nose!
Everyone Claps

Aldarn to Cornelia : Hi! My names Aldarn, who you like to do a sixty feet oily rolly with me ?

And let's bring out my last cartoon :

Fave Winx :Stella & Flora
Second Fave:Bloom,Layla,Musa&Tenca.

So tenically, theres no last.Or third.

Fave Specialist:Brandon & Helia
2nd faves : Sky,Timmy,Riven & Nabu

Repeating my statement on top

Fave Pixies: Piff, Amore, Chatta, Digit,Tune, Lockette
So again , no seconds thirds fourths or fifths. Hehe

So I have my cartoons, how about my anime.




That show, is fecking awesome.

Anyh, talk about my fave couples ;)

They are in absolute no ranking, except for Gray&Lucy. Number One all the way!


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