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CH 16: These two crack me up. Adrien is just a lil shite, but part of it's on purpose. XDD

I went and added an adult Mari, Adrien, Nino, Alya link that I found when I first started writing the story. I posted it in CH 1 at the bottom. I got permission from the artist and just had time to do so now.


CH 17: Did everyone enjoy that little fun time? Time for a reverse pallet cleanser. Back to reality for all...


CH 18: Every time I reread this chapter, I always find it amusing how so many people are involved in this and yet only one of them has any iota of a clue. That is the running theme for half of this initial plot piece. X3

For some reason, I get posting errors when I try to upload a story, so if I post on my profile, but nothing shows up, PLEASE PM me so I can look into it.


CH 19: :passes out boxes of tissues: One per customer! Try not to use them all! If you would like to torture yourself, this soundtrack will help the ambiance of the angst: youtube com/watch?v=WQjyVzlZsVE


CH 20: Warning! Warning! NSFW! Smexy times a'plenty...and angst. There's still plenty of that too. X3


CH 21: Don't kill the messenger. Nino is just being honest.


CH 22: Happy medium for all? Crunch time for Marinette.


CH 23: Ah's so fun to write.

Everyone has been so patient. Next week starts the fun of doom! XDD


Say what?! Another chapter for the big-time holiday in the States? No applause, just throw money. XD

CH 24: Starting off the next big plot bit for June!


Whoops...didn't post anything for 25. Not that people were worried I'm sure.

CH 26: The voices of reason show up! ...So does Adrien... DX


I just love how there is at least half of the characters out of the loop on all the information and only one person holds the key to any situation at any given time. That's what makes this so frustrating. Someone holds the pieces and no one else knows about it for whatever reason, mostly because no one properly talks to each other. X3

CH 27: Adrien is the definition of a cinnamon roll. Sweet, squishy, and too soft on the inside to hold himself up.

To recap for the basic confusion:

Adrien watched Marinette since their start in ISC, which was a year ago. I don't go into the exact amount of times he's watched her, but it's at least half a year's worth. The feelings he has for her are way more than she has for him, but he never addressed them...which is why he was so torn up for so long and feels more than he ever talks about.

Nathaniel sounds like an uber controlling a-hole, but he was dumped right as he was still highly in love with Marinette. He's spent the last year picking up the pieces to his heart, which she isn't helping him get over. We see the end of their relationship, which I only elude to the good days in flashbacks and their attempts to keep it together. She gives and takes away at the same time, which is throwing him around and all he can think of is how to keep her when he still loves her so much.

Marinette broke up with Nath because she was too busy to give him the time she felt he deserved. That didn't mean she dumped him because she didn't feel anything for him anymore. She's complicated things by not thinking about what she felt during her time in ISC and Nath being so close doesn't help her find clarity. Then all the crap happens and adds to the headache.

Nath finds out Adrien has been watching Marinette and thinks crazy stalker. He doesn't know anything else because no one has told him anything. He met Adrien once at the Noel party and that was only a few hours long.

Whew! That was too much...aaaand it's not going to get any better. X3

Also, NEW MINI STORY! Because my Adrienette shippers are dying, I'm giving a little fluff to dull the pain for the next 6-10 chapters. I'll work on the second part and then upload it Wed. Called "The Reveal(ation)".


Everyone enjoy that small compilation of cavity-induced fluff? Back to our regularly scheduled program...

CH 28: Tissues are off on one side of the room, the brick wall is on the other. If you break it with your heads, please clean up the mess for the next reader. XD


CH 29: Bringing back a lot of old chapter stuff in this one. Putting some pieces together that some readers have guessed. Didn't think I was going to do anything with those things, huh? Oh, and Adrien is a total idiot and he fully recognizes this in this chapter. XD


CH 30: Thanks to those who have waited so long for this moment. lol A lot has been surmised about what would happen when this moment came up...did anyone get it right?


CH 31: The whole point I was trying to get at with Marinette's anger (which I felt was slightly overblown at times) is to show that she's not one to be trifled with, as short as she is. I guess I was trying to connect her kick-ass'ness with that of Ladybug in the series. Somewhere in these chapters, I mentioned Adrien being almost 2 meters, which is about 6 foot and Marinette is about 1.5 meters, which makes her about 5 foot 3 inches. But she's still a fireball...who's not in her right mind right now.

Tanoshimi ni!


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His mouth opened to rebuke her, but he stopped when he smelled tears glinting in the poor light. His mouth snapped shut. Before he could stop himself, his hand wiped her face dry. He gave her a little smile as his hand returned to his side. "Idiot. Don't say such things. You worry about getting better."
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AZ Saga: Look Past My Haze, Part Two reviews
“Who are you? What’re you doing here??" He dangerously asked. “Why should I tell YOU? You can’t threaten someone unafraid of you.” She asked, a slight edge to her cool tone. Her eyes narrowed.
Gundam Wing/AC - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 10 - Words: 97,406 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/4/2001