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Oh hey! It's been 7 months already? My goodness, clearly quite a lot has changed about m in that time span! Enough so that it's time for a NEW PROFILE! Are you excited? Because I'm excited. Why am I excited? Because now it's time to talk about myself in the 3rd person!! AND THAT'S EXCITING.

Triple A (which stands for AAA, which stands for the Almost-Almighty Authoress, which translates to what most people call her here, which is A3) is 19 years old and is now OFFICIALLY going to college - because taking 2 courses at the community college totally doesn't count. Moving away from home to live amongst total strangers and take 5 classes ALL AT ONCE without any kind of parental supervision whatsoever, on the other hand, seems to be leaning towards counting. If nothing else comes out of the experience, at least she'll get a hoodie. And possibly a lanyard. There have been rumors about lanyards.

She joined FF.Net at the tender young age of 13, even though she desperately wanted to do so at age 12 - but the website said DON'T YOU DARE UNTIL THERE IS A -TEEN SUFFIX IN YOUR AGE and so she waited, because the Internet had already been taken away from her once because she didn't follow the rules. And she didn't want that to happen again. Being a hardcore Phantom phan, her first published work was of course a Phantom phanphic. And yes, I use the "ph." BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT PHANS DO. Anywho, said phic met with startling amounts of success, so she started to post other, unrelated fanfictions (you can tell because the "ph" is gone now, it's safe to come out) which also met with varying amounts of success.

And then she accidentally one day discovered this book that she thought was about a guy named Javert, because he was the character that she found in a crossover comic and seemed main-characterish - but then the book turned out to be about this guy named Jean Valjean instead, which was kind of a massive disappointment at first. And the book, to be perfectly honest, was an abridged version and STILL didn't really make any sense and was long-winded and difficult to get through.

Fortunately, not all was lost because she found the musical at around the same time, and this led to a continuing and fairly successful pasttime of throwing the main character of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables and his arch-enemy into strange and sometimes dangerous situations and then getting them out again. When that gets boring, she throws them into a modern-day AU and does the same thing, only slightly different, because now there are cars and more dangerous guns and all kinds of TECHNOLOGY for them to mess with and NO WAY COULD THAT POSSIBLY GO WRONG. Just kidding, it totally does, that's why it's so fun to write.

In her spare time, when she's not studying or writing or frolicking gaily about or totally, completely wasting time on the Internet, she lives in a giant mansion on a relatively giant island, both of which she conjured up with her Authoress powers. Accompanying her are her various armies, pets (two talking cats at last count), and numerous muses. Two of said muses, Erik (2004 movie Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera) and Julian (the Star Wars-obsessed outlaw Elf), have made appearances in her fanfics. The rest lurk in the darkness... watching... waiting... making cookies. Cookies are quite popular at the Authoressial mansion.
That's a secret though, you can't tell anyone. The cover story is (TIME FOR FIRST-PERSON AGAIN WOO) that I live in Alaska and try not to go outside a lot because it's cold. Very cold. Don't come here. You won't like it. IT DOESN'T EVEN SNOW ALL THAT MUCH, IT'S JUST COLD. And since there's no snow there is absolutely no excuse for that, I mean come on.

I'm totally not bitter about that or anything though.

On a final note, updates are stupidly irregular and few and far between because I'M TERRIBLE AT UPDATING IN A TIMELY FASHION. I've finally come to terms with this aspect of my personality. I'm sorry. I admit it. But hey, admitting it is the first step, right? Right. So hang in there and try not to be too upset if it takes me forever to update; I try to keep it under 3 months (yeah I know, what a comforting thought right). Bear in mind that I am now an Official College Student and remain patient. Also bear in mind that I appreciate every single review I get, and I think you are all sweetie cutie pies, and yes I'm allowed to say that because I think that by the standards of this website I am probably "old" so you just have to put up with it. HA.

On a FINAL final note - Pottermore has officially placed me in Slytherin, but I think I'm secretly an undercover Gryffindor! YEAHHHH HOUSE PRIDE YEAHHHH what am I even talking about I only got through Book 6 DON'T JUDGE ME

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