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Author has written 4 stories for Warriors, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, and Harvest Moon.

;) Hello everyone, my name is Kara. Pronounced CAR-uh. Not CARE-uh. Just want to get that straight. I will not give you a last name, just in case one day I am found on the internet. I don't want crazy pedophiles and stalkers searching for me. about me. One, I am not a Devil Worshiper, no matter what my pen name says. You see I am currently in the middle of writing a book about the Devil, and people that do worship him. But this idea came from the movie The Omen. In no way am I a Devil worshiper. Ca-peesh? Good.

Anyways, I am currently 14 years old, and I am about to attend the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts, for Communications. No, it's not a private school, but it is one of the best high schools (I'm sure) in Florida. But enough of that boring stuff. Writing to the passion that leads my life. IT's the only thing I ever want to do in this life. All I want to be able to do write books that teens and children and even adults will love, and win prizes and ribbons, and someday become as famous as J.K Rowling and become the richest woman in America. It's a big dream, I know, but one that I want to follow, and accomplish. I know it will take a lot of hard work and support, but I am going to do it. I am currently in the middle of working on several novels, one that I am halfway done with completing. These are their names:

A Devil's Ambition: Book One- It is said in some legends that long ago, Satan and God had a huge battle that left the Earth scarred and many lives snuffed out. It ended with God condemning Satan to the pits of Hell, to be the one to deal with centuries and decades of pain and fire and darkness, and to have others who have done wrong deal with the same fate. Now, hundreds of thousands of years later, the seal on Satan is breaking, and he is exerting power into the daily lives of citizens, marking them, turning their hearts black with his hate, gifting them with special powers if they carry out his bidding. Cities fall, people die, natrual, or maybe not so natrual, disasters occur. And sprouting from the ashes of turmoil are three teens, each with a special gift that is meant to save the rest of the world, and find others like them. And one follower of the Devil, one who's heart is striving toward the good, but the darkness of her past keeps bringing her back to the one who saved her. The Devil. It is up to them to go against the God of Death and Darkness, to bring the rest of humanity into the light.

(That wasn't the exact summary. I still have to perfect it, but that's the basics. It's basically an action/horror/adventure/romance/scifi thing)

Angel's Locket Book One: Angel- Hikari is the princess of a kingdom of humans, a friendly kingdom that manages to keep peace with the Daemons, the other species that inhabits the world, a species that is half-animal and half human. Akane is her protector, a dragon daemon with no idea of her heritage, or her past. Kurai is the prince of a neighboring Daemon kingdom, and is also Hikari's best friend, and who harbors secret feelings for her. Hikari's mother is Queen Kisa, gentle and strong, and rules the kingdom with authority, taking the place of her dead husband, the King. No one questions the Queen. But Queen Kisa has a secret that she's never told Hikari, and that secret keeps leading one of the darkest Kings in all of the land, to destroying the kingdom the night of Hikari's seventh birthday, and ultimately killing Queen Kisa in the process.

Akane, dutifully following Hikari's mother's strict orders, takes the young Hikari away to a small village, erasing the child's memory until she is no longer Princess Hikari. Just...Hikari. Akane plans to keep Hikari safe away in the mountains, never to experience the horror the befell the family again. But Kurai, oblivious to this knowledge, sets on a quest to find his childhood friend, and his true love. Ten years later, when he finds her, Hikari begins to rebuild her memory, slowly relieving her childhood memories, and building new ones with Kurai and some new friends. Together, along with her guardian who still struggles to find herself, they team up to fight the evil that took away Hikari's life, all for the piece of angel that lives on somewhere inside her.

(Again, I need to perfect the summary. It's a fantasy/romance.)

When I Grow Up- This is basically a story about me and all of my friends and all of the people that have affected our lives, all grown up. wouldn't really understand haha

(That's romance and humor)

(Title Pending)- Annabel is the normal, popular, beautiful teenager. The Queen of her school, with all the boys drooling at her feet, and all the girls begging to be her. But her life isn't all that perfect, since she's stuck with a dad who used to be cool, until he met the step-witch, Dominique. Now, deep inside, Annabel is filled with hurt, and isn't as cool and composed as everyone thinks she is. She has no one to share with. Until she meets Casterus. He's tall, dark, and unbelievably gorgeous. Too gorgeous to be real. Normally, she would be all over that boy, especially seeing how interested he seemed to be in her. But there's just something...something holding her back. Something that tells her he isn't...right.

And he isn't.

Casterus is a vampire through and through, having survived for many centuries. But although he seems good towards humans, especially Annabel, he has a secret, and a dark past. Casterus is actually on the run from a dark coven of vampires, vampires that were known to be the most merciless, and most powerful of them all. And Casterus had been the deputy, killing and torturing the most, until one night he bailed out. And now, Annabel has to team up with him to keep themselves, and the rest of their small town, from being killed by vampires, whether she wants to or not. Because guess what?

They're imprinted.

(Not going to be some stupid Twilight story. It's going to be much better ;). It's going to be in first person, but have switching points of view between Annabel and Casterus. It's an action/horror/romance. Name credit goes to Victoria, who thought up the name Casterus)

And that's all for now. But I keep starting new stuff, which probably is why I don't finish these books fast enough, so stay tuned for more! Anyways, I love to write fanfictions too, cause most of the stuff that's already been created I wish I had created. Writing is just something I love to do, and I love when people praise my writing. So thank you to all of my reviewers! You have a special place in my heart!! :)

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