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I think I won't be writing anymore stories.. . I just no longer fun for me. So this fanfiction account is on permanent hiatus.

aka please read before writing a review

1. DO NOT (aka re-frame) from writing ANY review(s) saying to "Please update soon!!!!", "Please update!" ,"Don't abandon this story", "(character A) & (character B) should like totally get to gather" ,and anyone like that. They work against you really.

Let's get things straight ,I don't abandoned my stories, I'm human not a machine I can't crank out chapters. So don't badger me to update,etc. I like to take my time, and have a life outside of writing. Also in ALL my stories I have ships planned out, and if I don't forget some get sequels. That's if I don't forget ,but thats my prerogative. Plus those types of reviews kill my writers muse, and then you don't get more chapters. And I loose the will to write

2. The phrase (so far its the only one that sounds not pushy) "I enjoy reading your story, and I look forward to the rest." works as a good replacement for "update soon" Casue frankly the update soon sounds pushy, and rude. I know lot of ya don't mean that

Until we can delete user reviews, like the guest ones, these will stay here till them

3. I apologize if I should mean, or cruel. It is not my intention, cause I really really want to finish some of these stories. And work on other ones. But

4. Thank you for reading this, and not sending my a "Please update soon." review it means a lot. Though positive feed back is nice.

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