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Love Naruto fanfic the most! Love the pairings:




I love any thing that has Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, or Izuna in it. Hashirama too!

Casually stumbled into HinataxSasu or HinataxItachi and love that too. But I also like a good KakashixSakura as well

I don't think I'll ever write fanfic on here but I'm thoroughly enjoying other peoples fanfic stories. I also wanna dive into some MHA fanfic as well. I would further appreciate it if anyone cared to do more Boruto fanfictions and well Mitsuki is my favorite character atm. Back in the day I was obssessed with Twilight fanfic, but I've moved onto greener anime pastures lol. Either way I love kdramas, cdramas, jdramas, anime, romcoms, and kpop.

I guess the list continues as I'm now a part of the Fairy Tail universe as well! NatsuxLucy, GrayxJuvia, EzraxJellal, and throw in some Rogue, Midnight, Cobra, Levy, Gajeel. My fandoms are expanding and I can't stop the train :)

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