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Hello, everyone, and thank you for visiting my page! I love reading all your stories about my favorite shows! Thank you for the entertainment! It really pushed me into writing my self. xD

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Name: I have a name, and it's a girl's name too. (Mulan joke! :D)

Personality: I am EXTREMELY sweet, has excellent patience, knows my manners, pretty mature for my age (I'd rather hang around with the adults instead of kids my age. They talk of frivolous things I really don't care about hearing), LOVES humor and romance, is a mega pervert (I only read NaruSaku lemons, NEVER for Sonic! They may be anthro's, but I respect Sonic too much to go that far), and has a utter disdain for Yaoi. Yuri I'm fine with -- only because I see too much of it around.

Favorite shows: Sonic X, Naruto, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Cardcaptor Sakura, Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hey Arnold, South Park, Danny Phantom, Samurai Champloo, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pokemon, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Spongebob, The Cleveland show, American Dad, One Piece, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Powerpuff Girls.

Favorite Movies: Pitch Black, Batman 2, Waterworld, the Fifth Element, Halloween series, the Ring 1&2, Sister Act 1&2, Beauty Shop, Avatar, One Piece movies, Naruto movies, Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, The Mummy 1&2, Shrek series, Sweet Home Alabama, Transformers 1, 2, & 3, The Cube, Harry Potter series (Fuck you, Twilight! HP owns you.), and Tomb Raider 1&2.

Favorite Video Games: Naruto, SONIC, MARIO, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Spyro, Prince of Persia series, Final Fantasy 12, InFamous, Uncharted 2&3, Tekken, Soul Caliber, and Street Fighter.

Favorite Characters: Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto), Misty Waterflower (Pokemon), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Wendy Testaburger and Eric Cartman (South Park), Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken), Rouge the Bat, Vanilla the Rabbit, Cream the Rabbit, and the Chaotix (Sonic), Goku, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, and Bulma (DBZ), Stan (American Dad), Peter and Brian (Family Guy), Aang, Katara, and Sokka (ATLA), Fuu and Mugen (Samurai Champloo), All of Luffy's crew (One Piece), and the Chipettes (Alvin and the Chipmunks), Drake, Elena, and Chloe (Uncharted).

Favorite Couples: In


Sonic and Amy (Seriously, they are meant to be!! Sega producers, what the hell are you waiting for?)

Knuckles and Rouge (My top favorite pairing in Sonic. They rock!)

Tails and Cream (I've always had a huge interest in the cutest pairing instead of the hot ones. Dunno why..)

Vector and Vanilla (LUL! Surprise, surprise! I love this pairing very much! My second favorite pairing.)

Shadow and Rouge (I can sure see a connection, but obviously they aren't as good as KnuxRouge. In my opinion)

Shadow and Amy (Yeah, they're pretty cool too. I don't mind this pairing at all.)

Silver and Blaze (I've noticed that a lot of people just LOVE to pick on poor Silver. It's hilarious to see! Silver and Blaze are a very cute couple!)

Emerl and Cream (Cute pairing, I don't mind this.)


Naruto and Sakura (I am so much... SO MUCH in love with this pairing. No fucking lie. It's.. it's that big. LOL!)

Kiba and Hinata (This pairing keeps on growing and growing! It might reach up to my love for NaruSaku. I don't know, maybe.)

Sasuke and Hinata (Another pairing that's growing.)

Neji and Hinata (Used to be my second favorite pairing, but KibaHina totally killed it. Dropped it down some.)

Naruto and Hinata (Eh... not exactly as much as either of the pairings I listed above, but I see a connection. They are cute.)

Ino and Shikamaru (This pairing I will always love! They are cute!)

Shikamaru and Temari (Yes, I love this pairing too! As much as InoShika! Really! There are lots of people fighting over who Shika should be with, but I personally don't give a bobba. Whoever he chooses is fine with me!)

Chouji and Ino (Same thing as InoShikaTema, I love this pairing just the same.)

Lee and TenTen (Lol, I love this pairing! So adorable!)

Neji and TenTen (This pairing is okay... not the best, but they iight. I can dig.)

Sakura and Hinata?! (ZOMGWTFNOWAI!! It's true, it's true! The only Yuri pairing I like! LOL!)

-Dragonball Z-

Goku and Chi-Chi (LOVE THIS PAIRING!! SO. . .FUCKIN'. . . FUNNY!)

Vegeta and Bulma (This pairing used to be my absolute favorite, but Goku and Chi-Chi came crashing in! You can thank NaruSaku for that. These four are very similar to each other.)

Gohan and Videl (Not my favorite, but they are cute.)

18 and Krillen. (I really enjoyed seeing Krillen care so much for 18 during the... Cell saga?? I forget which one.)

-South Park-

Stan and Wendy (This pairing was my absolute favorite in South Park! Until... I saw an episode called 'Chef Goes Nanners'.)

BeBe and Kyle. (These two were pretty cute! I liked them!)

Kenny and Bebe (LOL! This pairing is hilarious!)

Stan and Kyle (GOD DAMNIT, I dreaded this pairing when I first noticed how popular it was here on FFnet, but the more I've seen them the more I've gotten used to them. So yeah.. they're okay.)

Cartman and Wendy (My most favorite pairing in South Park evah!! Ever since I've seen 'Chef Goes Nanners'.. loved this pairing ever since.)

-Avatar: The Last Airbender-

Aang and Katara (Doy! This pairing is completely CANNON! They belong! I have no idea as to how Zutara became popular. I'm sure the producers were like... 'WTF?!' but they acknowledged the pairing and decided to have some moments squeezed in there for the Zutara fans. How sweet of them. Still though... Kataang owned them good.)

Zuko and Katara (Yeah-Yeah... they cool.)

Sokka and Toph (These two are just too cute! I like them! Too bad they never happened. Oh well.. at least my main pairing did. :D)

Sokka and Suki (Kudos to you, Suki. Enjoy him.)


Ash and Misty (Used to be my most favorite pairing in history... until NaruSaku stepped in and dropped these two down fairly big. Still love them though)

Brendan and May (Love these two just as much as Ash and Misty!!)

Drew and May (They is cool. I like them too!

Dawn and Paul (Eh... they're okay.)

Dawn and Kenny (I like these two better than... Ikarishiping? Is that who they are called? Dawn and Paul I mean. These two I know to be Penguinshipping)

Gary and Misty (. . .No comment.)

Jessie and James (I love these two! I never exactly noticed them all that much in a romantic way, only in a humorous way! Because humor is my life)

-Current Stories- 7/15/12

Television Madness - On Hiatus! ! ! Still.

A Knuckles and Rouge story - (Title&Description changed as of 7/15/12!) First revision for Chapter 1 -- coming very soon! I sincerely apologize for the long delay. And as for the last chapter. . . I absolutely refuse to update until I revise all my other chapters first. Don't be upset, because once you see my revision, I guarantee you'll be pleased with the improvement.

-Vanilla the Rabbit

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