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Chibi Haruka

Name: Wouldn't you like to know ^_~

Age: The big one-seven baby!

Weight: That's impolite... but uhh 120? (ahh the joys of rounding)

Height: Like what? 5'6"?

Hair: Well it's dark auburn a la hair dye right now

Eyes: Caramel

Likes: Food, sleeping, anime, manga, drawing, writting, my kitties (Jeri, Taiki, Miaka, --and you can't help but wonder what was going on in my head when i picked this name-- Alice (kinda the odd one out, ey?), people who are themselves and who don't try to be anything else, people who are nice to others, my best friend for over half my life, Krystle, and of course, my loving, beautiful, adorable fiance (yes, i am engaged, and no, i am not naive-- i'm a straight A kid, i know what i may or may not be getting myself into) whom i love with all my heart! And many, many other things :)

Dislikes: People who are rude, nasty, and just plain ignorant towards other people, when people take my stuff without asking (grr!), Avril La-whatever, Brittany Spears, basically anyone who cheats, uses people, or pretends to be something they're not. And many, many other things.

Beliefs: I believe that *nothing* is impossible, just improbable. I also believe in fate, and fairy tales, and happily ever afters, and soulmates-- yes, i'm a sucker for romance, but without the hope of loving and being loved, what is there to look forward to? And i believe that in this universe there are things that we may never understand, and maybe we're not meant to, because, after all, how do you describe a color that you've never seen?

Favorite Couples:
Usagi/Mamoru (manga only!)
Usagi/(strangly enough)Juunanago or 17
Usagi/(even weirder)Haruka
There's more i'm sure, but my memory has begun to corode in my old age.


Alright, here's the problem(s) for those of you that have been waiting so long for me to update (and i am sooo sorry about that):
1.) I have this strange thing that if i'm not writing on *my* computer in *my* room, i can't write, period. (I don't know if any of you have something like this where you just find it impossible to do something like a certain ruetine or a notebook or something, i dunno). My dad Shanghai-ed my computer back up to Missouri and i miss it terrible, the ol' peice of crap. Trust me, i've tried to write on this computer, but it bothers me to no end being in an open room with a huge bright-ass screen so i don't get very far.
2.) And i'm sure all of you know the definition of this one: WRITER'S BLOCK. Really i think it just mostly has to do with the aforementioned.

I sincerely appoligize on all this, but i have made some progress... i've gotten a lot finished on the thrird chapter of Child of the Goddess and the tenth chapter of Cross My Heart.

-Chibi Haruka

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