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Author has written 16 stories for Naruto, Gundam Seed, Danny Phantom, Kamen Rider, and Gundam Build Fighters/ガンダムビルドファイターズ.

Name: Chris

Age: between twenty and thirty

Occupation: U.S. Airmen (retired) College Student (graduated) Juvenile Detention Center Staff (currently)

Hobbies: drawing, reading, video games, martial arts, writing

Goals: Work in Customs and Immigrations

Favorite saying: Bite my hairy pale @ (don't ask)

Favorite anime: Guyver (best anime ever), UC Gundam series (love the RX-79g Ground Type Gundam), S-cry-ed, DBZ (first anime I ever saw when I was three), Naruto (like the characters not the story), Bleach

Favorite games: Mortal Kombat (best fighting game yet) Devil May Cry, Armored Core

Favorite movies: AvP, The Protector, Terminator, Silent Hill the movie, All three Transformer movies

Favorite non-anime: Transformers, TMNT, Avatar, Futurama, Boondocks, Danny Phantom, South Park

Favorite characters: Scorpion (shouldn't be too hard to figure out from where), Optimus Prime, Kazuma (S-cry-ed), Ermac, Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Kabal, (Mortal Kombat) Bender

Favorite pairings: NarutoxHinata, ShoxMizuki, DannyxSam

Info about me:

Well there isn't much to say about me personally. I'm generally a guy who's just trying to make a living by joining the Airforce regardless of my own doubts about our reason for fighting in Iraq. From the info above I seem to be a little bit closed up, but in truth I never really plan on anything when it comes to my personal life. Another thing about me is that I don't give a damn about what happens to me. The reason for that is this I think about those who matter to me first. Some of my Wingmen think that's foolish, but I don't care if I can prevent suffering of one family then I'll do it. Another this is that I refuse to kill if I can avoid it. Again my Wingmen think I'm foolish, but they don't understand one thing. If you someone wouldn't be you denying their right to live? Because of that question I created these two reasons to fight in a fool's war with my own code of honor. It may not be the right one, but I believe in it.

No longer a part of the US Air Force, now a college student working on Criminal Justice Technologies. Aim towards working in Customs and Immigrations for airports while doing some writing for fun.

Deep hatred: Character Bashings on those who don't deserve it. This is something I hate with a passion, the two main examples I have found are Ryoga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2 and Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. Seriously why do some people like to make these two the subjects to horrible jokes or death. Ryoga is an honorable guy with a need for love while Hinata is just a shy girl who wouldn't ever harm a fly. Yet people make them look like villains or joke characters whose only role is to be beaten on. If you don't like a character all you have to do is not put them in your story or have them in there for a sentence and then leave them alone. I'll admit that I've bashed on characters people like, but I only do minor bashings and then leave them alone. But if your story is about bashing them, then I am not going to read it. Seriously some of you people make me sick and lose faith in mankind. So don't try to justify why you're insulting a character so badly, because I won't read about it. Even if they are not real characters you shouldn't butcher their portrayal just for your amusement.

I also tend to get annoyed with implied slash pairings. I don't mind gay couples, but I don't like established straight characters turning gay for any reason.

Current Story line up and status:

Naruto: Bad Blood- 25 chapters and done. Plans for sequel has been abandoned, sorry I've lost any interest in doing it again.

Gundam Seed Spotlight-3 chapters and done.

If you don't Fight, you don't Survive- 24 chapters and going.

Town of a Bleeding heart- Oneshot.

Danny Beats Dash- Oneshot.

Some ideas- 16 challenges and may have more.

Cross my Heart and I'll Fight Back- 9 chapters and done.

Tortured Hearts and Dark Legacies- 9 chapters and done.

Hunting Ground of Chaos- 14 chapters and done.

Death of Danny Phantom- Oneshot.

Christmas Drabble- Oneshot.

Kamen Rider Phantom- 22 Chapters and going.

Gundam Build Fighters: Phantom's Flight- 15 Chapters and going.

People have asked for a summary for Naruto: Bad Blood and well here it is.

AU. During his first A-rank mission Naruto faces off against a man with power that he unlocks that is beyond others. Now He faces off against a dark organization Hellbent on having his new powers and create an army to enslave mankind. As Naruto battles this new threat he discovers that the price for power is forever too high to obtain. Filled with battles, hardships, love, the importance of family and a dark reality that is better left hidden. Can Naruto handle all that stands in his way or will he fall right into the Abyss that threatens to take everything away from him. This story is over with.

New projects:

As you can see I've come up with some new stories for Danny Phantom. I got into the cartoon after finishing Naruto: Bad Blood and wanted to make some stories. I also got into Kamen Rider during my time in Okinawa and created a cross over of Danny Phantom and Kamen Rider Ryuki. I actually enjoyed writing that story that it had became my main story to work on. Cross my Heart and I'll Fight Back is a close second, because it allows me to explore other ideas to Danny Phantom.


Challenge 1: Ghostpool

Plot: After Phantom Planet, Danny goes missing for mysterious reasons. You decide on reason. Two months later Danny returns, but he is not the Danny everyone knows. This Danny happens to refer to himself as the 'Ghost with a Mouth' and is aware that he is a fictional character. Now he has to cover for the original Danny Phantom, until the original one returns. He also is more or less amoral, because he does whatever he wants with no real concern for others.

Rules: Forth wall breaking is necessary for this Danny. Danny 'Ghostpool' must also get on nearly everyone's nerves. Only the 'Ghostpool' Danny knows he and everyone is a fictional character and uses references from anything even the actual show. Basically go crazy with this one.

Pairings: Optional pairing except for the canon pairings. Example original DannyxSam.

Challenge 2: Passing the torch

Plot: Danny and Sam have a son who is Ghost, but cannot use his ghost powers. Danny died after defeating Pariah Dark who has been released again. Now a new breed of ghost have appeared and formed deals with humans to fulfill their desires in exchange for life energy. Danny's son forms a partnership with not one, but five of these new ghosts who for their own reasons betrayed their kind. Danny's son learns how to fight and carries on his father's legacy with his partners.

Pairing: Optional

Rules: This story idea is inspired by Kamen Rider Den-O, but with ghost instead. Danny's son allows his partners to use his body for them to fight, because they do not have enough ectoplasm to create their own bodies. Therefore, Danny's son is more or less a vessel for these new ghosts. The ghosts themselves must have personalities that clash with the personality of Danny's son. Danny's son does not have a lot of confidence in himself so these ghosts help him along the way as he matures and lives up to his father's status while stepping out of his shadow thanks to his partners.

Challenge 3: A more aggressive AU Danny Phantom remake

Plot: After the Ghost Portal accident, Danny runs away for two years. He returns during his friends' junior year as the ghost invasion escalates. Sporting dark clothing, dog tags around his neck which he calls his 'dog collar' and a black trench coat with a ripped off left sleeve. He has a dark outlook on life and is combative towards everyone and views himself as a monster.

Rules: Danny must be hostile to all he sees as his enemy, going so far as to attack them in front of a huge crowd. He must always refer to himself a monster or any other degrading classification and actually enjoy his dark outlook on life. His friends and family must try to help him see the bright side of life, despite his hatred towards the bright side. Danny's ghost form must have a demonic look.

Pairings: Main-pairing DannyxSam other can be anyone with anyone. Even crack pairings are allowed.

Challenge 4: Fenton/Manson Rivalry

Plot: We all that the Jack and Maddie do not get along with Jeremy and Pamela. What if it has actually been going on for generations? What if for some strange long forgotten reason, the two families were always at each other's throats? What if it was going on for so long that Danny and Sam want to put an end to this rivalry once and for all?

Pairing: Danny and Sam are already a couple.

Rules: However, you want to do it is fine.

Challenge 5: Tucker's Extreme Sports

Plot: Tucker wants to impress a girl with his athletic skills so he tries out for all of Casper High's sports teams. Danny and Sam need a subject for a video project for one of their classes. Therefore, to kill two birds with one stone and get an A, the trio create a video showing Tucker off.

Pairing: Optional

Rules: Danny's the camera operator and provides commentary. Sam's the narrator and provides commentary. Tucker is the star and goes through many unspeakable levels of pain. Sam also begins every one of Tucker's attempts at sports with the following phrase. "Courage. Talent. _. Qualities only found in the extreme sportsman." the third part has to be something that reflects the outcome to Tucker. For Example, "Courage. Talent. A medical team on standby. Qualities only found in the extreme sportsman."

Yes, this is based on Goofy's Extreme Sports and they are still funny.

Challenge 6: Danny, Son of an Amazon

Plot: Obviously an AU, Danny was born from Maddie, an Amazon Warrior and abandoned in the wilderness after birth. Luckily, Danny was found by a kind old hermit who took him to his home. The old hermit happens to be a monk and a master of martial arts. He trains Danny and teaches him about the modern world, which helps him grow up into a normal teenager. One day while getting fish at a nearby river for dinner, Danny came across a young Amazon named Sam, which leads to an adventure composed of discovering his past, Sam facing a culture shock, many misunderstandings and fights.

Pairing: Danny and Sam go through a long confusing relationship from awkward one-sided enemies on Sam's part, to uneasy friends, to finally lovers. Any other pairings is up to you.

Rules: For this, Danny is generally similar to his original, but is actually very skilled in martial arts and a master with hookswords. One thing that makes Danny different is that he holds no grudge against his mother or even shows that he cares about being abandoned by her. This is due to being raised and cared for by the old monk.

Sam is mainly a proud Amazon teenager, but still shows traits of her original. She is also curious about the modern world and wants to learn more. As an Amazon, Sam is also quite skilled in the art of war, but is still bested by Danny after their first fight. She also much like her original shows great levels of jealousy when other girls pay attention to Danny.

Challenge 7: Danny becomes Wrath

Plot: After a successful ghost hunt, Danny was shot by his parents in the back and was killed. He awakens in a region in the Ghost Zone where those who were killed by a loved one resides. He meets a ghost who told him of his death and gives Danny the chance to avenge his death. Danny agrees and is turned into a new type of ghost, a Wraith. He trains himself to harness his new form and powers so that he can return to the human world and avenge himself.

Pairing: Optional

Rules: As a Wraith, Danny is more powerful and is able to find flaws in any ghost hunters' equipment. One example is that he discovered two ways to get through a ghost shield. Either by focusing his power at one single point, much like Wulf who drilled through the ghost shield or goes under the shield. In addition, he refuses to listen to reason from his sister or friends. He also refuses to forgive his parents for what they have done to him.

How you wish to end the story is your call.

Challenge 8: My Girlfriend is a Succubus?

Plot: This one is vaguely an AU story. Tucker has never been lucky with love, or even getting a date for that matter. It doesn't help that his best friend and resident half ghost hero Danny has a girlfriend name Sam Manson. What Tucker doesn't know is that Sam holds a dark secret, Sam is a Succubus. When Tucker discovers this he tries to save Danny from being Sam's sex slave. However, it turns out that Danny knows that Sam is a Succubus and still loves her and vice versa. Sam explains that she is different from the rest because she took the time to get to know Danny rather than get in bed with him unlike the rest of her kind. Still not convinced Danny talks Sam into setting Tucker up on a date with anyone that she knows. She agrees and helps Tucker get a date with a beautiful girl. Granted all the girls that Sam knows are bat-winged sex crazed monsters, but hey a date's a date right?

Pairings: Well being how Sam's a Succubus in this story. She lays claim to Danny and obviously the ghost boy has no problem with that. As for Tucker, since this story is generally about him. It can be basically a Tucker with an OC or him with a canon character who also happens to be a Succubus. Seriously, the old saying of justice is blind also applies to love.

Rules: Well aside from the fact that Tucker has to get a date with a Succubus. All his dates can be hit and misses, but they always end the same way. He always end up in bed with them extremely drained then they leave him. That's right I expect this one to be a lemon, smut for Tucker and love making/mating for Danny and Sam. Told you my mind is twisted.

Challenge 9: Obsessive Half Ghosts

Plot: A different kind of AU that pop into my head about three nights ago. Instead of Danny going into the Ghost Portal, Sam went with him. One of them hits the on button and both became half ghosts. Like all ghost they gain an obsession, each other. Reason for this is that Danny tried to shield Sam from the blast of ectoplasm and Sam blames herself for half killing them. Due to this the two of them can't keep their hands off of each other. They been called Lovebirds before, now they're taking it to a whole new level. So now every ghost that exit's the Fenton Portal has to face two Phantoms. Sounds easy right?

Pairing: Obviously a DannyxSam pairing due to being each others obsession.

Rules: Generally you have free range on this story. Only one real condition for the two Ghostly Lovebirds. Danny is more powerful since he took most of the blast, but has little to no control. Sam has amazing control, but no a lot of power. She's barely more powerful than the Box Ghost and only has the generic powers. Basically Danny grows more powerful while Sam stay more or less the same. However, she is more skilled and can keep Danny under control. Aside from Danny's low control and Sam's low power, you can tell the story as you wish.

Challenge 10: The Oath

Plot: We all know that Clockwork, Frostbite, and Wulf trust and care about Danny. What if there's more to it than what we have seen? What if these three made a oath to watch over him? What if that oath was made with a human? What if that human was Danny's dead uncle from his father's side of the family? Who was this man? How was he different from Jack Fenton?

Pairing: Optional aside from it being JackxMaddie.

Rules: There is no time travel for Danny in this one. Clockwork, Frostbite, and Wulf agreed to tell Danny and Jazz of their connection to the Fenton family. Jack's brother is the opposite of Jack when it comes to ghost. He finds no interest in hunting ghosts at all. However, he befriends Clockwork and the others after saving them from crazed ghost hunters. Being how it's in the past Clockwork is actually the apprentice of the Master of Time during era he was in. Frostbite wasn't the leader of his people and Wulf has been arrested yet. Just tell a story of how these three became a part of Danny's life before he was even born.

Challenge 11: Danny's New Power

Plot: Danny gets caught in a fight with a new ghost called Conflict. During their battle Jack and Maddie had a new invention that is designed to merge a ghost with a non living object so that they can capture them easily. However, the closest now living object happens to be a sword that Conflict uses. Conflict is now trapped in his sword and his powers somehow got linked to Danny's ecto-signature. Conflict the Ghost Sword is now Danny's newest power and the two are not happy about being connected. Can these two put aside their differences and stop anymore ghost from attacking. Probably, if the two of them can stop getting on each others nerves.

Pairing: Optional

Rules: Danny and Conflict are stuck with each other throughout the story. When not used in battle Conflict's sword is absorbed into Danny's body. Meaning Danny has Conflict literary inside himself. I expect Conflict getting involved with putting Danny's bullies in their place since Danny won't do anything about it.

Challenge 12: Class of Halfas

Plot: As an AU story, we have it where the Fenton Ghost Portal not only turned Danny into a Half Ghost, but all kids his age. The reason is that the Portal pumped out too much ectoplasm and it was all released and scattered out to not only Danny, Sam, and Tucker, but all of Danny's peer throughout Amity Park. Due to this the town has to adjust to a large number of ghost hybrid children. To make matters worse most of these kids have become corrupt by their powers and cause all sorts of trouble. Feeling responsible Danny fights all of his peers who have gone rogue because he surprisingly enough did not become corrupt by his ghost powers.

Pairing: It's your call on this one.

Rules: This one is basically a free range story for anyone. You can choose who gets what ghost power. For example, if you want to give Sam plant based powers, that is fine. If you want Tucker to have electrical powers like Technus, go for it. If you want Sam and Tucker to become corrupted by their ghost powers, that's fine too. Go crazy with this one.

Challenge 13: Heroines of the Day

Plot: Team Phantom has gone on vacation and have left Amity Park under the care of Jazz and Danielle. The ghost use this as a chance to attack the seemingly defenseless town. Jazz and Danielle are the only ones who can protect Amity Park since Jack and Maddie are at a ghost hunter's convention as well. Can Jazz and her brother's modified clone/cousin/sister/daughter/whatever keep the town safe? Or will they have to think about looking for a new town to live in?

Pairing: None

Rules: Jazz and Danielle are the main characters and have a family bonding experience. Who they face is up to you, so enjoy and have fun.

Challenge 14: Sparking

Plot: Danielle has gained a new ghost power and it's not what Danny was expecting. The Ghost Girl has the power of lightning and she has a hard time keeping it under control. So she goes to Danny for help learn how to control her new found power. Can they succeed or will Amity Park experience the strangest blackout in history?

Pairing: Optional

Rules: This is free range so long as Danielle learns how to control her new power and many mishaps happen.

Challenge 15: Sick Day

Plot: Danny has come down with the flu. No problem, just let him have plenty of bed rest. He's spewing out ghost rays every time he sneezes? Okay that may be a problem. Either way, with his parents out of town it's up to Jazz, Sam, and Tucker to help Danny throughout his sick day. Have pity for these poor foolish souls.

Pairing: A little DxS fluff if you want.

Rules: Only Danny is sick and his sister and friends are trying to help him get better. All standard illnesses are thrown out the window with Danny's ghost powers being the major threat to himself and others. Mostly the others.

Challenge 16: King of Fighting Games

Plot: Danny has beaten Sam in Mortal Kombat 2011 268 to 0 and Tucker 842 to 0. Sam has suffered 67 Babalities and 79 Fatalities. Tucker has suffered over 340 Babalities and 421 Fatalities. Instead of rubbing it in their faces Danny asked them if they wanted to do something else. However, not wanting admit defeat to her boyfriend, Sam challenges Danny to other fighting games. Danny on the other hand doesn't want to, but decides to humor his girlfriend. Who knew Sam had such a competitive streak? Tucker on the other hand was over at a corner crying to his PDA.

Pairing: Obvious DxS, but that's not important.

Rules: This is a challenge to make a sequel to my story Danny beats Dash. Danny, Sam, and Tucker go through many fighting games with Danny constantly wining. Sam get more furious after losing rematch after rematch. Tucker becomes more and more upset after every loss he has suffered. Danny wants to quit, but continues to humor Sam with all of these rematches. You can let Sam win at the end after losing an ungodly number of times to Danny.

That should do for now, stay tuned for any more ideas that I'm giving away for others to try. Also thanks to those who have taken interest in my challenges and I hope you all have fun writing them.

Challenge 17: Bad Plan

Plot: Tired of Danny not noticing her, Sam and Tucker came up with a plan to make Danny jealous by dating each other. For a while, it seems to be working until Danny spied on them in his ghost form and found out the truth. Danny's jealously turns into anger as he confronted them in school and revealed that he found out and broke off their friendship in front of the entire school. What hurt Sam the most was that Danny said that she stooped as low as Paulina. Now, Sam and Tucker are looked down upon by their peers. Sam is insulted by nearly every girl in school and Tucker is now the prime target of the school bullies because surprisingly enough Dash decided for all bullying on Danny to be put on hold for at least a week. Desperate to get her best friend back, Sam looks for a way to apologize to Danny and tell him how much she truly cares for him.

Pairing: It's optional, but if the story does need a pairing it would be DannyxSam.

Rules: Danny learns about the plan and is very mad at Sam and Tucker. He has to tell Sam that he can't believe that she and Tucker would do that and tells her that if she really did like him, she should have been up front about it. When Sam and Tucker learn that they were out of line with their plan and apologize (more like begging on their knees for forgiveness) Danny tells them that he will forgive them, but they are on very thin ice.

Extra info: I came up with this idea due to reading a few stories where Sam does this type of plan and still manages to get Danny to confess that he loves her. However, I didn't really like any of them because doing something like this doesn't seem like something Sam would do, so I thought about what would happen if her plan backfires

Challenge 18: How was This Switch Even Possible?

Plot: This is a crossover idea that even I have no clue how it came to being or even how it would work. During the day of Danny's birth, he and another child were accidentally switched with each other. So Jack and Maddie returned home with the wrong baby and Danny was taken with the wrong parents. Who is this wrong baby? Why none other than Kim Possible (yes this is indeed impossible to happen, but just roll with it). Regardless, Danny and Kim were raised by their wrong parents and didn't meet until their respective school played against each other. The two meet each other along with their families which lead up an expected revelation. However, both of them have grown very much attached to their foster families and friends. To solve this, the Fentons and the Possibles agreed to an arrangement to have Danny and Kim alternate schools for the rest of high school.

Pairing: DannyxSam and KimxRon

Rules: Plot wise to keep the story going; it is generally open for creative freedom. Despite being switch at birth, Danny must still get ghost powers. Kim can also get ghost powers as well. Danny and Ron have to be somewhat best friends (Danny has a small temper problem thanks to have Jim and Tim as little brothers and Ron's Ron-ness). For reason unknown even to me, Kim and Sam have to be best friends. Danny and Kim bond as 'siblings' and of course Danny and Kim will face off against their canon enemies. Ron must refer to Danny as DP and always do something that pisses Danny off, while Kim always tries to find a way to lighten Sam's Gothic outlook.

Challenge 19: Danny: Kickboxing Champion

Plot: This story is an AU, after Dash had finished picking on Danny, Danny was very angry. Letting the anger take over, Danny kicked a tree with a roundhouse kick that left a crack on the tree, it just so happens that a man who working at a kickboxing gym saw Danny and wanted him to train under him. At first Danny was unsure, but accepted the man's offer. After going through the training, Danny was put in an amateur fight tournament and got third place. After that tournament, Danny got more and more into competitive fighting and continued to train under his trainer. However, things start to get complicated after Sam and Tucker discovered that Danny was in these tournaments. Tucker was all for Danny being in this stuff, but Sam was against it. Now Danny is torn between doing something he enjoys and Sam.

Pairing: Danny and Sam are dating in this one.

Rules: Danny is full human in this story, so his fighting skills are all him. Danny becomes famous in the competitive fighting world, but is trying to keep it a secret from his school life. You have the option to have Danny quit or Sam accepting Danny's violent talent. You can have Danny and Sam breakup, but the two of them have to get back together in the end.

Challenge 20: Unexpected and Unwanted Satellite

Plot: Danny has a problem, he has a satellite orbiting around him and clinging onto him. More specifically, it's Star who is his unwanted satellite. The reason, he saved her (as Fenton) from getting hit by his Dad who was driving the GAV. Due to this, Star starts to like Danny and won't stop following him or showering him with affection. This causes problems because Kwan is jealous that Danny has his girlfriend, Tucker is jealous because he still holds a crush on Star, and Sam is extremely jealous and enraged that Star is all over Danny, while Danny is annoyed beyond his limits. Now Danny needs to find a way to get Star to stop praising him and get her back together with Kwan before he loses what's left of his patience and sanity.

Pairing: A very one-sided DannyxStar; one-sided TuckerxStar, KwanxStar, and DannyxSam.

Rules: Simply put, Danny saves Star, Star falls for Danny for the wrong reason, and Danny doesn't like Star. Kwan wants to kill Danny, Sam wants to do extremely vile things to Star and Tucker wants to get his chance to go out with Star. Danny thinks of a way to get Kwan and Star back together before any horrible happens.

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