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Author has written 14 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Age: 25

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Shows: Sonic X, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Jaime Foxx Show, Gargoyles, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, My Wife and Kids, Sanford and Son, Family Guy, and Breaking Bad. There are more, but this is all that I can think of at this moment. When you look at the list, you notice that's a weird assortment of shows. I could care less. It's me.

Favorite Sonic Characters: Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Sonic, Rouge, Espio, Vector

Favorite Sonic Couple: Knuckles/Rouge

Hobbies: Mostly things Sonic-related, but also basketball, football, cell phone, dating, college, and whatever else floats my boat.

My favorite color is black, but I'm far from being emo. It's just so swagadocious.

Couples I like:

Knux/Rouge- they're da best couple. Plain and Simple. A lot of people are saying that Rouge just flirts with Knuckles to get close to the Master Emerald. If Rouge wanted the Master Emerald, she could get it at any time(as we see in Sonic X), but she doesn't want it b/c she realizes the importance of it to Knuckles' heritage. Even when she's right in front of the Master Emerald, she won't even attempt to steal it. Ever since the ARK incident, they have been close. Before that, it is true that Rouge and Knuckles were rivals, but since then, they have been well sorta friendly with each other. They are always arguing because that's how they show that they care. No matter how much they argue, they are always concerned with each other's well-being(as seen in Sonic X). This sometimes goes unseen due to the Shadouge controversy. (By the way, Silver is not the son of Shadow and Rouge. If you believe this, kill yourself) A lot of people say Shadow and Rouge because Knuckles and Rouge fight physically. If any of you have ever played Sonic Rivals 2, you see that Rouge and Shadow fight on there. And here's the best thing. She partners up with Knuckles, not Shadow. Ha Ha, and might I add... Ha.

SonAmy- I couldn't see Sonic with anyone else

Shadlaze- Two dark and mysterious characters. It works.

Silver/Tikal- I made this one up. Someone from the past and someone from the future. I think they'd hit it off well.

VecVanilla- I started liking this couple b/c everyone else started liking them

Silver/Wave- Hey, it could happen, at least somewhere in my mind it can.

Tails/Cream- Cream is cute. I definitely like her better than Cosmo.

Couples I hate:

Shadouge- Bro/Sis relationship Yes. Bf/Gf relationship No

Taismo- I don't exactly hate them, but I'd rather he be with Cream, someone with some backbone.

Knux/Julie-Su- Hell No

All yaoi couple- Sonic characters are NOT gay. Ppl who write yaoi stories are gay for doing it. I'm especially against Sonadow. Shadow's too cool for that.

Neutral Couples:

ShadAmy- They're okay

Charmy/Cream- Same

Silvaze- Same

Knux/Tikal- Same

My very own copyrighted fancharacters. If you would like to use them in a story of yours, please ask first. I might wanna read it. I might not use all these characters anyway. I just create some of these characters for the hell of it.

Rampage the Robin- a huge red and black robin with a short fuse. His choice of weapons are his own two wings. His brute force can even match Storm.

Age- 20

Borais the Bald Eagle- Jet's half brother. He is an advisor to Jet and Jet's most trusted friend. He's stronger than Jet, but weaker than Rampage.

Age- 15

Tundra the Quail- a mystic quail with yellow eyes, a white tank top, red pants (like
Wave's, except hers are red), and red shoes. Best friends with Wave. She was born with cryokinesis, but she has a hard time controlling it. She becomes the love interest of Galeon after both of them try to steal the Blizzard Diamond. (I may do a fic about that.)

Age- 17

Galeon the Blue Jay- a blue-jay who is Espio's equal in ninjitsu. He wears samurai-style clothing and wields two katana swords. He is a strong believer in Bushido.


Nightscream the Falcon- a black falcon who is the youngest and most inexperience Babylon Rogue. He is able to emit a supersonic screech that is able to confuse and even do physical damage as well. His screech could snap a tree in two. Younger brother of Falcone


Falcone the Falcon- a loyal and well-respected brown falcon. Next to Borais, he is Jet's most trusted friend. Falcone is a leader-born, but has no trouble following Jet. He wields a mighty electro sword.

ge- 18

Raven- a mysterious raven. Gothic.

Age- 14

Rain- a magical peacock who is the most in-tune with her Babylon heritage, being able to levitate and perform real genie magic. The spiritual healer of the group.

Age- 20

Scarlett the Chameleon- My very first fancharacter. Has the power to blend in with surroundings instead of turning invisible like Espio; therefore her camo is limited. Basically, she's a female version of Espio with key differences. She does tae kwon do instead of ninjitsu.

Age: 17

Inferno the Hedgehog- a fire hedgehog, literally. When he runs, he leaves a trail of flames behind him. He also posesses the ability to create fireballs and use triangle jump; so he's very agile and powerful. He has Knuckles' temper. The madder he gets, the larger his flames are. He is a red hedgehog of average height and weight. with black streaks at the end of his quills.


Stone the Echidna- the long-lost brother of Knuckles. He was supposed to be the guardian of the Master Emerald, but he abandoned his ancerstral heritage. Since he refused to guard the emerald, he had no choice but to leave Angel Island. He's a little bit more level-headed than Knuckles and his fighting skills can match Knuckles but not his power. Like his name indicates, he can turn his body into rock. He's more of an anti-hero. He only does good when he chooses to, not because it is the right thing to do.

Age- 19

Wraith the Hedgehog- a super-powered entity created from the dark matter of every character that has ever used the Chaos Emeralds to go Super. Because you have to be pure of heart to use the real power of the chaos emeralds, the darkness in a person's heart is removed and stored in the chaos emeralds so that the user is pure of heart. After repeated use of the chaos emeralds to go super, the dark matter filled up much of the chaos emeralds until it had to be released. The dark matter from each emerald merged together and Wraith was born. He's dark, pitch black. Nothing is visible except his red, glowing eyes. His powers are Sonic's speed, Knuckles' strength, Tails' intellect, Shadow's command of chaos energy, and Silver's telekinesis since they are the only ones to ever go super with the chaos emeralds. He's immortal and thought to be invincible.

Age- 1

Obsideon- a black and gold jackal with the ability to create weapons made of light energy from his hands. He lives by the code of the warrior: Strong, loyal, and chivalrous. His primary choice of weapons is a longsword. He's also skilled in using many other weapons such as swords, staffs, chain weapons, etc.

Gamble- a red echidna with a nack for chance. He has a huge gambling habit and base all his decisions on chance. He's the echidna replication of Two-Face from Batman. He even has his own gang. His symbol is a black spade tattoo on his chest.

Ambient Rose- a military veteran from the Great War of Mobius. He's an orange hedgehog with white-striped bands on his spines.


Talon-a griffin that was experimented on against his will as an attempt to duplicate the strength of Shadow the Hedgehog. He's able to generate Chaos Spear. An unpredicted side effect is his ability to discharge electricity from his hands.

Fang-a leopard experimented on by G.U.N. in order to try to duplicate the powers of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is able to generate Chaos Control and discharge electricity from his hands.

Claw- a bengal tiger/bat hybrid, anthromorphic bengal tiger with bat wings. He is a failed experiment in the attempt to duplicate the secret of Shadow's immortality. He has the destructive power of Chaos Blast as well as an ability of discharging electricity from his hands..

Upcoming Stories and/or Ideas for Stories

The Song of the Chao- Tikal feels a void in her life; so she decides to get a job in a chao garden. Coincidentally, a certain silver hedgehog is already employed there. Watch as their combined love for chao blossoms into something that they never could've guessed.

The Hunted- During another fight between Knuckles and Rouge, they are approached by a couple known only as 'The Hunters'. They have come to claim Knuckles and Rouge's heads as trophies. During the fight, Rouge is knocked unconscious and falls off Angel Island. Knuckles dives off the island after her, but loses consciousness as well. What will happen when Rouge and Knuckles wake up in a jungle with no idea where they are, how to get back, or where the hunter couple may be lurking?

Code of Hero- What is the most important thing that a hero must possess? Shadow finds out that the answer to this question is not easily attained. What price must be paid to find out the true meaning?

Blitz!- a football tournament comprised of eight teams, seven players per team. Who will win? No one knows for sure. OCs will be accepted at this time. Teams will be chosen at random.

Frat Life- Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Shadow, and Silver are all college buddies looking for somewhere to belong. Go with them through Hell Week as they are hazed and tortured by their chosen fraternity, the Kappas. For people who enjoyed High School Years.

Doing Hard Time- Wrongly accused of a crime, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are sentenced to time in prison. Read on as the trio of heroes that were once respected and adored try to survive the harsh conditions and rules of prison. Rated M.

Superstar Mode!- Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver all are part of a boyband called (blank). As their careers take off, they must face many problems. With Tails as their manager, do they have what it takes to make it in music or will their stardom be shortlived?

Babylonian Legends- It's the story of how the original Babylon Rogues met up with my OC Rogues.

College Years- Yes. You heard me. It's a work in the making. I'm enjoying my college experience so much that it seems only human for me to allow my readers to experience that same joy. High School Years received so much praise and joy. College Years is gonna be bigger, better, and more uncut than its predecessor. Be on the lookout. Some fan characters will be accepted but they're going to have to play by my rules. If you would like to submit one, leave a PM.

So which one should I do next?

My favorite people on fanfiction:

Knuxnbat- It's funny because I don't know that much about her, but she's very cool. I've read most of her stories and she always leave me wanting more.

Luv4Knux - She and I both believe we're the biggest Knuckles the Echidna fans. That's actually how we got introduced. Her first story that caught me was Somebody Say Vacation! Since reading that story, she has always intrigued me. She's also the reason that I started writing on here.

Sonicliveson- I like how she always give my stories such positive reviews. If no one else reviews me, Sonicliveson will, and I appreciate her for that.

TayaMH- one of the greatest writers on fanfiction. Plain and Simple.

Supergamergreg79- He is THE guy to talk to about writing tournaments. He was kinda new when I met him. Now, he's actually quite the writer. He's also more honest than most of the people on here. Subscribing to him is definitely favorable. He takes care of his subscribers.

Babylon Sky Hawk- A rare talent. He's the best historian to talk to about the Sonic the Hedgehog Series. He also writes great stories of his own. Excellence like this doesn't come everyday.

princesslady- her stories are graphic. She is great at grabbing real life by the balls. She gives you 100 percent everytime. There is zero censorship in her writing; so beware.

Darkspinesilver92- Gemini is so cool.

Kiba Sniper- If Babylon Sky Hawk looks up to her, you know she has immense talents. She has storywriting abilities beyond that of an ordinary human. Seriously.

Nintendo Mania- I just love his reviews. He has that certain viewpoint that makes writers think in a whole different perspective. This is the best critic on Fanfiction. Everyone should get him to review his or her stories. I promise that you won't be sorry. Warning: He's honest. If you can't handle the truth, maybe you don't need to add him.

freak 0n a leash- One word. "SECULDED" Someone read that story!!

SlashBandicoot43- while I don't know much about him, he seems like a cool individual. I'll probably get to know him better as time moves on. Still, I'd recommend him for people who want a great set of friends on fanfiction like I have.

These are all my new friends.

Other Miscellaneous facts about me that you couldn't care less about:

Knuckles is my favorite animated character ever! Duh!

Silver is my favorite hedgehog. Shadow is a close second.

As long as a Knuxouge future is possible, Rouge will be my favorite girl from the Sonic Universe.

I love all Knuckles' BGMs from Sonic Adventure 2, but my favorite one is Aquatic Mine.

I own every Sonic game for the major consoles and plan to get everyone that comes out.

I have a Knuckles key chain, but I use my Shadow keychain. It just goes better with the keys.

I have an Xbox Live Gamertag. If you're interested in being on my friend's list, send me your gamertag in a PM. I'm not going to put my gamertag down on my page for security purposes.

I used to play duel monsters. My favorite card is the Black Luster Soldier.

Not only am I a huge Knuckles fan, I also wear my hair like his and undergo physical fitness.

Expressing myself. I don't care if you do not agree with me because I'm going to say what I feel.

Do you know what really grinds my gears? The controversy with Rouge. Everyone is saying that her voice actor is terrible and that she sounds old. Personally, I really don't see much wrong with her voice. Would they rather have someone there who was younger sounding? Rouge is 18 years old. She doesn't need to sound 14. Plus, in my opinion, that voice suits her fine.

Do you know what else grinds my gears? The negative statements surrounding 4kids TV. People say that they are ruining Sonic. Their voice actors are terrible, the dubs are terrible, blah blah blah. What people don't seem to realize is that 4kids TV is following the guidelines of the FCC. It is the FCC that determines what is appropriate viewing for television, and they don't seem to think that 'children' should be watching the japanese version over here. It is the FCC that thinks the language and content is unsuitable for children and force 4kids to create the dubs. The FCC censors everything from children. You should know that I'd rather have dubbed Sonic than no Sonic at all. So, stop bitchin about 4kids. If we're lucky, in the future, the original uncut Sonic X will be available on DVD and Blue-Ray. By the way, I hate Chris, too. Seriously, someone kill that guy. Kill Chris and kill whoever thought of him. He's a pure bitch, all on Sonic's ball crotch.

Do you know what else grinds my gears? The fact that people are saying that Sonic is all washed up. What the hell are they saying? Sonic can only get better as it branches out its characters. The characters become more diverse and understandable. Now, I agree that Big and Froggy should be replaced with someone like Mighty because they're boring. I also see that they are trying to bring in some new villians like the Ifrit, Mephiles, Iblis, and Eggman Nega. That's good. Eggman can't continue being the main antagonist every game. That's boring. He can be something like a mentioned villain, but other characters need to be the main villain, and these villians need to be more like Mephiles, ruthless and heartless. When they gave Shadow a heart, they ruined the villian effect. It's even okay if they are just regular hedgehogs and echidnas. As long as they are purely evil with no chance of turning good like Shadow. Don't get me wrong. I like Shadow. He's badass.

Do you know what really grinds my gears? When people start writing stories about Knuckles and then they just quit. You can't mess with Knuckles like that. He deserves the same respect that you give Sonic and Shadow. Some people take it a bit further and have Knuckles be a bad guy and have Shadow come in and defeat Knuckles and take Rouge. Trust me, Shadow might treat a girl right, but he could never have Rouge.

Do you know what grinds my gears? Sonadow. Now, let me speak on this. Why are some people in real life go out and oppose gay marriage and gayness period, but when they get on fanfiction, it's cute to have Sonic screwing Shadow? What the fuck!! See, I don't normally say 'fuck' like that, but that had to be said. People say "Well, I don't want my children growing up around gays. Gays are immoral." Well, if gayness is immoral in the real world, it's immoral when people write about it. Think about it. Children do read stories. Imagine what they think when they read about their big hero being cuddled up with another guy. I know that this site is freedom of speech; so I won't tell you not to write Sonadow or any gay couple. It's your choice. All I'm saying is think about what you're doing. You can't write Sonadow and then say I'm against gay marriage. Apparently, you're not. I'm just using Sonadow because it's the most used gay pairing. I'm not picking on them. Wait, yeah I am

Do you know what grinds my gears? Mario. I just absolutely hate the fact that Mario gets more light than Sonic when Sonic is the better character with the better universe; yet Mario has all the attention and all the sports games. The Sonic universe has an ample amount of characters. Why can't they have sports games. Who wants to snowboard with Espio? Who wants to box with Knuckles? Who wants to golf with Vector? Who wants to dunk with Silver? Who wants to see Amy and Cream in tennis shorts and swimsuits? The closest thing that Sonic has to sports is Sega Superstar Tennis. Even then, it isn't an exclusive Sonic franchise game. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games doesn't count because Mario is in there too. Ok back to Mario bashing: Most of Mario's games now revolve around sports. Mario's 'save the princess gig' became too old; so he had to adapt. He got rid of the storyline altogether. Now, he's strictly sports. That's one thing that Sonic definitely shines at. No matter what the game is, Sonic will always deliver some kind of story for you whereas Mario is just a game. Here's a prime example: Sonic Riders is a racing game like Mario Kart. In Mario Kart, it's race, race race. Sonic Riders explores the characters fluently, sparked rivalries and gave the game a place in time. Sonic can also talk instead of mumbling and making noises, which makes him more dimensional than Mario. Mario says few words. Sonic also has a super form instead of a cape. Sonic fights robots and evil entities. Mario just jumps on the backs of koopas and get their shells. As long as Sonic has a ring, he won't die. Mario can have a million coins, but he'll still die if he's hit. Sonic saves the world. Mario saves the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario shoots slow fireballs at opponents that they can just step to the side to avoid. Sonic launches himself at opponents at lightning speed. He can't miss.

Do you want to know what grinds my gears? People overusing OCs. People love to create characters, and that's fine because some situations would call for an OC. Still, you got to know when to use OCs and when not to. Authors today create stories strictly for OCs and leave no room for the original characters. How can you insert a story like that into the Sonic franchise if it doesn't even include any Sonic characters? The clutter is getting worse. All these characters aren't necessary. I understand that authors want to add their own personal touch to the franchise, but what some of these authors are doing is taking away from the franchise all together. Again, how can it be a Sonic franchise story without Sonic franchise characters? OCs DON'T NEED THEIR OWN STORIES. That's just my opinion. I'm going to express it whether you like it or not.

Do you know what else grinds my gears? When i think about it, I'll let you know.

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