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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Firefly.

Hey all. If you're reading my stories, you're probably like 'random'. That I am. The two ongoing fanfics I have here are for Naruto and ... Firefly!

Naruto I started for a friend, and it's essentially my piece that I like to be random and probably not polished. Of course, I've noted the people I wrote it for actually enjoy it in comparison to other fanfics, so I'll take it (plus I began it a year ago and I have gone a completley different direction with Kishimoto, making it interesting for me). It's in-depth, covers everyone, so be warned. It's for the really enthusiastic (or bored). _

Now my newest fanfic is Firefly... no special name, it's just me, continuing a legacy that was tragically cut short. I've always been a fan of Joss... the man can write dialogue and create characters like no other. I made one original character, somewhat of a practice, to add to the family, therefore practicing with already perfectly made characters, and then continuing with my own hopefully perfect character ~_. I also research a lot of Chinese phrases for this one, so forgive the random languages that will be included (ie Irish, Russian, Hindi, etc.) I warn that this is not Jayne-based, but he does have a larger role. (Whether this is personal infatuation with Adam Baldwin or preference for Jayne Cobb the character is unclear to all). River remains crazy. Yeah yeah. I like her crazy. Oh, and I have refused to watch the movie Serenity because I don't wish for it to interfere with my story line. It really does leave off right after the last episode. I kid you not... down to the Lassiter and Mr. Cobb's nice new hat.

Now enough about that. I'll simply state that I'm a senior in college who is currently taking far too many hours, student teaching, and has just been promoted manager at her job.

Needless to say updates will be sporadic because my writing the next episode will be even more sporadic (though I do have a tendency to work on them while I'm sitting in the back of my classes...)

Thanks for stopping by all.

Enjoy the free drinks and cookies in the corner.

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