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Hello, Bonjour, Salut, Hola, all those lovely greetings……………

Okay, yeah, my penname’s Empty Inkwell. I’m still school-aged, and I pretty much live glued to my computer. I love musicals, music in general, and good literature. I write pretty much all the time, but I don’t write here as often as I’d like to. I’m a geek, a bit of a know-it-all, and far too competitive for my own good. I hate science, love math, and am a total History/English whore. Ummm…… Yeah, my life’s boring, move along, please. Oh and beware I'm a total slash fangirl

Oh, by the way: Quote of the Day/Week/Month/Whenever-I-update-my-bio: "Upton has money. He can do anything."




Pandora Hearts


All of the above plus the Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.


Harry Potter

HP/TMR. I don’t know why, I just do.

HP/LV - Kind of the same thing, but Lord Voldemort’s creepier, so I’m more selective in this category.

HP/LM - I don’t know why here, either.

HP/DM - They’re just pretty. And their personalities are wonderful, especially when you put them together, and mostly because I hate canon!Harry with a burning passion at the moment. I prefer fan fiction!Harry. AU Is fine with me. I hate super powerful!Harry but love most creature!s.


This is my preferred vampire fix. I can respect the het couples in this, but I’ll only ever read Jonathan/Dracula…… And I pretty much only ever read novel-based stuff. The movies………. Eh.

Across the Universe

Okay, the only pairing here I really read is Max/Jude. They just go together well, they have such a wonderful symbiotic relationship. I mean, they know each other for what, a week or so, and Max is like, ‘Hey, move to New York with me!’…… Yeah, they just click. And Max is such a prettier blue-eyed blond than Lucy. They’re just so cute.

Inheritance Cycle

Only Eragon/Murtagh. I’m seriously addicted.

Lord of the Rings

I also don’t read much of this, but there are a few stories I like. Or, one, really - Legolas/Elrond, In the Eye of the Beholder. I love stuff like that, it’s amazing, I have it favorited, go check it out.

Pandora Hearts

takes deep breath Well, my main pairings are Gil/Oz, Vincent/Break, Sharon/Alice, Glen/Jack, Elliot/Reo(Leo) but I also enjoy Rufus/Break, Rufus/Vincent/Break, Vincent/Gil one-sided angst, Jack/Anybody (Jack's a whore), I did read a really good (but regrettably short) Glen/Oz, Cheshire/Break, and maybe Break/Gil or Break/Oz. (because Break's a bit of a whore too).



Lust for the Flesh - A Dracula oneshot, Harker/Dracula. Rated (and titled) for a reason.

Musings in the Moonlight - A Dracula oneshot. Prequel to Lust for the Flesh.

Always Like This - A Pandora Hearts oneshot, Vincent/Break. Rated on the safe side.

Works in Progress -

The Unraveling - This is a full-length sequel to Musings and Lust for the Flesh. It will basically follow the general plot in the novel with some swtiching around. I only have on chapter written, and it's already up. I'm working on a more definitive outline, and then the next few chapters. UPDATE: Erm... don't expect any new chapters anytime soon... I lost interest in this fic a while ago, I may possibly still write some more in the future, but not right now.

Unposted -

That Explains a Lot - A Bones fic, Lance Sweet/OMC. Based on the first episode of the fourth season. ("He had a little gay boy crush on you." ... "That explains a lot.") Because I just couldn't resist. (UPDATE: We're waiting... and waiting... and waiting...)

Untitled AtU Fic - A fic my friend challenged me to - This one is Across the Universe, full-length, Max/Jude. I like the idea, but I probably won't write it anytime soon. At all. Sorry!

Rose Petals - This was supposed be a Gladiator, full-length fic, basically in the same vien as the AtU and the Dracula full-lengths, twisting the plot and characters around a bit. (OF course) a slash pairing.

Control - Death Note. L/Light slash, set in the handcuffs arc.

Untitled PH Fic - Vincent/Gil onesided angst. Rated M. Incest.

Untitled PH Fic 2 - Possible sequel to above Vincent/Gil angst, containing 3some pairing. Oh, and side Gil/Oz.

Pandora Hearts High School AU - ... crack. Pure, unbelievable crack. Just wait and see. Pairings so far: Vincent/Break, Glen/Jack, Oz/Gil, Sharon/Alice, Ada/Lotti...

... plus toying with a bunch of ideas for rare pairings in Pandora Hearts, because I adore those the most. Expect Pandora Hearts to be written first, by the way, because I've seriously got it on the brain.

And that's it, folks!


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In a nondescript room at Pandora Headquarters, they meet. A stolen moment of pleasure, and a silent feeling of shame. It's always like this. Slash, Vincent/Break.
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And, most important of them all, Jonathan Harker slept on, unknowing of the events around him, dreaming of red eyes, soft hands, and pleasure beyond anything he’d ever known. Novel-based. Full-length. Harker/Dracula. Rated for a reason.
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