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About me:

Name: Gia (not my real name, just a name that I use on the net)

Country: Cananada


Faveorite color(s):Aqua Green(Gaara's eye color), Lavender(Hinata's eye color) Blue and Green

Zodiac:Cancer(the Crab-)

Chinese Zodiac:The Dog-

What I Enjoy Doing: Going on computer, watching Naruto/One Piece//Inuyasha/Bleach/HunterXHunter/Full Metal Alchemist/DeathNote/Prince of Tenis/Ouran High School Host Club/Hikaru No Go/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Reantal Magica, Drawing, Reading, Hangin out wit friends, taking pictures, trying to write a story but i get off topic too much, i cant down load pictures taht i draw cause i dont have a scanner but i have a camera-.

Me Stuff: well i am reeeaaallly shy and quiet at my school(wich i have been going to for 2 years,and still not really have friends, just people I hang out with..) and i tey to look at other peoples perspectove and try not to assume things and im like a hippie lol.. but in a good way! i friggan love anime music and drawing!i also like to day dream alot and thanks to my never EVER talking at school ness my head is always tso load with thoughts..i make up too too many try to be as optemistic as


Favorite Bands

-My Chemical Romance!!~

-The Beatles

-Linkin Park

-Billy Talant

-Led Zepplin

-Johnny Cash

-Anime songs

-Old stuff

-Random bands/songs-'


Favorite Anime


-Ouran High School host Club(2)

-One Piece

-Death Note(3)

-Fruits Basket

-Hunter X Hunter

-Full Metal Alchemist



-Prince of Tenis


-Hikaru no Go

-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

-Rental Magica

21 animes in totall(including ones i used to watch)

(i l ve them ALL)

Animes I Used To Watch.(but are still good)

-Dragon Ball Z

-Zatch Bell

-Sailor Moon


-Card Captures



Favorite Characters.

-Naruto( first two are my EXACT faves)

-Hinata(Yay!! She is the Best Character ever! She reminds my self of me, im shy(dont talk much), I like someone but i dont know if he likes me (and i havn't seen him in a long time),and we are so kind!(i sound so self center or somethinT-T)

-Gaara(OMG!! I think Gaara is soooo hot!! hes like my favorite male character EVER!! i like thiking about Hinata and Gaara paired up!(They would be sooooo GREAT together!)

-Neji(I didn't really like him, but then naruto beat some sense into him, so now hes cool and i like him)(and he makes me laugh-)(and hes pretty

-Temari(Shes good, i like her name, and that shes related to Gaara-)

-Sasuke(I think hes a beotch for leaving everyone to go to Orochimaru and stuff, but hes hot, and i think he would go good with Hinata cause she doesn't go after him like all the other fan girls and stuff.but i still like GaaHina better-)

-Hinabi(Hinata's Little sister, i dont know what shes like to Hinata, but i like to think of her as someone who listens to Hinata's troubles and helps her but has a little sisterness to her, not like a snotty little bratty sister(to much)

-Akatsuki(they make me laugh,dont know why though...)

-Tobi/Obito!!(im into the Tobito Obitobi thoery because i am...and there funny i think-!)(and i miss obitoT-T..)

-Shikamaru (lol! hes sorta like me-".. ima smart(ish) in stratigies and im lazy-"lol!..but not as lazy and smart...)(hes cool)

-Sai(lol!! Sai's Awesome!! i know hes sorta not so good at first and all.. but he gets better!!)(better as in AWESOME)(lol)

-more to come(or go)...



-Rin(shes sooooooo cute!!)

-Sesshomaru(hes hot, remindes me of Itachi a bit,but i like Seshomaru better)

-Kirara(shes such acute little kitty!)

-Kagome(shes good)

-Miruko(pervy monk)

-Shippo(cute little fox demon)

-Songo(shes good)

-more to come(or go)...

-Bleach(first three me favs)

-Hitsugaya(yayy!!hes awesome-!!lol!!greatness)(Kawaii-ness-!!~ )(1)

-Nova(yay Nova!! hes aweosme with his little mask wich zips up-!!)(2)

-Hinamori(shes awesome-!reminds me of Hinata sorta..)(4)

-Hanatarou(lol!hes cool-!!and funny)(3)

-Matsumoto(shes awesome and funny-!)(5)

-Yachiru(shes so kawaii-!)


-Sado(hes cool =)

-Rengi(reminds me of Reggie from Archie comics: )


-Irichimaru(or how ever you say it, remindes me of orochimaru, his smile, his eyes, hes (almost) everything)

-Ishida (he makes me laugh!lol!)

-Orihime(shes really nice-! and has Hinatas voice!!)(5)

-more to come(or go)...

One Piece(Vivi is #1)

-Vivi( shes soo nice and she remindes my of Hinata but not as shy!! i just watched episode 129(when they leave Vivi)(10/14/07)(and watchin more every day) and im sad that there leaving! but Vivi has to run her country so yea.. shes great!)

-Nami( i didnt really like her for the first bit till after the mermen thing but now shes nice and good friend to Vivi)

-Sanji/Mr.Prince(hes cool and hot in a whay, i liked him as mr.prince cause of his awesom glasses!he looked so cool in them!!)

-Monkey D. Luffy(hes funny and sorta hot and strong and of corse.. the maince character!lol)

-Zoro( hes cool and i noticed he has part of Hinata! cause he keeps on saying that hes week and he has to get stronger and better and what not but he is strong! like Hinata!)

-Usopp(hes funny and i like his little wepons)

-Tony Tony Chopper(hes sooo kawaii!! and funny!-!)

- Mr.2 Bon Clay(lol just cause hes funny)

-Ace(hes cool and luffys older brother but i dont relly like his face... but i might change my mined!)

-Nico Robin( Shes

-more to come(or go)...

Hunter X Hunter

-Killua (ZOMG!! hes so Kawaii and awesome!! hes great!)

-Kurapica (lol! i keep on thinking hes girl!! sry but i do! but hes pretty cool!)

-Gon (hes so Kawaii!!)

-more to come(or go)...

Full Metal Alchemist

-Al (hes cool. and such a cute kid when he was a body-)

-Ed(hes cool, and short lol! and he sumtimes has an aditute..)

-Winry(or however u spell it.. shes cool lol!)

-Hueghs(he was like the BEST! but noo! he just HAD to die! he even had a family!geeze.. i was so sad...T-T)

-more to come(or go)...

Death Note

-MisaMisa (shes like, the best-!! but stupid light just uses her.. geeze..)

-Light (hes really hot and cool and all, but he just uses misa for her eyes.. but hes cool)

-L (to bad he dies.. but he was cool, and smart but had bad posture and had a really big sweet tooth lol)(but all in a goodway)

-Near(hes aweosme )

-more to come(or go)


-Zuko(hawt.~ )

Prince of Tennis

just started it so dunno

Fruits Basket


(lol i just love every one)

Oura High School Host Club(in order)


-Kaoru(hes just aaaaaweeeesommeeee!!hes my fav out of the twins(not that i dont like Hikaru..hes awesome to but i just like Kaoru more)

-Hikaru(hes so cool-!! me 2nd fav character right after Kaoru-!!)

-Tamaki(hes really sweetand funnylol!)

-Haruhi(shes nice and funny and awesomeid so be her friend-)

-Honey-Sempia(awwww!!hes sooo Kawaii!!just the cutest thing!!)

-Mori-Sempia(yay! hes is aweosme!and hes really loyalhes aweosme-!)

-Kyoya(hes cool-!lol!)

-more to come(or go)...

Hikaru no Go

-Hikaru(hes cool!!and funny-!)

-Sai(lol!! Sai is awesome!!~)

-more to come(or go)...

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

-Kyon(lol! hes just aweomse!!and pretty good looking hehe!!)

-Yuki(shes aweomse! and heralian-nessssheh-!)

-Haruhi(shes cool and funny-!)

-Asihina(shes a nice time traveling persomeshes awesome-!)

-Itsuki(hes cool-)

-more to come(or go)...

Rental Magica

just started it but almost dome it(was made in November 2007 :o!!pretty darn new :p)

-Itsuki(hes just sooo awesome and nice and..and..awesome!-!!~)

-more to come (or go)...

Favorite couples

-HinataXGaara(love them together! thy need each other, they're like oposites but so alike!And thats why I LOVE THEM IN LOVE)!!!!!!!!!~ ~ ~ ~

-HinataXSasuke(they are(almost) exact oposites! and i would think that sasuke would like Hinata cause she's diffrent from all the other girls he know and doesn't through herself at him and such)

-NejiXHinata (okay, i know what your thinkuing, 'ewwww!!thats soo sick!!throughs up' but they are good people, and how else is the Byakuugan supost to be keeping on..and also Hyuuga is an old type clan and stick to old triditions and what not-_-..dunno..w/e..)

-InoXNeji(some ones fanfic made me lke this coupple)

-TemariXShikamaru(they would be good together, i like them better then inoshika)

-LeeXSakura(I would like to think that Lee gets Sakura)

-LeeXTenTen(they would be good together)

-NejiXTenTen(they would be good together)

-InuyashaXKagome(there a good couple)

-MirukoXSongo(There a good couple)

-RinXKohaku(Soo cute!-)


-KozhaXVivi(I like this pairing, but i think Kozha looks better as a kid and if he took off his glasses..)

-SanjiXNami/Vivi/any other person(just cause!-)!

-MisaXLight(cause theyrecute.. but stupid light just uses her..)

-TamakiXHaruhi(that would be great-!)

-HikaruXHaruhi(that would be awesome )

-KaoruXHaruhi(that would be so great!!-!!!)

-HaruhiXKyon(that would be good)

KyonXAsahina(aww!that would be aweosme)

-more to come(or go)...

Couples i really dislike

-GaaraXanyone-but-Hinata(i know.. but when ever i see/hear Gaara with someone other then Hinata, just doesnt sound right, and i get really anoyed(expecialy if it GaaraxSakura..) yeaa..Gaara ONLY with Hinata!!GRR)(or me-_-"

Characters I hate or used to hate.or just feel like commenting on..

-I sorta hate Sasuke, only cause he left every one, but he's hot so yea... bad boys are usally i guess he does have a reason to be pissy..cause if ur brother killed all of your family wouldnt you be pretty pissy? i know i would!

-I used to hate Gaara soooooo much when i watched the Chunin exams but then i watched more Naruto and now hes my favoretiest character!!!!sooo hot!!!

-I dont really like Kabuto or Orochimaru that much, but they make laugh-'


-i dont really like sakura much any more...sry..i only dont like her in fan made things but in the anime/manga shes OK..but i dont really like her(unknown to as why..)

-i just dont like how naruto could be so blind about hinata! gawd!!but hes cool, i dont hate him.hes awesome...

-I can fregive people really easaly, and i dont really Hate anyone..but maybe kikeo..i dont really like her..cause people should only have ONE chance of life, and if they get TWO then they should spent i t WISELY..gawd..bwe..i just look at the other persons perspective..

-more to come(or go)...


My DeviantART- (go there you you will die by micheal Jackson in a bunny suit beating you with french bread..grr..)

The End!!

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