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Okay. I finally decided to write something here on my profile. Not sure if it'll help anyone, but I always tend to read people's profiles- helps me understand why they write what they write and how they write it. On occasion, it also gives me inspiration to write yet another story.

I am an Aussie. I live in Australia. No kidding, you say. I'm female. I'm sarcastic at times, at others I'm just slightly hyper. I think a lot. I delve into the world of unanswered questions; trying to find answers before anyone else can; I am sometimes competitive. I am capable of reading people extremely well; I just hide it. Most of the time, people wouldn't want to know what I've found; it sounds rude. At least, it does when I repeat it to myself. I'm extraordinarily stubborn. I can be unpredictable. I'm also shy (well, Talia-Taylor, my bestest bud, doesn't really think so- but I am, honest. Sometimes. Yeah). Hmmm. Interesting. I may not seem it, but I am. Sometimes. I have a diverse range of likes. I love soccer. I love most sports, except netball. I love maths - really, I do. Maths is a beautiful language. Ask anybody who knows me. I love exploring, camping, and basically very outdoors-y stuff.

Okay, Talia-Taylor asked me to mention her- so here it is- go to her profile page if you happen to like Doctor Who stories- she's a pure RoseDoctor shipper, and writes constantly about any and all alternate versions of 'Doomsday' she can. And, the stories are good- so go read them. Now. She's also my twin when it comes to anything Doctor Who related- and writing. Another friend of mine, Cheetah (yes, a cat) thinks we're insane because we are capable of sitting and writing these huge, great stories for long periods at a time, as well as coming up with the idea for said stories. Yet another friend wishes to read these stories but can't. I'm rambling. I should stop. Thus, I'll stop.

I'm in High School. I'm an A student; but that's not why I'm writing this. Some people write these things just to gloat. I hate that.

Onto the topic of story-writing. I find my muses for stories come at the most inappropriate of moments, and the more inappropriate, the better the story idea. Once I get said muse, I try to figure out if I would be capable to write the story; if it's too complicated or too hard to write I ignore it. It eventually goes away. Most of the time.

If I happen to like a muse, I write down a dot-point summary of each chapter, explaining what happens and writing down what I need to learn in order to make the story more believable. Once this is done, I write a summary for the story. After this, I figure out a decent title. My titles always have something to do with the story; just not too blatant. If the title's too obvious, the story is usually boring. This I figured out from experience.

Once this is done, I write each chapter. This is where I go wrong; I post all chapters as soon as I finish writing them. I don't wait. Now, this can be both good and bad. It's bad because I might have missed something- something that could be vital to the plot. It's good because it makes it impossible to add to the muse; making the muse the same the whole time.

When writing, I have an annoying tendency to delete whole pages of writing that I don't like. I also try to make the storyline flow; this means that anything I think doesn't match with the character or the story will get dismembered and subsequently replaced.

I try to write in detail, making the situation seem to stand out. I find it easier to read into the characters this way. I make sure the grammar is correct. I hate- immensely dislike- stories that have heaps of incredibly obvious spelling mistakes, unless the plot has potential. If the plot does have potential, I leave a review saying what could be improved.

Writing is fun. People who write are brave enough to put into words what sometimes is unable to be said. For this reason alone, respect writers. They put their heart and soul into what they're writing. They open themselves up, show themselves to the world, regardless of any negative feedback. Anyone who tries to write deserves respect. They've tried to show themselves to the world. Having feedback is what any writer loves. Not stuff like 'OMG please update soon!' but stuff that explains what the reader likes and dislikes about a story. You'd be surprised to find what you can learn about a person from their reviews. Constructive criticism is probably the best type of review you can get. If you get a review like this, it means that someone has taken the time to pick apart your story in order to help you improve your writing.

Reviewers who flame other people don't deserve to be on this site. Flame reviews leave the writer doubting his/her own self. But also, flames don't give anything. Why do people flame? They dislike the story. Could be bad grammar, could be incorrect use of words, could be the plot. Either way, they could explain what they believe the writer has done wrong. But they don't. Why? Because they can't be bothered. They leave the story as it is, because they can't work up the energy to write a couple of sentences to help someone. That's what annoys me with flame writers.

If you are reading this, then congratulations. You've actually taken the time to read someone else's profile in order to find something to satisfy your curiosity. In order to find something out about the writer, or check for any information regarding updates to a story.

Writing isn't just about the words that you can read, or the sentences you can write. It's about supporting other budding writers to find the same sense of fulfilment that you do when you finish writing something you particularly like. The world of writing may be big, but it's just. Everyone is brought together to reach a common goal; to become the best at expressing their souls through writing.

And that, my readers, is the end of my little tirade. Feel free to read further; it contains information about my stories.


The Faith Trilogy- Am hopeful I will get something done about this, as I like the plot. However, life has been plotting against me and my focus for now is on my Doctor Who story. So this story will just have to gather some dust for a time until I come back to it.

Bubbles and Balloons- Last chapter is up! Yes! It's all done folks... now you've just gotta wait 'til the sequel!

In a Heartbeat- Will be deleted soon as is undergoing some major revision.

To Cry a River- It's complete! That's 'cos its a one-shot though.

Christmas Trickery- Complete! But, like before, that's 'cos its a one-shot.

Togas and Tealeaves- Sequel to Bubbles and Balloons. Second chapter is finally up now. I am sorry about the delay for the third - Grade 12 is eating my life like nothing else.

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